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Have you ever had that feeling, like you were being watched? But every time you looked around there was no one around? Or when you are walking and you get that tingling sensation creeping up your spine and your instincts tell you to run? Or how about when you catch something moving out the corner of your eye and when you turn to it, there is absolutely nothing there? You think you are going crazy or that your mind is playing tricks on you? Well…you're not crazy nor are you imagining it.

There are worlds that you couldn't even dream about. Not even in your worst nightmares. I was once like you. Naive and unknowing. And then your world comes crashing down so fast that your are left dizzy from the whirlwind realization. The realization that everything your parents and grandparents told you about, all those stories and legends, all about monsters and mythical creatures…were real. So real that you could feel death's cold stale breath on the nape of your neck making the fine hairs stick on end. Knowing that your end was near and helpless to do anything…anything to stop it.

My name is Naruto Uzumaki. And here is my story.

~*~*~*~July 14, 1408~*~*~

Konoha was under attack again. The Akatsuki had invaded the village on Pein's orders. To kill the leader. The Hokage. It was my duty to protect him at all costs. Even at the cost of my own life. There wasn't much that we knew about the Akatsuki that could tell us how to defeat them. Only that for some reason they were easily brought down with anything silver. Why silver no one knew…well except the Hokage. When the signal came at the first sighting of the S-class Shinobi, I had just finished giving my mission report. When I heard it I knew that my gut had been right the whole week. Something that was going to change my life…forever.

I ran to the Hokage's office intent on doing my job. But when I reached it…I had to empty my stomach contents at what I saw. The Hokage's body was strung up by the hands and feet pulled taut so that no movement could be allowed. His head had been severed except for the last bit of skin making it dangle to the front unable to hit the ground. His ceremonial robes were sliced down the front so that his body was bared to the world. A long slash was cut from the sternum to the pelvic area. His insides were slowly dripping out onto the blood soaked ground. The skin looked to have been pinned back so that you were able to see into him and see the bloody spine in the back.

How could this have happened without someone realizing it?! The signal had just been given not even a minute ago! I heard steps from behind me coming at incredible speed. I turn around, sword drawn, ready to kill whoever it is. Only to realize it is the other ANBU that had come. I lowered my sword until the tip touches the ground.

"What has happened? Is the Hokage alright?" A female ANBU asked as she stepped closer to the door. I hurry forward and wrap an arm around her so that she cannot see the site that lay behind me.

"No." I whisper hoarsely. "He…he's dead. I was too late." The female ANBU gasped and fought against my grip to go see the Hokage. I just tighten my grip more. I don't want her to see the horror of it. I don't want her to have the nightmares that I am surely to have. I give the other ANBU's a small nod to let them know that they need to clean up in there…after taking the necessary pictures of course. When they go into the room, I could hear them retching also. I know the female could hear it too for she gasped and circled her arms around me and cried.

"We need to go. We need to protect this village…the Hokage would have wanted that." I whisper to her. I could feel her nod against my neck. We went to where all the fighting was. We fought that day valiantly and with honor. The Hokage would have been proud.

If I had only knew that I was being watched. If only I knew that day that we were all being tested…to do what…at that time I didn't know…but now I do. If I had known what I knew now that I didn't know back then…I would have probably taken my own life. But that isn't how my story goes, now does it?

~*~*~*~July 17, 1408~*~*~

It has been three days since the Hokage had been murdered. In those three days I have felt someone or something following me. But every time I had looked I could find nothing. Not a trace. It was disconcerting. I would swear up and down, and left and right if you wanted me to, that I could see a figure in the shadows that surrounded me. I kept thinking I was losing my mind.

Today was the Hokage's funeral. And also the picking of the new Hokage. No one knew who could possibly be the next one since the man had no heirs or living relatives. I knew that some of the ANBU were thinking it was going to be one of them since ANBU were the highest trained Shinobi and then considered the strongest of the village. They were only under the Black Ops ANBU though, but the Black Ops ANBU were unable to become the Hokage since only the elite of the elite could become a member and those were far and few in between. So all the BO ANBU were needed exactly where they were. And they were all fine with that. Really they were.

As the funeral progressed, all the council members came up and said a piece about the Hokage and how great he was. As it was coming to a close, the head council member took a stand and walked to the podium to speak.

"We have come to the decision of who the next Hokage will be. The Yondaime was a great man…a great Hokage in fact. He was a genius, a great prodigy, of his generation. Since his time has passed, we have never seen another like him. Until today that is. The new Hokage has surpassed the Yondaime in every skill and still shows more potential. This Hokage shows promise to bring us up higher than any other Hokages in the past." The head paused for a moment to catch his breath. I am getting to old for this.

