ok i mentioned this in my Truth or dare fanfic, and i was sarcastic when i spoke about it, but after some supportive comments, it became reality XD

WARNING: If you're a real dumbshit and didn't see the title, there is going to be lots of Lenalee-killing in this story.. Don't like it, kiss my furry llama butt.

Lenalee hummed as she made her way over to her brother's office, carrying a tray of coffee for him and the rest of the Science Department. Her flat shoes clicked against the stone floor, small red skirt swishing as she approached her brother's door.

'Nii-san?', she called, smiling brightly. The smile faded slightly at what she saw. She sighed. 'Komui, again?'

A huge vat of a rainbow, bubbling, tar-like substance sat in the middle of the eerie room. The lights were dim, and there was a cold, menacing feeling in it.

'Nii-san must be experimenting', Lenalee mused. 'This always happens when he experiments…but what is this?', still holding the coffee tray, she walked over to the vat, reading the big black writing on it.

Komui's Super Secret Extra Strength Hair Holder for Unruly God-like Yeti Hair (KSSESHHFUGLYH)

'Oh God…his hair gel again?' Lenalee groaned.

'Lenalee, is that you?' Komui's voice was the low, serious tone he used with Bak Chan from the Asian Branch. 'I've been waiting…'

Lenalee broke into another bright smile. She held out the coffee. 'I brought you coffee!' she exclaimed. 'Don't you remember what happened last time you made this stuff?'

Komui ignored her and slowly made his way over to his large chair, fingers steepled in thought, legs crossed one over the other.

Lenalee frowned. 'Nii-san, is everything alright?'

'Everything will be, Lenalee', Komui whispered. He grabbed a slim object from his desk and pushed a small red button on top of it.

'Ko~mu~rin!', the low purr of Komurin XI filled the room. Lenalee shrieked and tried to run. Before she could take more than a step, Komurin's claws wrapped around her, lifting her up high in the air. The coffee tray fell to the ground with a smash!

'Nii-san!', Lenalee shouted. 'You made another stupid robot?!'

Komui appeared unfazed. 'Yes'

Lenalee rolled her eyes. This Komurin certainly was different. It's paddle-like paws were now claws resembling Allen Walker's Crown Clown. They formed a perfect and sharp round cage. Lenalee was on her side, wincing as the sharpness cut into her exposed legs.

'Dark Boots, Hatsudou!', she shouted. The Crystal-type Innocence on her legs quivered, but nothing happened. Her eyes widened, and she turned to Komui in confusion.

'N-Nii-san…my Dark Boots aren't working!', she gasped. Her eyes widened further when Komui merely chuckled.

'Of course they aren't, Lenalee, Komurin won't let them work', he smiled. 'Komurin has condensed the blood so it's too thick to activate', Lenalee let out a pained shriek as a jolt of electricity ran through her body. 'Oh, and I wouldn't try that again if I were you, annoying sister, because I also made Komurin electrocute you each time you try!'

Lenalee's eyes filled with tears. 'Why, Komui?'

'What do you mean, "Why?"', Komui snapped. 'Your coffee tastes like shit!', he pushed another button, and Komurin moved the caged and sobbing Lenalee over the vat of KSSESHHFUGLYH, cackling while thunder split the sky and flashes of light illuminated the dark room.

Lenalee gasped, blinking through her tear-filled haze at the bubbling substance now beneath her. 'N-Nii-san what are you doing?!'

'Bye bye, Lenalee!', Komui sang. 'Now, Komurin! Before she speaks again!'

Lenalee's scream was cut short as the cage opened and she fell the few feet into the bubbling hair cream. Komui watched with a small smile on his face.

'That stuff is lethal', he explained to no one in particular. 'Of course, it keeps my hair nice and shiny and sleek, but when others tried it, their hair disintegrated', his smile widened.

He jumped slightly as Lenalee appeared on the side of the transparent tub, face squished up against the side, completely-

-Censored-Insert gruesome imagination here-

-Komui shuddered at seeing the results, pushing yet another button. A pink and green sheet fluttered over the cage, encasing it completely. The sheet had slanted pink writing on it.

See you in hell, Lenalee-chan!

Komui cackled again, the cackle turning into a full on evil laugh, the thunder behind him cracking in the sky once more. After several seconds, his evil laugh became odd fits of hiccoughs. He wiped tears from his eyes, sighing and grinning.

'Oi, Komui can I shut the Storm Simulator off now?', Reever growled from behind a bookcase. 'This crap is freakin' expensive, you know, and that slut's dead now'

'Oh, yes, yes, turn it off', abruptly, the sky turned back to its pleasant cobalt blue, silver stars twinkling. Reever pulled a huge plug out of the wall with a grunt of effort.

'Phew', he sighed, wiping an arm across his forehead. Ruffling his blonde hair, he lazily made his way over to Komui, leaning on the desk. 'What now?'

'Well, that went quicker than I thought, and there's still twenty minutes till dinner, so wanna play poker?'

Reever shrugged. 'Might as well', he grinned. 'Shall we invite Allen? He's a devil at poker'

'Oh, but you are wrong, Reever', Komui said with a shake of his head.


'I just disintegrated the devil'


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