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It had been fourteen years since Draco and Hermione had wed. She still had her three best friends and loved them more then ever for everything they had done for her. Harry had managed to get the courage to take Hermione's advice and a year later, Harry and Luna were having their turn to get married. Ginny took the advantage and several months later married Blaise, a wedding that many people never would have believed to happen.

After several years of working further to gaining better treatment of house-elves before she gained a promotion to Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Draco followed by becoming an auror along the side of Harry. Ginny began to play in a woman ledge for Qudditch and was a seeker for her British team and had taken a break when she had discovered she was pregnant. Ron not needed to do much, took a spot to help his brother George at his joke shop.

They were all incredibly happy and built a neighborhood that they all lived in. They were never apart from each other more then a few days. So when they began to have children, the ladies were pregnant nearly around the same time. So their children always had another to play with.

The three couples were finally back at the platform of 9 3/4 to board the Hogwarts train. Hermione was so excited; she hadn't been back since her last time she was at Hogwarts. She had felt like a first year all over. Draco stood beside her, as their two children were on the side of him staring at the Hogwarts Express. It was their older sons turn to board the train; Tristan Malfoy. A year following his birth their second child came and named her Audrey Malfoy.

"Mum? Why can't I go this year?" asked little Audrey who took the resembled her father greatly. Her gray eyes stared up to her mum in anger as she wanted to go to Hogwarts a year early. "I'm smarter then Tristan! I want to go now!"

"Audrey, you will have your turn next year!" said Draco, who took his daughters hand. Hermione knelled down in front of her son and she could feel the tears forming in her eyes. Her son was her child that resembled her greatly. He had Draco's hair, but his facial features were hers. He was gentle and loving like Hermione, but Audrey had her mother's intelligence.

"You'll do great this year, Tristan. Write to me every week. Tell me how little James does too, alright?" Hermione kissed his forehead as he saw Harry, Luna, Ginny and Blaise walking over with their children following them."

"Can you believe it's their turn? I feel like it was yesterday we were still at Hogwarts." said Harry as he hugged Hermione then shook Draco's hand.

"It makes me want to go back." said Ginny as she hugged onto her youngest child.

"Audrey is ready to go now." said Draco as he looked down to his little one who was standing close to him with her arms wrapped around her chest. The train's whistle blew and Tristan and James who had been talking amongst themselves jumped in surprise.

"Tristan, one last hug!" said Hermione as she hugged him tightly.

"Mum, stop it. Let me go!" he said, as he stared at Draco. "Bye Audrey. I'll mail you something from Hogwarts."

"A toilet seat perhaps?" said Ginny, almost laughing as she remembered what her older brother had said to her a year before she could go to school.

"Don't give him any ideas!" said Hermione under her breath.

"Hermione, it's time for him to go." said Draco, trying to hide his smile. "You better behave! Try to be the best in the class." said Draco as he hugged Tristan for the last time.

"I will! Bye!" he ran onto the train with James, and popped their head outside of a window to wave goodbye as the train began to move forward.

"They grow up to quick." said Hermione as she continued to wave until the train couldn't be seen anymore as it went through the tunnel. The other adults around her, nodded their heads. "Then next year its Audrey, Albus and Abby's turn!"

"At least we know they wont be alone." said Ginny as they walked out of the train station together. "I hope they don't stay in trouble or danger as much as we did."

"Well most the time we were also trying to stop a mad, muggle-born hater. " remarked Hermione.

"Ah don't say that." said Draco as they got in their cars to travel home.

"Come over for lunch, you lot." said Hermione before they all shut their doors.

"Good, I'm starving!" said Ron.

"He will never change." said Hermione to Draco as she buckled Audrey in the back. Draco began to laugh.