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Okay so I've never written anything with this level of violence before. Sorry if I offend anyone but please let me know if I do! My second fanfic first finished one. Read and Review. I was thinking about doing a second chapter or sequel to this, let me know what you think. Thanks

Rose was tired. She thought that having a normal life for a bit would be fun, easy, relaxing. Boy was she wrong! She'd only been working at the 'Randy's Bar' a week and already she was sick of it. Tonight she decided, after her shift was finished that's when she'd call the doctor.

Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by a freakishly hairy bloke spilling his guts on the counter top. Sighing she grabbed an overused cloth and began to wipe away the chunky mess. Tonight she thought. Definitely tonight.

She was just clearing up the last of the mess when a heavily built man at the far end of the bar yelled "over 'ere love" sighing she plastered on a smile and headed over to the man noticing, as she walked that he was surrounded by three other men, one of which could have given the hairy man a run for his money. "What can I get you?" she asked.

"Ohh there's a lot I'd like to get from you missy" he replied with what appeared to be a pathetic attempt at a pick up line. Deciding to ignore the mans comment she instead turned to his friends

"Any drink I can get you?" she asked, making it clear that she was soo not in the mood for any funny business.

"Sorry about Ethan, he's had a bit too much if you get my drift. Just a rum 'nd coke will do me love." He replied. He would've seemed quite sincere if it wasn't for the fact that he addressed his request to her breasts rather than her face.

"Coming right up" she sighed. Hopefully these guys would leave soon. She was way too tired to deal with these kinda guys.

Thankfully the men more or lest ignored her for the rest of her shift, other than the occasional rude remark or lingering stare, but she could deal with that. Finally, in the early hours of the morning, her shift finished and she was free to go. Rose dragged herself into the staff bathroom and cringed at her reflection. Her hair was greasy with sweat and hung in limp strands across her face, her makeup was less than a ghost on her face and she looked almost as exhausted as she felt. Dragging her tired feet out of the bar she stumbled onto a park bench and reached for her cell phone to call a cab.

It was while she was sitting there waiting for her cab that she heard the loud obnoxious laughter of a group of clearly drunk men. The same men from the bar. They saw her too. It was only then, sitting alone on a park bench in the early hours of the morning that Rose realized the danger that she could potentially be in. forcing herself to remain calm she reminded herself that her cab would be here any minute, no, any second. "Hey you!" one of the men yelled out. She ignored him. "Oi! Lady! I'm talkin' to you! Now, now, no need to be rude! Why don't ya turn 'round so I can see your pwetty face!". Rose got up and walked away. She had barely gotten two steps away when she heard footsteps beating hard on the footpath behind her. Someone was running. And they were heading her way. Any calm rational thoughts jumped right out the window then and there.

Fear swept over her and beads of sweat appeared across her forehead. Why was she soo stupid! What kind of idiot decides to stop travelling through all of time and space so that they can spend some time working in a bar! A bar for goodness sake! She was scared now. Her panicked footsteps echoed across the abandoned street but she couldn't run fast enough. She was tired and they were gaining on her. Fast. Oh god where was the doctor! She needed him! But it was hopeless. She had personally sent him off to spend some time fixing the tardis while she spent some time being normal.

While rounding a corner into yet another abandoned street she chanced a glance behind her and wished she hadn't. They were right behind her now, just over an arms length away. Their crazed bloodshot eyes glaring hungrily at her like a lion glares at its prey. Mere seconds later and the chase was up. One huge rough arm grabbed angrily at her t-shirt, forcing her to the ground. "Go away!" she screamed at the man. But he didn't. He came closer whispering into her ear "now, now pretty lady, no need to be rude. Let's get a good look at you eh?" at his words the man at his side reached at her shirt and roughly began to tear it away.

Help me! Rose thought. She needed a miracle. "Help!" she screamed. She needed the doctor so she did all she could think of. She called for him "Doctor!"

"Ain't no doctor that can help you now missy" leered the man as he unbuttoned his jeans. "There's nobody here. Nobody to hear you scream."

"I think I'll be the judge of that." Said a voice that Rose knew all too well. A voice that had tamed the stars and scared the devil away. Behind the balding head of an aging man she could make out scruffy hair and pinstriped suite of a lonely angel. The doctor.

The doctor immediately sprang to action. Trying desperately to control his rage to stop himself from tearing these monsters apart. Stupid filthy apes! He thought. Armed with the sonic screwdriver he quickly had all the men knocked out. Then he turned his focus onto Rose. It tore him apart to see her like this. He opened his mouth to apologize to her, for taking so long, for letting this happen, for not being there but before he could utter a single word he was enveloped in a tight hug.

For once to doctor was speechless. There were simply no words. He pulled Rose into his arms and gently carried her into the tardis, then headed for the infirmary. "Oh Rose, I'm sorry, im soo sorry" he whispered to her shaking form.

"'s not your fault" she murmured. Her heartbeat finally beginning to slow now that she was in the safe arms of the Time Lord.

"I shouldn't of let you go out on your own like that." He replied "they didn't… you weren't… did they…" the doctor stuttered as words failed him.

"I'm fine" she confirmed "you saved me." Rose softly sang.

Not convinced that she was okay the doctor decided to scan her anyway to check for any injuries. The scan results showed that she had suffered no serious injuries but that she was physically exhausted. He quickly mixed her up a nutritious cocktail to ease her tired body. "What's this?" she asked as he handed her the cup eyeing it suspiciously. "Ohh just a scrummy mix of yummy vitamins and proteins and all that good stuff!" he replied with a manic grin. Smiling Rose took the cup and drank from it gratefully. "Thank you." She whispered as sleep pulled gently at her eyes. "My pleasure" was the doctors whispered reply as Rose drifted off into a peaceful sleep. Never again, the doctor vowed would he let something like this happen to his Rose. Never again.

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