Hi there! So, pretty much, I saw this movie, and was horrified by the little amount of slash fanfiction there was for it. I decided to do my duty and write some more. I'll be adding more chapters whenever I write one, so...I'm going to be blunt, don't hold your breath. If it turns out a large amount of people really like it (and maybe give me some requests and ideas, hint hint), I'll update faster for sure. None of the stories are connected so far, but who knows what'll happen in the future?


"Aw FUCK!" Zak pulled his hand back and held it to his chest, cupping his wounded fingers in his other hand.

Once the initial pain had faded, Zak pulled his injured hand out. "Fuck." He muttered under his breath. He had deep gashes along the tips of four fingers, and they were bleeding heavily. He stuck them all in his mouth, sucking hard to stop the bleeding.

"Did you hurt yourself?" Zak jumped slightly, then scowled and turned around.

Pips was hovering a few inches above ground with his legs crossed. An all too familiar smirk was on his face, and he had one eyebrow raised.

"I'm fine." Zak muttered through his fingers.

"You humans ought to be careful. You don't know anything about this forest." Pips was still smiling, damn him.

"I said I'm fine." Zak strode forward and pushed Pips out of the way. Damn it, he was still bleeding.

Pips regained his balance quickly, and flew alongside Zak as he walked. "Then why do you have your hand in your mouth?"

Zak growled and spun to the side so he was facing the fairy. Sullenly he pulled his hand out of his mouth and held it in front of Pips.

Pips' eyebrows drew together, and he pulled air in through his teeth, making a hissing sound. "How'd you do that?"

"Wasn't watching where I put my hand." Zak muttered. Dark red blood still oozed from the tips of his fingers. One drop of blood ran down his middle finger slowly.

Pips landed on the ground, crossed his arms, raised an eyebrow, and—Fucking hell, there was that smirk again. "Typical."

"Okay, just because I wasn't born in some stinking forest doesn't mean--" Zak began, when Pips shook his head and raised a hand.

"Let me handle this. Obviously you don't know what you're doing."

"Hey, let me tell you--" Zak's brain stopped. Literally stopped.

The fairy—the fucking fairy—had grabbed Zak's hand and stuck his fingers in his mouth.

Pips lowered his eyes slightly, concentrating on the task at hand. He ran his tongue along each of the cuts, causing Zak to hiss in pain.

Pips' eyes went up slightly, and he ducked his shoulders, as though to say sorry. Then his eyes lowered again, and he sucked slightly.

Zak's eyes widened, and his mouth opened slightly.

"Wha…" Zak began to speak, but lost his voice as Pips ran his tongue down Zak's middle finger, catching the blood that had dripped won.

As Pips' tongue reached the sensitive skin in-between Zak's fingers, Zak shuddered involuntarily.

Pips looked up briefly, then looked back down. He pulled up slightly, and sucked gently.

Zak's blood throbbed in his veins. He could feel it pulsing out of his fingers, into the fairy's mouth.

Pips ran his tongue along each cut slowly and thoroughly, making sure to probe along the entire wound.

Zak gasped in pain, and Pips frowned slightly. He sucked a bit harder, then ran his tongue over each wound again.

Zak bit down on his lip as he felt the fairy's tongue begin to probe each cut, but this time it didn't hurt. Warmth spread rapidly down his pointer finger, leaking into his hand, and slowly making its way down his arm.

Zak felt his body begin to shake as Pips began to lick his middle finger. The same warmth spread through his body, and he had to work to keep himself standing.

Pips glanced up as he felt Zak's entire body shake as he reached the ring finger. He saw that Zak was blushing furiously, and was panting slightly. Pips smiled, and continued sucking and licking Zak's fingers.

When Pips finished licking Zak's pinky, he drew back completely. Zak let his hand stay in the air for a few moments before it fell back to his side.

"Whuh--" Zak coughed and crossed his arms across his chest. "Why'd you do that?"

Pips smiled once more. "Fairy spit can fix cuts. Don't believe me, check out your hand."

Zak pulled out his hand and brought his fingers close to his face. Sure enough, there were tiny scars along the tips of his fingers. They were so small they could barely be seen, and Zak was running the fingers of his other hand over the scars to make sure they were really there, when Pips grabbed his hand again.

"Damn it, there wasn't supposed to be scars." Pips muttered angrily. "I thought I had this right. Shit!"

Zak said nothing. He stared at Pips' hand on his, and his breathing rate started to increase.

Pips was rubbing the scars with his thumb, muttering to himself.

Zak couldn't help but notice that Pips' skin was very rough and calloused. With a small shudder, he wondered where else the fairy felt like this.

With a sudden lurch, Zak listened to what the fairy was saying. "…I'm going to have to do this again—hold on a moment…"

"NO!" Zak pulled his hand back quickly. "No, you don't have to do that!"

Pips blinked, then was angry. "What, you think humans can do it better or something? Can't stand having a fairy touch you?"

"Yes, exactly, that's it exactly!" Zak stammered. "No fairy ever! No fairy spit! Dirty! Not clean!"

Pips snorted. "Whatever. I WAS going to help you get back home, but now, I think you can do it yourself."

"Yes! Go home! Get away! Fly fly fly fairy! GO!" Zak waved his arm and yelled.

Pips took off and flew away very fast, disappearing almost instantly.

Zak yelled, "Yeah, you better run!" and then sat down in a huff.

He then spent the better part of an hour focusing on baseball, and not thinking about a certain fairy's tongue.