Of course, I do not own anything involving with Harry Potter. I just began writing this because It's 4 in the morning and I can't seem to fall asleep. I realized I hadn't been on here in a very long time. I hope someone at least enjoys the beginning of this story. I'll have a new chapter up very soon.

Chapter One: Sun light.

Hermione Granger sat at her house table in the Great Hall Monday morning the fourth week of school. The enchanted ceiling revealed a bright blue sky, spotted with a few white clouds. The sun coming brightly through the window, at the Gryffindor table and her Ancient Runes book laid infront of her at the table. Pulling her curly, brown hair out of her face she turned the page and ignored the looks she received from her two best friends.

"Hermione, It's only the beginning of the day. What are you in the need to study for?" Harry Potter asked, who sat beside her eating his bowl of cereal. His jet black hair, rested messy on his hand and his glasses shimmered as the sun hit them. Ron Weasley, mumbled something under his breath as he continously piled his plate with sausage and eggs.

"I'm just enjoying extra reading. Something you two may try to do someday."

Ron rolled his eyes. "Yeah. Right. Put the book down and have a normal breakfast with us for once."

"Yeah, please? You're always reading in the morning." Harry took the book from her hands and placed it beside him on the bench. "It's not so hard." Hermione stared at him for a moment, thinking of an attempt to reach for her book back. But instead, her stomach growled in hunger and she took a piece of toast from the plate in the center of the table. Harry and Ron began discussing the latest Qudditch match and Hermione just listened in.

It wasn't until middle of the conversation that Hermione felt as if she were being watched. Looking up, she met cold grey eyes from across the hall watching her very closely. He sat with his two hands resting under his chin, staring straight at her as the sun hit her invory skin. Hermione stared at Draco Malfoy until he eventually wrinkled his nose and looked away. The school bell rang, causing all the students and the teachers that sat at the staff table to gather their belongings to head to their first class of the day.

"Harry, did you grab my book?" asked Hermione, as they were half way down the corridor away from the Great Hall.

"No, sorry Hermione. I thought you would have grabbed it." she sighed.

"Go on then. I need that book. I'll meet you in class." she turned on her heel and quickly went through the crowd, back to the Great Hall. Opening the doors and walking quickly through she ran into somone, which caused the both of them to fall over. Hermione on top of her victim.

"Watch it!" said a similar voice, Hermione only knew to well. Hermione pulled her head up from the ground, looking into the pale blonde boy, grey eyes. They both stared at each other, their faces only merly inches away from one another. The perfect silence was broken, when Malfoy quickly came to his senses. "Granger! Get off of me!" Hermione cringed, as she quickly pulled herself up from the boy. "Watch where you're going. I'm going to have to go bathe now and buy a new set of robes!" Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Really, Malfoy? How would have I known that you were going to be in the Great Hall at this exact moment, to stay out of your way?"

"Mudblood!" he half shouted, as he shot a dirty look back in her direction as he began to walk away. Hermione half smiled, she enjoyed it when she knew he was irritated with her. Finding her Ancient Runes book on the bench Harry had left it on, she quickly paced her way up the stairs to Transfiguration. Malfoy nearly arrived moments before her, as she saw him entering the classroom when she turned the corner.

"I'm sorry, Professor." Hermione said, when she entered the classroom.

"Take a seat, Ms. Granger." Professor McGonagall said, her lips pursed. Throughout the class Hermione sat next to Ron rather closely as she noticed the sudden glares Malfoy sent her.

"'Mione, what's the matter?" asked Ron, when the bell rang.

"Nothing, I ran into Malfoy when I went back to my book and we fell down."

"Don't worry about him."

"I'm not, Ronald!" but all Hermione could think about was how even for a moment, she liked the feeling of being in Malfoy's arms.

"Earth to Hermione Granger!" Ginny Weasley said, snapping her fingers infront of her face as they sat at their house table in the Great Hall for lunch.

"What?" Hermione said as she pulled away from her day dreams. The rest of the morning till lunch had been the slowest morning for Hermione. she couldn't concentrate in her classes, as the only think she could seem to think about was the encounter with Draco. She frowned, it was the last thing she wanted to ever think about and worst of all, she didn't know how to tell Ginny. After all the time, she went with Ron, trying in her own way to start a relationship with him. Which never seemed to work right.

"What's the matter with you? You've been spaced out all morning."

"Sorry. I just have been thinking."

"Oh god, don't say anything now. Here comes Carmen." Ginny sighed. Carmen, was a fifth year that was in love with Ron. She seemed to be worse the Lavender Brown and never left Ron alone.

"Oh, Ronald!" Carmen said, when she skipped down the table. Hermione pulled a book out, in attempts to ignore the poor girl. Ginny only smirked, and pretended to be more fascinated in her lunch.

Hermione and Ginny both were doing a decent job at ignoring the annoying girl sitting across from them, untill Ron kissed Carmen on the cheek. Hermione shot a look at Ginny.

"I don't know either!" Ginny whispered to her, when they both looked to Harry to see the same confused look on his face.

"Guys, Carmen and I have something to tell you." Ron said, loud enough for the Harry and the two girls to here.

"What?" Harry said, when the others didn't say anything.

"Carmen and I are offically together." Carmen giggled in happiness. Hermione suddenly gathered her belongings and ran out of the Great Hall, a pair of grey eyes following her.

"Ronald! How can you be so dense!" Ginny said, leaving the table.

"What?" said Ron, in confusing as he stared at the door till Ginny was no longer seen.

"I don't know mate."

Hermione continued to run until she arrived at Hogwarts grounds. She walked until she arrived at her tree that was infront of The Black Lake. In frustration, Hermione threw her bookbag down on the ground and fell to her knees and began to silently cry. She couldn't believe that Ron would date a girl like Carmen.

When seeing the sudden upset Hermione, Malfoy quickly rose from his table and followed her out to the grounds. He didn't understand why he had the urge to see what was the matter with the girl. He continued to walk, until he heard the quiet sobs coming from the tree near the lake. He stood motionless, as he watched the beautiful muggle-born, crying to herself. Then before he could realize what he was about to do to stop himself, he walked closer to her.

"Beautiful girls like yourself, shouldn't be alone and crying."

"Go - " before she could finish her sentence, she looked up.