Title: Dawn of the Son

Author: Spichik453

Rating: PG

Summary: Strange things are happening in Seattle where Dawn is an intern at a hospital. Buffy and Dawn are having the same dream over and over and over again. When two suspicious people show up at the hospital needing Dawn's help, everyone begins to think that the two might be related.

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it characters and premise belong to Joss Wheedon. I do not own Buffy Summers, Dawn Summers, Xander Harris, Willow Rosenberg or Rupert Giles or other mentioned characters from the show.

Author's Notes: What began as a Grey's Anatomy/ Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover fic turned out to simply be a Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Although you will notice in Dawn's life there are some remnants of Grey's Anatomy. I have also never read any of the Season 8 comics, so I kind of put together what little I know from Season 8. So forgive any inaccuracies.


Dawn angrily sighed as she reached across the aisle of the bus to grab clean gauze. It was not the fact that there was blood everywhere that was making her angry. No one should be able to bleed this much she though. No. It was her sister. Stupid Buffy. Stupid Buffy not saying anything.

"How does it look?" Dawn's potential she was treating asked. No, not potential, Dawn reminded herself. Slayer.

Peaking underneath the gauze and then at the girl just a year older than her, Dawn smiled. "You'll live."

"But will my arm?" The girl pressed.

Dawn did not know what to say. She kept bleeding, and it looked like a knife of some sort had done more than rip through a layer of skin. "I'm sure we're on our way to the hospital now." The girl just looked worried and put her head back on the seat again.

Dawn looked around on the bus. Almost everyone was either wounded and being treated, or was in need of some medical attention. Even Buffy sat at the front of the bus, holding gauze to her abdomen trying to think past the pain of being stabbed. But she was alone. She wouldn't let anyone help her, and she wasn't talking to anyone. Not about their great victory. Not about how the whole town was now a giant hole. Not about what was happening next. And it was making Dawn angry. Buffy did not say anything when Dawn asked "What next?" as they peered into the nothingness that was now Sunnydale. Well, almost nothing. Dawn hardly counted "Cookie dough" as saying anything. Probably just the ranting of someone who just went through hell and back, literally. Instead, Buffy just turned to Giles and nodded, as if the Slayer and Watcher had some sort of secret code as to where next.

Giles was the one that got everyone on the bus. Buffy was last one, and she just grabbed some bandages from Andrew and sat in the front of the bus. She did not even help Faith move Principal Wood from the drivers seat to make room for Giles to drive.

Did Buffy even realize that Dawn was still there? Dawn looked over at her sister again. Buffy seemed to be more pale than she was a few minutes ago. Whatever Buffy ended up doing now that home was gone, Dawn had to go too. Dawn couldn't believe that Buffy was not letting Dawn in on her plan. She had to have a plan, because she was Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. No. A vampire slayer. Buffy always had plans. Dawn noticed that the gauze Buffy was holding had turned red, and Buffy was not moving to change it for some fresh ones. Dawn grabbed the nearest hand, Willows, and forced Willow's hand to take over keeping pressure on the girl's arm. Willow already had her hands full treating Kennedy's head wounds.

It was a little bit difficult managing her way to the front of the bus. After all, Giles was driving as fast as he could. Dawn fell to the side of her sister when she got to the front. Buffy's breathing was shallow, and blood was now coming out of the bandage Buffy still had yet to release. Worst of all, she seemed to be unconscious.

"Giles. Drive faster." Dawn insisted. Giles glanced over his shoulder at his Slayer, someone he thought of as his daughter, and panicked, which luckily translated to stepping on the gas pedal harder.

Dawn motioned for Andrew, who came over with a pillowcase of medical supplies. Dawn reached into the bag, and as she was doing so, Andrew looked around at the state of the bus. "You know," he mused to no one in particular, "one of the Scoobies should get some serious medical training."

"Maybe it should be you." Dawn said, replacing the gauze, crying, and praying. Her sister cannot die like this.

"I'm not a Scooby. You should." Andrew said before he walked off to help Willow.

Dawn looked at Buffy. How could she have been mad at Buffy just a few seconds ago. Buffy had just risked everything to save the world, literally. And if she did have a plan, she always told Dawn about it, well almost always. And Dawn did not think that Buffy planned for Sunnydale to be destroyed like it did, so it is unlikely that she had a plan beyond the hospital.

That was if Buffy made it to the hospital. Dawn took a deep breath, pushed some of Buffy's hair out of her face with her free hand (covered in blood), and thought about what Andrew had said.