Hello everyone. Before you throw all sorts of things at me for never updating this let me explain some things. I enrolled at a military college thinking I was going to commission into the United States Navy. After completing rookie basic (which is what all the students at the military school I go to must complete) I was medically discharged with no hope of serving the United States of America. This was a serious, serious blow and I haven't found it in me to really write right now. This happened less than a year ago and I have spent a huge chunk of my time trying to find other ways into the military. I apologize for letting this go without an update but real life must come first. I hope you all have a wonderful week and hopefully one day I can come back to this story.

Thanks so much for your time.

Love always,

PS: anonymous reviewer kit-kat, because I can't email you back, I decided I would give you a special spot right here at the end of this authors note. If you continue reading to chapter seven, you will see that I fixed my mistake. So a few things that I feel should be said: don't put words in my mouth, don't be rude, and make sure you don't sound really stupid when you write a comment like the one posted. Have a great night.