A Step in the Wrong Direction

The afternoon was sunny and warm and the grass was soft between his toes; Inuyasha spent some time just contemplating the freedom to enjoy the sensations of the day he had. He had woken from a nap with a feeling of well being and he had the entire time to himself, at least until the evening meal. It was not often that he could just go where he pleased; normally his limits were fairly set out for him, so the afternoon was a treat.

He found that the air was pleasantly cooler near the small stream and he sat on the bank and dangled his grubby feet in the water and shuddered as the tiny fish nibbled at his toes. For the first time he took his leisure and watched the butterflies and tracked the other busy insects by their sounds while the summer wild flowers added their heavy scents to the soporific atmosphere.

All in all though, they threatened to make him far too sleepy and that would never do, he couldn't afford to doze off again. Inuyasha had decided to check the perimeter to make sure that his companion was safe from harm. He couldn't sense any danger but that was no guarantee that there was none.

So with a sigh, Inuyasha left the sunny peaceful meadow and headed towards the woodlands that could hide any number of undesirables besides having a plethora of unnamed smells to track. Perhaps his companion would like a rabbit for her dinner as the fish were too small to make a satisfactory meal for when she woke up. He grinned conceitedly to himself, as he thought how she would praise him for being such a good provider.

Inuyasha looked around for a tree with suitable low branches to serve as a hide while he waited for the rabbits, but as he started to jump into the one he deemed perfect for his plan, he was grabbed from behind and held up by his clothing. As he struggled rather naturally from the indignity of being held by someone stronger than he; there was a suspicious chuckle, one he was very familiar with and he was turned round and then embraced tightly.

To make the indignity worse, his hair was lightly tousled and his ears petted; which never failed to make him malleable much to his chagrin, as she used this to control him which was not fair. She chuckled again;

"Inuyasha my little son, you may have illustrious footprints to follow but you are too young for independence yet. You know you mustn't go out of the garden."

Week 190 Independence challenge from Inuyasha Fanfic Contest. More than 250 words.