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"Gil, what the hell are we doing in San Francisco," Catherine asked as they entered the party hall. She was thoroughly confused and waiting for a damn good explanation.

"Just follow my lead. We have to attend this party thing. There are only a few banquets a year, sometimes only annually. Besides, there are going to be people fro several other labs in the country here. Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Vegas, and of course the home team are all here tonight."

Catherine raised her eyebrows, never having heard Grissom use sports term before now. She kind of liked seeing Grissom out from behind the microscope and in 'Let's get this over with' mode. Sure, it wasn't the most appealing, but at least it showed how human he was since all he ever did was talk about the evidence and his bugs.

"Frisco is my kind of town," she absent mindedly commented as she saw two men, who seemed to be dating, with linked arms walking across the empty dance floor. "I can't believe we couldn't take the whole team with us. I want my boys to enjoy themselves instead of having to be ordered around by Ecklie, plus, Greg's sense of humor makes trips so much better and more stress relieving."

"Well, maybe you'll find something here to replace him while you're away because they're not coming. We shouldn't even be here to represent the lab because we're so short handed at this point."

"Yeah, Gil, but it seems we're always short handed." Catherine rolled her eyes and scanned the room. She noticed the crowd was boring and there were only wallflowers. "Are you looking for someone in particular?"

She noted his facial expression, one he used to examine nothing more than evidence, body language, and maybe trying to decipher social code. He waited a minute before turning to pay even half of his attention to her.


She shook her head and rolled her eyes before repeating herself. "I asked if you were looking for anyone."

"Oh, yeah…one of my friends is supposed to be here, but I can't seem to find her."

"Her?" Catherine was conspicuously shocked. She figured Grissom went home and enjoyed his pet cockroaches without the love and affection most people felt they needed, like Catherine felt she needed.

"Yeah, her name is Sara. I met her at Berkeley about a year ago during one of my lectures. Hell of a student…certainly intrigued me with her questions and the knowledge about my discussion before sitting in the class."

He was smiling, Catherine noted. She watched as his eyes widened with amazement as she was sure they did the first time he met her from the way he described it. She thought how great this girl had to be for Grissom to grin at anything except for a break in a case. She figured Grissom had a pretty good taste in people to get acquainted with since he didn't really talk to many people, but then she thought again about how smart she sounded.

I'm not sure I'll like a showoff. If she has a higher IQ than the highest IQ having person I know, I'll probably hate her. What if he likes her because of her smarts that demonstrates she doesn't have a social life or anything to that extent? Damn, I guess I'll have to wait and find out.

She was sure from her stripping days she was not straight, but in fact bisexual. It was a good place to be because then you could pass as normal but be what society still seemed to consider a freak. It was a great way to hide from the rest of the world in that way and even still, it was nice to know she could enjoy the company of both sexes. She was sure she was more into women, but had never had any serious relationships with one. It had always been sex in between shows, trying hard not to get caught by their boss with a stripper friend from either another club down the block or at the same club she worked.

Ah, those were the days when people went crazy every time they saw you step out on stage. Priceless faces staring up at you as you maybe teased the men by dancing close to a half naked dancer. Bonus if you had just given them the best orgasm they've ever had backstage before hand.

Catherine let a grin creep across her face as she enjoyed the memories when Grissom excitedly jolted and threw his hand up, pointing to a group of girls in the distance.

"That's her, that's Sara," Grissom proudly presented his apparent friend.

"Well, maybe instead of standing here we could actually go talk to her," Catherine raised an eyebrow at her supervisor with the essence of a five year at an ice cream stand.

"Of course, but…maybe later…she looks busy."

Now he seemed timid and antisocial; her little awkward colleague she laughed at from time to time when showing signs of detachment. She didn't want to force him onto the beautiful brunette, so she observed patiently, much like a stalker in her opinion, Sara.

Wow, he said he met her last year right? She couldn't be any older than twenty three, that's for sure. Damn, I love them when they're young. Fuck, I promised myself I wasn't going to be creepy!

"Do you want to dance or something? Maybe liven this crowd up," Catherine pulled herself away from her rapidly turning naughty thoughts and looked at Grissom who was debating going over to his friend.

"What? Oh, um, no. I'm not the dancing type, and Sara's the party starter…not me."

"Well, I would hope she is. I mean, come on, Gil…she's only twenty three, right?"

"She turns twenty one later this week, which is why I'm glad I got the board to extend our stay."

"So you could watch your twenty one year old girlfriend drink you and every other man at the bar under the table?"

Wait, did he really just say she was only twenty?! Shit, I think my thoughts are going to consume me to the point where I'm going to have to excuse myself then maybe pleasure myself!

"No, she's going to have this huge party…but it won't be at a bar. She invited me to hang out with her closest friends at this huge house."

"Mansion sized?"

"I'd say. She drove my past it one time. Her brother has a millionaire kind of friend, but he's the most compassionate man Sara says she's ever met."

"Jeez, has she screwed him yet?"

"What are you talking about," Grissom focused tightly on Catherine, bewildered and a bit upset, maybe even jealous as Catherine saw fit.

