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July 13, 2009

~Naruto's POV~

I died that day so long ago. Only to be reborn into what I am today. I now rule over all of the creatures that are only known as myths and told as bedtime stories to keep little children in line. I watched as the humans that I once walked among advance into what they are now. I watched as the way of the shinobi faded into history just as much as we did. Now the closest thing to a shinobi was the humans that practiced ninjutsu as a fighting style.

I sighed as I watched the humans below go about their day always in a hurry. But I guess living for centuries makes one slow down. I felt arms wrap around me and I knew they were from my Raven lover. Though magic was lost to the humans, they were not lost to me. I was glad the day I found a way for my love to walk in the sunlight as Gaara and I do. I was the salvation for the mythical creatures that day. Now, though no humans know, we walk among them without fear of being revealed. We live normal lives like the rest.

"What are you thinking about now, love?" Itachi murmured into my ear.

"Humans rush around to much." I scoffed.

"That is what they do. They must put everything they can in a single moment because their life is fleeting." He chuckled into my neck as he pressed a kiss there.

I just grunt at his answer, not wanting to talk. I knew he knew what I was really thinking about. I only got this way when thinking of the past. So many things happened that I wished I could change and some things I am glad happened. I felt his arms tighten around me and then I felt it. Another aura was not our other mate. I turned to the figure and gave them a small grin.

"Hokage." The figure said to me while bowing deeply.

I chuckled and broke away from Itachi, much to his displeasure. "How many times must I say it? Naruto between friends." I stood in front of the figure and had to fight the urge to hug them. It had been a long while since I had seen them and I knew they were here for a reason. "To what do I owe the pleasure of this meeting?"

"I have found my other half. My soul." The figure murmured while looking away from me.

I growled at the figure causing them to flinch. I knew they thought I was growling at them because they would dare come to me stating that they found a mate, but that wasn't it. I was mad at them for saying they found their soul. After the figure before him was turned, they said they no longer had a soul because it was no longer human. I had hated this figure for saying such and attacked without remorse. I had never been so angry. Well I was angry when they decided to interfere with my fight with Madara.


"One more." A sinister voice that I already knew answered as the crowd parted for him. Madara walked into the clearing and stood, oh so, proudly in front of me with arrogance pouring off of him in waves. Again, arrogance was going to get him killed. And I was going to enjoy being the one to give him the killing blow. Maybe I would rip his heart out for all to see. But it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't have one.

We faced off towards the other and prepared to make our first move. I was growing impatient and so apparently was he. Together we ran at each other, our claws drawn out and ready to sink into flesh. This was going to be a fight to the death with no mercy being shown.

I dodged a claw that was to close for comfort before spinning around to attack again. I felt my claw sink into his shoulder and I allowed the poison that ran through my veins from Kyuubi to seep into his body. Not enough to kill him but it was enough for him to feel pain. I relished in his cries of pain before I let out a roar of my own. I cursed myself for not paying attention. I let him sink his claw into my back.

I pushed him away before calling up some more chakra to do an attack that would show MY people who the strongest was. I could see that he was trying to do the same only to neutralize the poison within him. Fat chance, but interesting to watch. He cut me short from gaining the needed chakra to do my attack as he lunged at me. I grasped his arms and flung him aside. Or at least I attempted to. I didn't think he would dig his claws into my arms and flip over me, bringing my arms back at an impossible angle before they snapped.

I cried out in pain as the crowd gasped in horror. I could tell that they found me a worthy king and didn't wish for me to die. Yet they couldn't join or they forfeit their life. I didn't hold it against them. My arms hung limply to my side as I caught my breath, breath I didn't need. I could feel my arms trying to heal at a rapid rate that it wasn't used to and I knew I was going to have to fight as I was. I shot to the side and rolled to a low crouch. Madara barely missed me. I needed to up my game.

Just as he was running at me, a figure appeared in front of me blocking his path. I knew it wasn't one of my lovers and I knew it wasn't one of the mythical creatures of the night. No, if that were only it. This figure was from the village…and completely human.

"No!" I yelled out desperately but it was too late. Madara already had a hold of them by the neck before they could even react.

"Mmm…it seems we have someone's life that is forfeit. How delicious." He said as he took a long lick of the person's neck.

"Ho-hokage…" They whispered hoarsely as they clawed at Madara's hand. It was no use for he was to strong.

