So here I am reading a really good fanfiction, and I have a idea for one. So what I do? Open up Word and start typing like a mad woman. This is the first part of the story, and I just wanted to throw this out there, and see if anyone likes it.

Disclaimer: I really, truly, honestly and sadly do not own Twilight. Sigh. That would be gnarly though...

Bella POV

"Back away Fatso! I don't want your obesity to rub off on me!"

I cringed. I looked up to see Lauren sneering at me, with her posse of "friends" behind her. They all laughed.

I looked down at myself. My shirt was tight, but it was the last one that fit. My jeans were baggy, having gotten them out of the men's section.

I tried to put on a brave face, but it was as if all the years of taunting came down on me. Tears formed in my eyes, and I ran out of the cafeteria, the sound of cruel laughter echoing behind me.

I ran to the parking lot, until my breath was coming in fast, and my sides hurt. I grasped at my chest, willing my lungs to take in more air. When I caught my breath, I turned to walk towards my truck.

I got in the rusty old thing, and slammed the door shut.

It was there that I let the tears fall relentlessly. I sobbed clutching my chest, my arms not fully wrapping around me. My head was on the steering wheel, and I pulled my feet onto the seat.

Did they not care at all? Were they heartless? Did they not know I was a human being with feelings?

I gasped, my breath coming in quick. I tried to pull my self together. I wiped my face and looked up. There was still a few hours left in school, but I had a perfect record. One day would not hurt my grades. I pulled my car keys from my back pack and started the car.