An Accident

Inuyasha came home after a long day playing outside on the warm spring day. His hair was dishevelled and matted, dry twigs and other things his mother couldn't name were also stuck in it, and she sighed knowing that it would take the best part of the evening to clean. Izayoi also took note then of the subdued child who was hiding his face behind his fringe, and although she didn't have a youkai nose she could almost scent the unshed tears that she knew were hiding in his eyes.

Her maternal blood began to boil, although outwardly she remained calm so as not to upset her child any further, and now she could see other bruises on his hands and face. She was in no doubt either that when she bathed him she would find more; and she did, thankfully they were no higher than his knees. When he was clean and made more comfortable, Izayoi sat down on their favourite cushion, her little son in her arms and she sang to him before asking him what had happened.

Izayoi was a little disconcerted at the shame that was obvious in her son's demeanour; he wouldn't look at her if he could avoid it and she was sure that he had been the target of village brats who had learned new and despicable words to call him. But she tried to calm herself; Inuyasha would pick up on her anger and think it was directed at him. However she was determined to visit the village headman and give him a piece of her mind and demand that he do something about the bullying or she would ask Sesshoumaru to intervene and that could get messy.

She had no love for this community they lived in and for a while her less than ladylike thoughts about what her lover's eldest son could do to them all was entertaining. But now her precious Inuyasha needed her calm and soothing, he needed her love and understanding and so she cooed at him and petted his hair. Although all he said in a timid voice when she asked what had happened was that it was an 'accident'. She'd heard that lie before and it made her mad to think that her proud lover's child was reduced to such fabrications because he was afraid for their safety. It was going to change.

"Inuyasha my lovey, do not fear; I know what happened." She said gently for his benefit.

"You do Mama? Inuyasha blushed and hid his face in her chest.

"The village children are being unkind to you again; they pushed you in the river didn't they? But you mustn't worry, soon it will stop."

"No Mama, you mustn't make a fuss, please..." Inuyasha practically begged and her heart wanted to break for his anguish.

"Do you think either I or your brother wishes to see you like this Inuyasha?" She was firm but he burst into tears and took the wind from her sails.

"It wasn't like that this time." He wailed.

"Then tell me, my son." She listened as the story came out, Inuyasha had been amusing himself alone, hunting and tracking within his boundaries and had lost sense of time. In his hurry to come home he had crossed the stream and slipped banging his head and his arms and legs on the partially submerged rocks. It had knocked him silly for a moment and all became clear for her; Inuyasha's sense of shame was easily explained when she realised that his words meant that he had had an 'accident', he'd wet himself like a baby.

Izayoi's anger melted away and she deflated almost with nervous exhaustion, how easily she could have caused devastation over a misunderstanding had she called for Sesshoumaru. Her relief was immediate and she cuddled her little boy, making sure he knew she was not angry and in her relief, she asked for cakes and sweets for their tea, before allowing Inuyasha to curl up with her for the night.

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