Title: Dawn of the Son

Author: Spichik453

Author Notes: Thank you to everyone whose support made writing this possible. Thank you to my readers who offered great reviews. I know you're all wanting more, but there is no sequel. Like a good Buffy episode, I'll let you leave the rest up to your imagination. Thank you everyone!

Chapter 14

When everyone else went back to the apartment, Dawn went back to her house. All she wanted was a shower and to take a nap. Instead she simply changed her clothes and drove to work. Caroline had been driven to the hospital at the end of the battle and any spare moment she had to spare Dawn was in Caroline's room. Her watcher, Lyle, went with Caroline in the ambulance and had not left her bedside. The other slayers stopped by but did not stay long because Dr. Atul ordered that Caroline needed her rest. When faced with demons of many varieties, the slayers were trained to show little fear. When faced with Dr. Atul, they did not question him. Even Dawn left the hospital room quickly when Dr. Atul barked at the crowd of people. Caroline had been through surgery, but because of Dawn's work under the tree in the graveyard, Caroline was going to live.

Compared to the busyness of the past few weeks with the rise of the vampire attacks, the emergency room was quiet. Dawn helped to set a few broken bones from a car accident, and treated a man who fell while climbing. He required a long surgery, which Dawn helped. By the end of the surgery and her shift 24 hours later, Dawn was exhausted. She had not slept in days and had fought the night before.

She changed out of her scrubs and began walking out to her car. Jake was standing in the hospital lobby with a small bouquet flowers. Dawn went over to him and gave him a hug. "What are you doing here?" She asked taking the flowers from him.

Jake shrugged. "After last night with the whole Gate Keeper thing and then Caroline being rushed to the hospital and you needing to get to work, we didn't get a chance to talk." Dawn put her nose in the flowers and smiled. "You know, about me kissing you." Jake turned to Dawn as they stepped out the front door. "It wasn't because we were facing an apocalypse or I was all pumped up from a great training with your sister. It was because you have literally changed my life." He took her hands. "I really like you Dawn."

Dawn simply smiled, and leaned over and kissed him. "That is really good news."

"Come on. Buffy is expecting us." Dawn nodded. She took Jake's hand and the two walked to her car.

Dawn walked into the temporary Slayer headquarters and found it the opposite of how she left it. Slayers and their watchers were watching a quiet romantic comedy. Others were playing a game of Apples to Apples, laughing at the ridiculous things people were placing down. After a week of being on high apocalypse alert, a level 9 according to Andrew's scale that no one followed, even their temporary victory last night was cause for celebration and relaxation. After a short make out session in the hospital parking lot, Jake informed Dawn that Buffy had asked for the celebration to wait. She wanted to talk to everyone at once, but not until she had talked to Dawn. Which is why, rather than a small victory celebration, the slayers and watchers were simply relaxing, something they hadn't done in a long time.

The Scoobies were not among those relaxing. "Your sister is downstairs with the other Scoobies." Vi said, looking up from the game of Apples to Apples after Dawn and Jake had said hello to everyone.

Dawn nodded, and went to the basement. Jake gave Dawn a nod, an indicator that he was going to stay upstairs with the other slayers. Her sister and the people Dawn came to love as family were huddled around the small card table talking intensely. "What's going on?" Dawn said.

"How was work Dawny?" Willow asked.

Dawn sunk into the spare chair between her sister and Dawn. Buffy pulled Dawn into a hug, which Dawn was more than willing to reciprocate. "Now that Vamps are starting to take the night off with The Gate Keeper at bay for a while, it was quiet. Nice. I still got to scrub in on a bone reconstruction surgery for a guy older than Giles who thought he could climb a tree still."

"I can climb a tree still." Giles defended. Buffy looked at Giles with a doubtful eye. "At least I can still run and fight demons. Trees might be a challenge."

"So good? I mean you like fixing things, so surgery is good?" Xander clarified.

"The guy is going to make it just fine. So yes, good."

"While you were gone, we have got to talking." Buffy started. "With a new Hellmouth here, and an unbeatable demon that keeps swearing to come back, we thought we'd start a new training school in Seattle."

"Really!" Dawn's voice couldn't hide the excitement that a slayer training school would be coming her way.

Buffy smiled. "Yes. It just made sense." Buffy's smile then got wider. "And we decided that Cleveland no longer held anything for us. So we're going to come out here. This is where our Dawny is."

It took every muscle in Dawn's body to resist the impulse to jump up and hug everyone. It was an urge she couldn't fight. Dawn's chair fell backwards at her fast jump. She squealed with delight and ran around the table hugging everyone, and hugging her sister twice. "This is so exciting!" She said sitting down.

"We were just going over some details." Giles said, pointing to a map of Seattle that Dawn had failed to notice before. "We need to figure out where to put the headquarters. We want to locate it centrally to the major cemeteries."

"And we were discussing how many apartments to get and how big of a training center, and where we were going to house all the girls and their watchers." Willow added.

"Oh I can totally help you with that." Dawn said. "This is going to be great. Who is going to take over Cleveland?"

"We had talked about Vi. She's got enough apocalypses under her belt and she did an awesome job with the slayers we brought with us here. We'll find some others to set her up with but I think she'll do a good job."

Dawn could only smile. "Let's go tell the others." Buffy suggested. They all nodded and stood up and headed up the stairs. Dawn took a minute before following the others. She looked down at the map at the table. The major cemeteries had all been circled. Dawn looked for her house in relation to each one. As she looked closely at the map, a pattern of the six major cemeteries jumped out at her. Five formed a perfect pentagram. And at the center was the largest cemetery. It was the one they had fought the Gate Keeper the night before. The Hellmouth. Dawn gave an ironic snort, and went upstairs. Seattle, even before the Hellmouth emerged, was a cursed town. She felt a little guilty, but it made Dawn happy. Everything was working out just the way she always dreamed it.