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James Lily Sirus and Remus were sitting in the Gryffindore common room it was there seventh year and it was Christmas break Peter had went home but the rest stayed at Hogwarts Well of course James stayed he always stayed much to the confusion of all except Sirius who had found out his secret a year earlier when he had ran away from his own home. Just as they were settiling down by the roaring fire A book seemed to all from the sky and land in the middle of the floor.

Lily hurried to pick it up sitting back beside James who she had just started dating a few days earlier yes he had finally wore her down. "What is it Lils." James tried to peer at the cover of the book.

"It says Harry Potter and the love of grandparents on it."

"What the bloody hell does that mean." Sirius asked.

"watch your langue Sirius." Snapped Lily. She flipped the book open and looked at the front page the copy right date indicates its from the future."

James went pale when he thought of what the title could mean was he ready for everyone to know his secret. "Lets read it suggested Remus."

"Ok I'll go first Lily turned to the first page and started reading.

Minerva McGonagall had been sitting outside of number four Privet drive watching the horriable family that lived there. The mother was just a plan gossip. The father you could tell could have a real temper and the young boy who was only about eighteen months was so fat he couldn't even walk straight he waddled like a penguine.

"Ha Ha." Sirius was rolling around on the floor. "Fat family." He choked out.

"Sirius Black that is not funny you should be ashamed of your self." Lily scolded him.

James meanwhile was in his own world wondering what the woman was doing there.

Earlier that day Minerva had heard some horriable news she just hoped it wasn't true there was know way here precious james and his fiary Lily could be dead. What would she do if her baby was dead.

Two shocked faces looked at James "Um James is there something your not telling us about McGonagall is there something going on with you to." Lily only half joked with her boyfriend almost afraid of the answer.

James thought he was going to have a heart attack at the question and Sirius was sitting behind him alternating between making gagging noises and laughing. Lily and Remus looked between the two but decied to question them later as Lily countiued to read.

She sat on the stone wall all night hoping with all her heart that what she thougt was going to happen didn't but at midnight a man in long flowing robes appered on the street.

"Dumbledore." They all said in unison all though James heart sank alittle more.

The next thing she know he had pulled out something that looked like a ciggarete lighter and all the lights on the street went out. he slowly walked to were she was sitting and sat down "I knew I would be seeing you here Minnie."

"I can't believe he got away with calling her that." Remus looked at the book in Lily's hands in disbelief.

Albus Dumbledore said sadness tinting his voice as he looked over to his wife who had transformed back into her human form sadness etching her face.

"Oh my god." Lily screamed almost knowing what was going to happen next she was almost sure she was going to be in for a shock but she still keep reading.

"Please Tell me its not true" she begged "Tell me their still alive" she looked at his face hoping beyond hope that this was just some crul joke.

"You know she is really attached to you two." Remus said almost having all the puzzle peices put together in his head.

"No Minnie I'm sorry James and Lily are both dead"

"No" They all screamed tears running down Lily's cheeks. James could almost feel the pain of the two people in the book and Sirius looked like he wanted to faint.

you could hear the tears in his voice as he announced that his only son was dead.

Lily wipped her head around to stare at James whose face had now went totally white. "McGonagall and Dumbledore are your parents."


`"Why in the world wholdn't you tell us something like that." She looked around the group noticing Remus's stunned look but she also noticed that Sirius didn't seem to be phased. "You told Sirus didn't you."

"I had to." James sighed in deafeat. "When he ran away he needed somewere to stay so he came here."

Lily just glared at him not happy to be out of the loop on something and countiued reading.

She flung herself into his arms and buried her face in his chest letting out all her pain and anguish.

"What are we doing here Albus." He looked over at her knowing she wasn't going to like the answer he was going to give her.

"Harry servived some how no one knows he servived the killing curse and I am having him brought here by Hagrid so that he can stay with his aunt and Uncle."

"Those people were your family Lily."

"I guess so"

" I can't believe he would want to leave him there I really should talk to him." James said.

"What are you going to say Hey dad I found this book from the future and it says when I die your going to leave my son with his stupid muggle aunt and uncle because you really think he is going to believe that." Sirius aksed He figured Dumbledore would even have trouble swollowing that one.

Minerva's face went from elated that her only grandson was still alive to worried that he was in Hagrid's custody to Horrified at were here husband planned to leave there only grandchild.

"Oh shit. Her tempers worse then Lily's." James looked scared even if it was only words in a book.

"Tell me about it that is one scary witch you have for a mother James." Sirus himself looked scared for Dumbledore.

"Yeah but I wouldn't trade her for anything." He smiled remembering his childhood.

she was now seeing red she reached out and slapped him across the face.

"I can't believe she did that." Lily was in shock her Transfiguration teacher had just slapped her headmaster.

"Not the first time." James told her.

"Even I've see it happen." Sirius stated. "We told you you never want to get on the wrong side of Minerva McGonagall. both boys suddered once more at the thought.

Albus Dumbledore you are not going to leave my grandchild with these horrid horrid people do you understand me he is going home with us he will live at Hogwarts how dare you disrespect Lily and James so much you know they wouldn't want this." she was now openly crying again.

"You go mom." James shouted. As Lily's heart want out to her future mother in law.

"Minerva you know the blood wards will protect him better if the blood is from his mothers side of the family."

"And you know that he is ten times safer at Hogwarts then he would be anywere else." she snapped back."

"And they say red heads have bad tempers." Lily stated causing the three boys to laugh.

"Minnie be resonable you have a teaching job and I have to run the school and he will be protected here."

She looked into his eyes pleadingly "Please don't make me give him up let me keep my baby please he is all I have left of James please he needs me as much as I need him."

James felt like crying at his mothers words and held his girlfriend close to his side as she spoke soft words to him.

He could see it was a losing battle "Ok Minnie he will come home with us"

"Yes" They all shouted.

He said pulling her into his arms and kissing her forehead. just then a flying mortocyle came out of the sky and landed in the middle of the street and a large man got off carrying a tiny bundle.

"Cool a flying mortocycle." Sirius was almost drooling at the prospect.

the Minuet she saw them Minerva rushed over to him and grabbed the bundle out of his arms and lifted back the blanket to look at the serene face of her grandson the only thing diffrent about him was the lightning bolt scar that now graced his forehead. She turned to the giant "Thank you for taking care of him Hagrid" she said pressing the young boy closer to her though he still didn't wake.

"Well we know he will be loved." Lily said through her tears.

"Yes my mum is a very loving woman." James assured her.

"Aunt Min is awsome." Sirius shouted.

"Did you just call her Aunt Min."

"Yup" he stuck his tounge out at Remus.

Lily just shook her head at the boys annticts

"Is no proplem professor" said Hagrid watching the heartwarming reuion.

Albus came up and looked over Minerva shoulder at his sleeping grandson and his beautiful wife holding him and know that they had made the best desicion in bringing him to the casel with them. He would never replace James in their hearts but he would help with the pain.

Everyone felt bad for Dumbledore's loss. James was determined to go visit his parents tonight.

"Come on Minnie" he said gentlly grabbing her arm as he appered all three of them to Hogwarts school of Wichcraft and Wizerdry.

At the end of the chapter they all had tears in there eys.

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