Because I Love


"Because I love." She said to him. "Because I came to love his son, I do not hate." He released her arm and proceeded to kick the wall out of frustration. Everything had been lost to his hand, and yet she had no desire to make him pay for it. Emotions swirled about in his head. She watched as he paced the room trying to decipher them. He jumped out of the window and onto the balcony outside of it and paced back and forth across the short distance. She had fallen in love with the enemy and there was nothing he could do about it. He stopped. There was nothing he could do about it. Reality hit him like a brick wall and at that moment his thoughts untangled the knot of confused feelings. She poked her head out the window to see what he was doing. It hurt. He felt his heart contract and it hurt so much. He had realized that he'd fallen in love with her. He looked up at her, surprise showing on his normally unreadable countenance and she noticed it as well. "What is it?" she asked, noticing there was something different in the way he was acting. He walked the few steps back to the window and climbed back in. "Juliet…" he took her shoulders. They were so close their noses touched. "I do what I do also…" he kissed her. As they pulled apart he whispered the rest of his sentence in her ear. "…Because I love."