Ten Ways To Know If Your Girlfriend and Best Friend Are Into Each Other

If they're number one on each other's speed dial, it's a safe bet your girlfriend and best friend are into each other.

Blair, Nate and Chuck were hanging out one day in sophomore year, a few months after Serena's mysterious disappearance from the Upper East Side.

Chuck and Blair were discussing the merits of some book, Les Liaisons Dangereuse, that they had both read (Blair in the original French) and Nate hadn't.

Nate was amusing himself by going through Blair's cell phone, chuckling over the text messages from her minions. They read things like "EMERGENCY! Only shoes I can find to match Marc Jacobs dress are two seasons old! – Kati" and "Hazel let her stepsister dye her hair white blonde after we told her not to. I think she should be summoned for a disciplinary hearing. – Penelope".

After Nate had finished examining dozens of similar messages, he turned back to Chuck and Blair only to discover that they had now moved on to dissecting the book's various film adaptations. The only one that Nate remembered seeing was Cruel Intentions, which he had been dragged along to by Blair, Chuck and Serena. And he could hardly discuss that movie in depth seeing as he had fallen asleep during it, only waking up when Serena started sobbing on his shoulder over Ryan Phillipe's death at the film's conclusion.

Chuck had smirked and declared that Phillipe deserved to die for choosing Annette over the much hotter Catherine, questioning who'd want a soppy, sentimental blonde when they could have a smokingly sexy brunette. Blair had given him a sly glance and said something about a true queen's indiscretions never being found out the way Catherine's were.

It had all pretty much sailed over Nate's head at the time as he patted Serena's shoulder comfortingly.

Nate turned away from his girlfriend and best friend with a sigh and moved on to perusing Blair's speed dial. He stared blankly as he realised the name occupying the number one position was not his own.

"Hey, Blair," Nate interrupted her as she laughed over something Chuck had said, "Who's 'the Comte' and why is he number one on your speed dial?"

Blair coloured slightly and Chuck twisted his head away from Nate to hide his amused grin.

"Oh, the Comte is a character from the book. I gave the title to Chuck as a nickname after he bought me an original copy from France. It seemed appropriate, given the character's deviousness and aptitude for scheming," Blair shrugged with seeming unconcern, sending a bright smile in Nate's direction.

"Not to mention that like me the Comte enjoys stunning success with women," Chuck drawled suggestively, earning a quick glare from Blair.

"But why's Chuck number one on your speed dial?" Nate pressed. "Serena says that number one should be your significant other, followed by best friend, parents and then other friends or emergency contacts." He had made sure his phone was ordered thus after Serena had explained this to him.

"Oh well if Saint Serena said so," Blair responded grumpily, her face taking on a look of annoyance as she thought about the best friend who had abandoned her without a word months earlier but who her boyfriend still couldn't seem to shut up about.

Chuck snickered at her tone and Nate's wounded, slightly shamed expression.

"But if you must know I believe in ordering numbers according to who you would call in a dire emergency," Blair continued. "Number one should therefore be whoever you trust enough to help you bury the body," she concluded darkly.

Nate wondered if he should be offended that Blair didn't trust him enough to direct such calls to his way. Probably not, seeing as he wouldn't be all that keen to receive them. Indeed lately he ignored her about half the time her name popped up on his cell's screen.

And Chuck Bass was a rational choice if you were looking for someone to call in a crisis. He did have by far the most experience in getting himself and his friends out of trouble.

Nate nodded at Blair. "Oh. Makes sense," he replied dully, even though he still preferred Serena's method of organizing a speed dial.

He once more turned away from his girlfriend and best friend so that they could yet again continue a conversation from which he was excluded. But his ears still managed to catch Chuck's next words, despite the low tone in which they were muttered.

"As it happens, Waldorf, you're number one on my speed dial too," Chuck told her, turning to Blair with a gleam in his eye. "I thought you might want to know, in case you needed to stock up on garbage bags, leather gloves, shovels or any of your other standard body-burying gear."

"Any time, Bass," Blair giggled.

For some reason the sound made Nate's heart thump oddly in his chest.

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