"The new Hokage is… Naruto Uzumaki!" I froze as my name was said. There were cheers and shouts of joy all around me. All I felt was dread creeping up inside me. How could the council choose me? Me?! The person who let the previous Hokage die? I couldn't accept.

"No!" My voice carries above all the rest, startling them into silence. The council look at me in disbelief. They must think I am crazy.

"What did you say, boy?" The head demanded.

"I said, no. I refuse."

"You can't refuse. The council has decided! You have no say! You should be honored for this chance!" The head councilman yelled.

"Then choose another." With that I turn and start to walk away. What I heard next froze me in my place.

"How would your father feel, boy? The Great Yondaime's only son refusing to follow in his footsteps?" Another councilmember called out to me. Minato Namikaze is my…father? Why…why did they never tell me? I look behind me and see the smug smile on the bitches face. I grunt and turn back toward them and walk up to the makeshift stage. I look to the crowd and reply sincerely. "I will do my best to protect this village for this village is my home. My family. If you want me as your Hokage…then your Hokage I will be. And I will be the best damn one there ever was." I hear them cheer me on again as I felt the ceremonial hat settle onto my head.

~*~*~*~July 14, 1410~*~*~

Two years have passed since the last Hokage had passed away and still everyday I visit his grave. I talk to him about what has happened that day and ask his advise on things, even though I know there will never be a reply. I tell him about the ominous feelings that I have been having the past 2 weeks. I have felt as though I have been being watched and sometimes even followed, but I have felt no chakra. I have even had Neji 'see' if anyone was around me that could be spying on me. Nothing has ever turned up. Just movements in the shadows and whispers on the wind.

It has been starting to aggravate me. Even more so are the dreams. I have been having them every night. At first all I saw were the eyes. Eyes so dark that they looked like bottomless pits. Then gradually they would become swirling blood red. With each dream that passes more of the being is made visible.

Pale skin that looked smooth to the touch. Silky smooth raven hair, full pouting lips that hide razor sharp canines, strong masculine jaw, aristocratic nose, and lastly high shaped cheekbones. All-in-all a gorgeous specimen. The face had been haunting me nightly. Whispering in my ear to come to the strange being in my dreams. Taunting me. Teasing me. Making me feel hollow when I awake. My chest feels as if nothing is there and for a moment…just a single moment…it feels as if my heart does not beat. So much pain do I feel that I must force my self not to break down and cry to the heavens to take away the excruciating torture from my body and relieve my aching soul.

Tonight is a full moon. I know I will go to the Hokage's grave one last time to say good night. I always do. And then I will walk into the woods and bear my soul out as I have done the previous year. I will forever do this on the day that I had failed the only one I have ever deemed family. As I make my way out of the Hokage Tower, I am greeted with many 'hellos' and 'good evening, Hokage' just like every other day. I go to meet my friend of many years, Neji Hyuga, at the ramen shop to ask him to go to Suna as my delegate. We were talking peace treaties between our two villages.

I see a movement in the shadows. My head snaps to the direction of the movement. I expected to see nothing as I usually do…but not today. I see him. The mysterious being that has haunted my every dream. I know my eyes widen and my jaw is slightly agape for I see this man smirk at me before fading into the shadows once more. I go to follow him only to hear my name being called out. Turning I saw the very man I was going to meet. Neji. I sighed as I headed over to the brunette man

He bowed politely before offering me a seat. "Please Hokage-sama sit. You wished to discuss something with me?"

"Neji, how many times do I have to say we are friends. Please do not refer to me as my title when we are having lunch! Just plain Naruto please." I admonished. I watched as Neji fought his internal battle that he always fought when it came to me. Being old lovers would do that to you when you were used to calling them one thing, but raised to show respect to your superiors.

Finally he sighed and nodded his consent. "You wished to speak with me Naruto?"

I smile genially at him. "Yes! I wish for you to go to Suna as my delegate. We are discussing peace treaties and I do not trust that Danzo the council is trying to push as my delegate. I trust you and you know me and how I think. I think that you are the perfect person for the job. What do you say?" I looked at him curiously as he gapped. Heh…he looks like a fish. Never seen him do that…well non-sexually that is.

After a few moments Neji finally answered my question. "I would be honored Naruto." He gave me one of his rare smiles. I nod to him and get up. As I leave a clap my hand onto his shoulder in a my 'goodbye' gesture that I have always used with friends. It is almost night. The skies are blazing red tonight. It was a bad omen. It meant that innocent blood was going to be spilt that night. I prayed for the soul or souls that would be passing on this night. I had just wished I knew it was going to be mine that was spilt onto the former Hokage's memorial stone. Then I would have been able to avoid all of the pain that was to come that night. But then again…maybe not.


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