"Well, the way she complemented him and the fact that her party is going to be there…it doesn't seem like she's his sex kitten to you?"

"No! It doesn't sound like that at all!"

She could sense his anger, especially since she noticed the steam coming out of his ears and his laud tone that could cut the music and put the party slash banquet completely at a stand still.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to offend her or anything. It's just that…I get paid to investigate and I'd say it's a good guess." She put her hands up defensively and walked on eggshells with her words. She really didn't want to start something with him for two main reasons: one, he was her boss and friend and the tension would do them no good and two, it was a bit of a working vacation, but a vacation at that and she intended to enjoy it to the fullest of its potential.

"That's okay," he started to calm down. "I'm sure you were just making an observation."

"Yeah…now tell me, is she seeing anyone? Mainly you," Catherine didn't even try to be subtle.

"I love your bluntness," Grissom sarcastically stated, half turning toward Catherine, still paying most of his attention to the brunette.

"I haven't seen her with anyone and I know she's not with me."

"Well…you haven't seen her in a year, so maybe you haven't seen her, but she is seeing someone."

"No, she would've mentioned it. We always e-mail each other."

"So…you two are that close, are you now," Catherine grinned throughout her teasing. She jabbed her elbow gently into Grissom to show she was joking, but he wasn't finding the joke all too funny. He wasn't a very comical person in any kind of way which made him a loser to Catherine, but because of that, he was adorable at times.

"I think I'm ready to go talk to her," he said through gritted teeth, obviously holding back a comment, and turning to find Sara had moved to the dance floor with a number of friends.

And most of them are girls, Catherine mused. She seems like a people person if not extremely friendly.

Her grin was something that went unnoticed by the distracted and disappointed Grissom. She honestly could not control the looks contorting her face. She was too intrigued with the dancing wild cat.

Be my sex kitten, Catherine entertained herself, licking her lips as if anything could arise between this young girl and her. Hot damn, though, is she fresh for the picking. Ugh, since when did I get to be such an inconsiderate ass? I feel like one of the numerous amounts of pigs that have tried picking me up in the bars back home.

She then shut herself up when she saw Sara dip low with a female friend of hers in back. The two of them seemed to be the closest out of the group. The girl behind Sara had jet black hair and definitely seemed up for anything, but Catherine couldn't shake the feeling of only wanting Sara.

God, the images are so strong. The form of her body, those curves, I can see her writhing underneath me…begging for more. She screams my name at the top of her lung until I'm done with her, then she becomes a complete trooper and flips me onto my back. Oh, God she's good. Holy mother of God, she grins then leans in, or is it down since she's on top of me? Whatever, she kisses me, her tongue running against mine. Her left hand roams down my side ever so lightly I can hardly feel anything; it gives me goose bumps. Her right forearm is her leverage, holding up all of her weight as she lowers her head to my not too patiently awaiting breasts. Damn, I'm doing it again!

Without missing a beat, Catherine escaped her thoughts only to be greeted by the surreal image of Sara grinding on her black haired friend. Another thought flashed into her mind as quick as a newly lit flame and was at the imagery yet again.

I'm afraid this is going to be unhealthy. I haven't even officially met her and already I'm fantasizing about her unzipping my pants with her teeth, her tongue gliding in between my folds, once she finally quits teasing me she plunges two fingers…now three, Oh fuck! Stop it, Catherine, she's too young for you anyway.

"Gil, I'm getting tired of having to wait for you to grab a pair and introduce me. Screw her friends, she's the one you want to talk to. Not to mention, her closest friends are going to be at the party."

Grissom knew the red head had a point and didn't want to ignore the fact, but he was a little nervous and given the situation, Catherine tried her hardest to understand it all.

"Fine, let's go drag her away from all the fun she's having so she can talk to boring old me."

"Is age seriously the only reason why you're so nervous about all this? Come on, Gil, at least you're not the only one at least ten years older than her."

Damn, now I'm insecure about my age. Going up there to meet her with all those young people…it's definitely nerve racking.

"You're right," Grissom admitted after a beat. "Besides, it's either now or never because by the end of the night, she'll have done it all."

He looked at her with admiration, adoration and smiled at her natural beauty. She was gorgeous, cute, spunky, and was all in if you were playing poker. She was everything Catherine knew she was and even more so when she was Sara's age.

Ten years, so what? It's not that bad. Gil is the one who should be freaking out, not you. And don't forget, you are a people person, Catherine tried talking herself down.

Grissom spoke through his eyes to Catherine, trying to convey that he was ready to approach the group. She nodded warily and swallowed down the lump that had quickly built up in her throat. She tugged at the hem of her shirt as if to straighten out wrinkles that had formed, though she knew damn well there were no wrinkles.

Following her friends lead, she headed out onto the dance floor, trying her best to look confident. She shook out her hair a little more as they closed in on the group letting lose. Once she had done that, she felt at home with her self and winked at the first guy that noticed the two of them walking over. He smiled back and jutted his head upward, silently saying, "I dig you."