"Leave him out of this! He is human and knows nothing of what this is about! He didn't even know the rules! Let him go!" I yelled in anger, only vaguely realizing my arms were nearly healed.

"Wasn't it you who said any who interfere will have their life forfeit? And wasn't it you who said that the challenger would lose their life for someone stepping in?" Madara sneered as he tightened his hold.

I wanted to chuckle at what he said. "Yes the challenger's life was forfeit, yet I wasn't the one that challenged. I only accepted. By my words as you stated, your life is forfeit. Now either let him go or I will follow the rule and you will be killed." I heard him growl in anger. I let out a dangerous chuckle that I knew sent everyone's hairs on end.

"How about no." With that, he sunk his fangs into the person's neck. I let out a howl of anger before charging him. Madara flung the limp body to the side to ready for the attack, but I was too fast. I ripped and punched. I bit and clawed. I was going to avenge my fallen friend.

His voice stopped my attacks. It was weak and scared. He knew he was going to die. "Mercy! Please…" He begged like the dog he was.

I looked at him and stated coldly as I raised my claw. "You shall have no mercy for your heart is black as night. You cower behind the people you are meant to protect and your tongue is as deceiving as a snakes. Betrayal and murder is all that will come if you are to live. So mercy you will never know." With that, I struck his heart before ripping it out. It was ironic that his heart was indeed black when it was supposed to be blood red. I squeezed it before dropping it to the dirt like the trash it was.

I gave Madara no further thought before running over to the crumpled figure. Others were gathered around him, but they made no move to hurt him. For this, I was glad. I knelt over him and new the instant my eyes were on him, that he would not make it. I howled out my pain as I brought him close to my chest.

"You idiot. What were you doing here?" I murmured into his bloodied hair. I was not expecting an answer so I was shocked when I got one.

"You are my Hokage…my friend. I couldn't… let you die…" His words whispered across the crowd and all knelt before him in reverence for saving their king. He looked around all the creatures before him and did not feel an ounce of fear. These things were what his father told him about at night before he died. He knew they were real but never really believed it. He guessed he could tell his father he was right when he met him in the afterlife. He heard his name whispered from his old lover's lips as he faded into the dark.

"Neji…" I whispered to him in apology. I knew I could not let him die. I was selfish. I needed my friend. I latched my fangs to his neck as I silently prayed for his forgiveness.

~End Flashback~

I shook my head slightly to come back from that memory. I looked to Neji and realized that he was nervous. Of what I did not know. "So you found your soul mate? And who is the lucky person?"

I watched as he shifted from side to side before going back to the door and letting a blonde male come in. It was funny. I didn't think he would be paired with a werewolf. I bit back a laugh at the thought. "So what is your name, werewolf?"

Neji stood in front of the werewolf as is I was going to lash out at the poor boy. "His name is-"

"Deidara." Itachi cut Neji off causing him to flare.

"Hello Itachi. Long time no see, old friend." The werewolf sneered. I bit back a growl that threatened to surface at the tone that was used with my mate.

"Ho- Naruto. This is my mate-to-be. Deidara, this is the king, Naruto Uzumaki." Neji said politely.

"No last name?" I asked raising a brow. It wasn't unheard of, but in this day and age it wasn't very common to not have a last name.

"I do not lay claim to any clan. I will take on Neji's surname when we are mated." The werewolf said to me respectfully. At least he knew he was below me.

"Interesting. You can leave now Neji. You have my blessings." With that I turned, fully expecting him to leave with his soon to be mate.

"That's it? You aren't going to hassle me or give me trouble after what I did when I found out you were mated to Gaara?" Neji asked me incredulously.

"Some things are better left in the past. Now leave." I heard a quiet sigh before a soft click of the door signifying their departure.

Itachi's arms wrapped around me once again while his chin rested on my shoulder. I relished in his warmth that I always felt when one of my mates held me this way. To think that I had nearly lost-

"Stop thinking of the past. As you said some things are better left in the past. We are here. Gaara and I are safe. Leave it alone." Itachi interrupted me. He had a habit of doing that.

"You know I can't. If I was a day late or even a minute, I would have-" Again I was interrupted. See? He had a bad habit of interrupting his dominate mate. Tsk Tsk he needed to be punished later.

"It is in the past. Now let's go home. Gaara said he has a surprise for us. Something about a maid's outfit." And with that we were gone in a flash.

Thinking back on how I came to be here, if I could change the past, would I? Absolutely not.

The End

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