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Mufasa heaved himself off the ground, looking frantically for his son.

Was Simba safe?

Now, why would I think he wasn't safe?
The King's memories were foggy. In fact, they echoed his surroundings.
Fluffy clouds scattered the ground, and a thin mist veiled everything else.
His mind began to clear.

The stampede! Simba! And… Scar.
His own brother had betrayed him. And now… where was he?

I don't think I'm in the Pride Lands anymore…Not even the Serengeti. Or Africa. Where am I?
The great Lion could only assume this was… death.
Was he a star, even now shining down on his family? Simba- he must be safe. He saved him, didn't he?

'Simba- you are my Son. And now you are King.' He whispered in the hope his cub could hear. 'I'm sorry, Sarabi. I love you.'

He lay down and began to snuffle into his own mane.

Vader woke up, searching for his son.

Was Luke safe?

Since when do I worry about my son?
The Sith's memories were foggy. In fact, they matched his environment.
Grey clouds lay under his feet, and a haze of smoke danced before his vision.
His mind began to clear.

The explosion! Luke! And… The Emperor.
He had betrayed his own Master. And now… where was he?

I don't think I'm on the Death Star anymore… Not even in space. Or the Galaxy. Where am I?
The man-machine could only assume this was… the Force.
Was he a part of it, even now giving power to Jedi? Luke- he must be safe. He was still using the Force, wasn't he?

"Luke- you are my son. And now you are the last Jedi." He rasped, in case his boy could hear. "I'm so sorry, Padme. I loved you."

He walked off to discover what this place had in store for him.

Mufasa smelled something so foreign it made his head spin. Looking up, he saw what seemed to be a really, really big monkey. With a cape.

'Rafiki? If that's you, not funny.'

"What the Iego are you?"

'Who are you?'

"What are you?"

They both paused for a second. Then, in unison.

'You sound familiar.'

"You sound familiar."

Their deep voices matched.

"Are you me?"

'Are you crazy?'

"No- I'm dead."


"How convenient. Were you Force-sensitive?"

'Were you a King?'

Again they both stopped.

"This is the strangest thing I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot."

'You ever seen Rafiki in a dress?'

"Erm… no…"

'Neither have I. But it would be strange.'

"I don't doubt that."

The lion shook out his mane. 'Mufasa. King of Pride Rock.'

"I'm Vader. Lord of the Sith."

'Are you a friend to me?'

"Let's try acquaintance."

'Well then, this could be the start of a beautiful-'


There you go- strangest Fic I've ever written.
If anyone didn't get the joke (And I really hope you did) Mufasa and Vader were both voiced by James Earl Jones.
Plus the Acquaintanceship thing is taken straight out of Lion King 3.

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