She felt ten times better now that she had one person from the young crowd pulled into her gaze. Now all she had to do was hope Sara was friendly in all the ways Catherine needed her to be.

Grissom tapped the brunette on the shoulder as easily as he could without causing much contact and she turned around. Her, at the moment, dark brown eyes captivated Catherine beyond repair and sent a shiver down her spine.

God, I could get used to seeing those next to me in the morning…and after sex…and before sex…and during sex. Oh, I should stop myself now.

"Hey, Gil," Sara yelled above the music which was loud, but not as it would be if you were at a club, and definitely not a club in Vegas. She closed the space between them, what little there had been in the first place, and tightly welcomed him into her, Catherine was sure, warm embrace. "It's so good seeing you!"

Her smile made Catherine weak in the knees, the nice gap between Sara's teeth attracting Catherine more than she ever thought possible. She even felt a bit jealous that Grissom was able to hug such an incredible looking young woman. She put on her best smile and waited for the two non-stop huggers finish getting re-acquainted.

"Hi, Sara," Grissom wore a dumbfounded smile that made him look like an awkward ten year old with a sweet and innocent crush. His voice was soothing in a way that it wasn't and only showed how much of a dork he really was, but Catherine found it reassuring that Sara managed not to pick on him for being so childish. It gave her hope that if she ended up being as bad that Sara would be polite about it and pretend Catherine wasn't such a dope.

"Who's your friend," Sara held her smile and turned her attention toward Catherine who smiled largely now that Sara directed those amazing brown eyes at her.

"Sara, this is Catherine. Catherine, meet Sara," Grissom made loud introductions over the music.

"Nice to meet you, Catherine," Sara held out her hand for an ordinary greeting.

"Likewise," Catherine glowed, extending her arm and taking Sara's hand in hers.

Shit, I'm going to start up with those damn fantasies of mine! Quick, say something…anything to get you from making contact with her.

"Um, my friends and I are going to be little party starters and trouble causers for a while so you could get comfortable at our table until we have our fill of fun," Sara continuously smiled, her attention back on Grissom, making Catherine relax but also making her smile fade.

"Okay, thanks. Oh, and since she's going to be with me this entire trip…do you think she could come along to your birthday party?"

"Sure, the more the merrier and any friend of yours is a friend of mine. You have a great judge of character in my opinion since you never get out."

Catherine caught that comment and smiled before jumping into the conversation. "Oh my God, I've been thinking the same thing...maybe even told him once or twice, but he never blushes when I say it."

Catherine devilishly grinned at Grissom's expense. Sara smiled and put on a sympathy face.

"Aw, my poor blushing Gilbert," she teased, rubbing her thumb over his check a few times before letting it run down to his jaw line then dropping the hand down at her side.

Grissom felt he needed to excuse himself and did a choppy turning maneuver as though he didn't want to leave but was embarrassed far too much to stay. Catherine felt a bit guilty, mouthed 'Sorry', and was more than willing to make up for that tiny moment she created by escorting him to the table they would be sitting at while Sara and her friends played around a little more, but the brunette had other plans for the older woman.

"Catherine," Sara reached out and grabbed the red head's wrist. "Why don't you let Grissom take care of himself for a little and come out with us?"

"What do you mean come out?"

"Well, we're already out, but dancing! It'd be one way to get to know a person." Her smile was infectious and had Catherine smiling when she saw Sara's front teeth, the space between included in the reason for the CSI's widening smile.

"I don't want to intrude," Catherine shyly stated.

"Oh, please, you wouldn't be a burden or anything. We all just want to have a good time before all the speeches."

The thought have never occurred to Catherine before until Sara said the word 'speeches'. It dawned on Catherine that if Sara was twenty one, or at least would be by the end of the week, that she still had one more year of college on her plate before she could work at a Crime Lab so what was she doing at the banquet.

"Sara…I don't mean to sound harsh or anything like that, but…why are you here? You couldn't possibly be working at the Frisco lab considering your age."

"You know, everyone's always asked me about that and…honestly, it gets a little annoying, but I guess it's Grissom's fault for not informing you," she started. "I only work at the lab part time. I don't go out in the field or anything, but I do help with analyzing and processing that's done in the lab. Technically…I'm a lab rat, but I do all the stuff you do just without leaving the lab." She smiled again, but this time her teeth weren't revealed.

"Oh, how does that work out for you?"

"Ugh, boring because I don't get out, but other than that little fact…nicely. I love science, always have, and I'm really glad to be a part of the whole thing, you know? Get to know someone through their untimely death to speak for them…it's cool and I love me my justice. Not to mention, I think the justice system really lacks and I want to try my best to fix that. I figure…the best way to do that is from the inside."

There it is. God, I love your smile, all of it. That gap is so sexy on you. Anyone else that came up to me with one certainly holds no candle to how fucking hot it is on you and how yours makes me feel.

Catherine felt warmth run throughout her entire body and smiled brightly. How much longer could she hold out with everything running through her head? This Sara character seemed to be growing on her and she only knew her for all of maybe fifteen minutes.

"So…what do you say? Will you dance with us…with me?"


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