Hi guys! Hi, at least to all two of you who read this story.

I know, I know, this is an A/N. And I'm sorry! But the way I wrote this story, so far, is not how I want it to go. I am planning to rewrite it, and change a few things. Add a few twists and turns. I'm going to focus on this story for a while, then when completed, I'll go back to my others. School takes a lot out of my (non-existent) writing time, so I'll update, hopefully on the weekends. I hope all yall are Ok with this… And I'm sorry to those who have enjoyed and like it so far. It's just killing me to leave it like this.

(OMG SEVEN days until New Moon!!! Who else is excited???)

P.S I know chapters can't be one big A/N so here is a little sneak peek of the new and improved Taunting Comes Easiest:

"Bella, I need to talk to you." Damn. I was so close to my room. Just two more centimeters, and my fingers would have closed around the door knob.

"Yeah Dad?" I turned around to face Charlie at the bottom of the stairs.

"I just noticed that you haven't been eating a lot, and you're always tired." He bit his lip, and and looked up at me worriedly.

"Yeah, well things have been stressful lately. Don't worry about it." My tone came out shaper then I planned. I noticed that happend a lot lately.

His voice turned angry. "How can I not worry about it? Look at yourself! You can't just brush me off like that Bells, not this time." That stung.

"I don't know what you're talking about! I just want to get through high school so I can leave this awful town! I mean, come on Charlie! How do you handle it here? Don't you ever get bored? Doesn't it just all remind you of how lonely you are?" Only after I said the cruel words did I realize how he would react. But I didn't regret saying them.

Keep in mind that that little snip-bit isn't final. Just an idea for a conversation. Thanks again for reading!