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Story Starts

Standing side by side, the two girls measured up their new home, scanning from the mahogany front door to the red shingled roof. Their green eyes searched the perimeter, each set of eyes going into different directions; as one pair went to examine the bushes growing at the front of the house, shaggy and unkempt, the other pair went to investigate the garage, spiders and cobwebs filling the area. Both girls silently cringed at what they saw, only one letting out a disgusted groan.

"A few years of being away from Tokyo and this is what we have to come back to?" One girl sneered, clenching the fabric of her dress.

"We should consider ourselves lucky," the other girl said, twirling a leaf on the bush she had been looking at before snapping it off, "Nobody bought the house while we were away so we get to stay in it like we had before we moved."

"I guess that's true," the first girl sighed, her fist unclenching as she quickly tried to smooth out the wrinkles she had created in her clothes, "But I didn't expect it to get this… disgusting."

"Things will get better when we clean this place up a little bit. I promise Himeko," their mother said, ruffling her eldest daughter's ebony hair, only to have the girl huff in defiance, "Now you and your sister go help your father bring your stuff into the house. We might as well get started now."

"Yes, Mom," Himeko nodded, quickly fixing her ponytail to straighten out any stray hairs. She passed by her twin sister, quickly tugging on one of her matching low pigtails to get her attention, "Come on, Asami. We have to help Dad bring in some boxes."

Asami followed her sister to the car, stuffing her hands into the pockets in her jeans as their father passed each of them a box full of house supplies and whatnot. When their father passed Asami a box, her eyes quickly darted to the label that was taped to the side of it. She was delighted to see that it read 'ASAMI'S STUFF' and wondered if her older sister had gotten a box filled with her own things as well. It would certainly be interesting to see where everything could go now that they had returned to their old home. Not only had they brought along the stuff they originally had, but now they had new things, things they had accumulated when the lived in Australia.

"Should we decorate our room like we had when we lived here before?" Himeko asked, stopping in her steps to allow Asami to catch up to her. The older twin turned her stare to her sister when she asked the question. "Maybe we should change it up since we have more stuff now. What do you think, Asami?"

"It's up to you, Himeko," Asami said, not really knowing how she would want the room to look if it were up to her, "After all, you're the one with the interior design skills."

"That's true," Himeko smiled, feeling a bit proud that her younger twin was praising her like that, "But I want the room to be something we'd both like. We're both going to be living in it so we might as well have something we can both agree to. How about we talk it over while we clean the house up with mom?"

"Sure, that'd be great."

Both girls smiled at each other, nodding in a silent agreement as they set the boxes they were holding down onto the floor inside the old, dusty house. Making their way back to the car to get more boxes, they both started conversing on how things will be now that they're back in Tokyo.


Glasses clinked together as the sound of happy people dining with their families filled the restaurant. The entire building seemed to have a happy aura surrounding it, people greeting one another with smiling faces, having small talk with the waiters and waitresses and whatnot. On the other side of the restaurant, the sound of workers singing their birthday wishes to a lucky customer could be heard, the lights slightly dimmed as they brought out a specially ordered cake. Himeko smiled, wondering what she could get if she had her birthday party at a nice restaurant like this. Of course, her sister, Asami, would have to get the same thing. It was the only setback of having a twin Himeko could think of; having to share your special day.

"I can't wait until school next week," Himeko gushed, twirling her fork on her plate as she delicately placed some food into her mouth.

"I never knew you could get excited over school, Himeko," her mother stated, smiling at her eldest daughter.

"She's not," Asami disagreed, spooning her own food into her mouth before speaking once more, "She's just excited to see the love of her life again." Asami proceeded to make kissy faces, teasing her sister as Himeko blushed brightly, protesting at Asami's accusations. "You know it's true, Himeko. You've been excited to see him ever since we got off the plane. What was his name again?"

"It's Fuji," Himeko reminded, huffing slightly at how forgetful her sister could be, "Is it such a shame for me to be excited to see him again? He was so cute back then! Now that we're in high school, he should be—"

Their father grunted; he felt slightly uncomfortable at how one of his daughters was talking about some boy she met years ago. Himeko apologized, blushing lightly as she went back to picking at her food with the tip of her fork. Asami merely giggled at her sister's embarrassment.

"Anyways," Asami continued, "Have you even talked to him yet?"

"Of course I have," Himeko glowered, before letting her face fall in disappointment, "Once or twice in class."

"So in other words this is just a simple crush," Asami laughed.

"Oh, what would you know," Himeko challenged, frowning at her sister, "It's not like you've ever had a crush on anybody. You try to avoid the boys all together; you and your shy personality."

Asami blushed, her cheeks turning a light scarlet at her sister's words. She knew that she could be a shy person, but her sister had gone a bit too far saying that she never had a crush on anybody. It was slightly true, but it still, it hurt to know that her sister had actually said that. Asami opened her mouth and a whole new argument between the two began.

As the girls argued, their parents sat back in their seats, enjoying their food as they ignored their young ones. They expected a small argument between the girls to happen, but they knew they would work it out all on their own. After all, they were sisters—nonetheless twins—and they loved each other. Nothing could ever come between them and separate them permanently.

Or so they thought.

Chapter Ends

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