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Chapter Begins

"How did you figure out that I'm Himeko if you weren't even sure?"

"I took a wild guess."

"You have explaining to do."

"Why were you looking through my phone anyways?"

"But, how?"

"You and your sister act differently and your hands look too different for you to be the same person."

"I saw it was from your sister! I wanted to know what she was like!"

"That doesn't give you the right to go reading my text messages!"

"How could you see that far into detail? I don't think anybody would've been able to tell the difference between our hands."

"Let's just say I like paying close attention to things I find interest in."

"But I really wanted to know…"

"You really like her, don't you?"

"Don't tell me you like my sister…"

"You can say that."

"Kikumaru-san, I'm sorry."

"Fuji-kun, I'm sorry…"

Three days. It had been three days since the twins had switched places with each other so Himeko could go on a study date with Fuji while Asami went out for ice cream with Eiji. Three days since Himeko found out she really didn't like Fuji after all, Asami found out that hyper active red-heads really weren't her type, and that both girls really regretted switching places. Three days since they were discovered. Three days since they apologized. A lot could happen in just three days.

"Quit tugging at my hair Himeko," Asami complained as her older sister tugged yet again at one of her pigtails.

"You can't be serious about wearing that on our double date, right?"

Asami looked down at her clothes. Faded jeans, a graphic T-shirt, and her every day pigtails adorned her features. Along with her new off the shoulder bag, she thought she looked perfect for a regular afternoon outing. "What's wrong with my clothes?"

Himeko rolled her eyes, twirling around so that her new dress floated softly into the air, going just above her knees, before landing straight back down onto her slim figure. Once the soft fabric landed safely back to its spot just below her mid-calf, Himeko turned to look at her sister. "Haven't you ever heard of dressing up for a date?"

"We're just going to a local fast food place and then the ice cream parlor, what exactly do I have to dress up for?"

Himeko sighed, finding it almost pointless arguing with her sister about something she knew neither of them would change their mind about. As Asami continued to gather her essentials like her cell phone and wallet, Himeko turned to look at her reflection in the mirror, wondering how she should fix her hair. She looked at the black hair clip on her dresser, holding it up to her hair to see if it would look good being pinned up.

"I'm sure he'll like your hair no matter how it looks," Asami said as she watched her sister fuss with the clip. Walking over to the older twin, Asami helped pin up the matching ebony locks.

"You know, I'd say the same thing for you, but you dress like that everyday," Himeko laughed, joking with her sister, "Are you sure he isn't getting bored?"

"Haha, very funny," Asami said sarcastically as she shoved Himeko softly, "I don't care whether he's bored or not. It's not like I really like him anyways; he's so weird. And I'm still trying to figure out why he's so interested."

Both girls laughed to themselves as they continued to get ready. Soon enough, there came a knock upon their front door signaling to them that their dates had arrived. Walking over to the door, Himeko opened it in anticipation. She smiled widely when she saw a red-headed male smiling back at her. Flinging herself into his arms, she laughed wholeheartedly as she greeted him.

"Hi Eiji," she squealed, hugging the boy around his waist, "I was starting to wonder when you'd come." Looking around him, she noticed her previous crush standing there. "Oh, hi Fuji; Asami should be coming now. She went to tell our parents that we're leaving."

The tensai nodded, knowing that out of the two twins, Asami was definitely the more responsible one.

"Wow, you look so cute Himeko-neko-chan," Eiji complimented the girl, using the cute nickname he had come up for her, "Is that a new dress?"

"Yep," said girl chirped happily, a light blush adorning her cheeks, "I wanted to look my very best for today! We should hurry over to get our food, that way we can get to the ice cream parlor before all the good booths are taken. What should I get? Strawberry? Cherry? Maybe chocolate? Oh, but sherbet is good too!"

Fuji turned, slowly watching as the pair of teens walked away from the house, completely forgetting about the other two people they were supposed to be waiting for. He chuckled lightly to himself, seeing that his best friend was perfectly happy with the girl that had been chasing after him only a few days before.

"I knew he was Himeko's type."

Fuji turned once again to find Asami standing at the now closed door of her home, her back towards him as she locked the door with her keys. Shoving her ring of keys and trinkets back into her bag, she turned to look at the brunette before her, stepping closer to him as they both started following after the excitable pair.

"They both bounce back quiet easily." Fuji commented to break the silence between the two of them.

"Yeah, well, Asami isn't really the type of person to let a broken crush keep her down," Asami answered, smiling at the pair before them, "I'm guessing Eiji is the same."

"Saa," Fuji nodded, "He was pretty upset when he found out you two were lying to him, but he forgave Himeko after a while." Fuji shook his head, muttering something along the lines of 'love struck fool'.

"What about me? Have I been forgiven for skipping out on studying?"

"Of course." Asami smiled up at the brunette, glad she was forgiven. "Then again, that's only because I'm going to make you do the rest of the work on your own."

"How did I know that was coming?" Asami asked herself, hanging her head in defeat. As an answer, the sadistic boy beside her merely chuckled.

Lower lip jutting out in a small pout, Asami lifted her head to stare at the backs of her sister and Eiji. She watched as they laughed together, holding hands with huge grins on their faces. They looked like they had known each other for years even though they had only really just gotten to know each other two days ago. Slowly, Asami stood upright as her pout slowly morphed into a small smile.

"They really do look like a cute couple," she commented to herself.

"Like us," Fuji smiled, watching as the girl faltered in her steps as she coughed loudly.

"Wait a second," she spluttered, her hand patting her chest to get her heart working again, "By no means whatsoever is this a 'date' between the two of us!" Asami moved her fingers as air quotes, emphasizing her words. "I'm merely going along to make sure Himeko doesn't get into trouble and you're here because Eiji asked you to go. You're just a friend so there is no way at all that this is, or ever could be, a date."

Fuji smirked, latching his hand onto hers quickly. "I think I can change that."

Eyes widening for only a moment, Asami felt a soft blush make its way to her cheeks the same way it had when Fuji held her hand for the first time that fateful day in the school's hallway. She had to admit, this boy was persistent.

As they walked hand in hand slowly after their counterparts ahead of them, Asami slowly started to wonder that maybe, just maybe, this whole relationship thing would work.

"Your hands are so soft and fragile, Asami-chan."

"You're so weird!"

Then again, maybe not.

The End

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