Two words: I fail. Gah, I don't even know why it took me so long to post another chapter of this...I mean, I have through prompt 12 written...but I wrote that like 3 1/2 months ago...I need to do some more writing. Well, I have this week off. So maybe I'll get some writing done. I hope. ya go...prompt number 7! :)

Prompt 7: Angel

Sonny scurried around the kitchen, trying to make dinner while, at the same time, keeping an eye on her four and a half month old daughter.

Kaelyn sat in her high chair, playing with plastic keys. She was entertaining herself by hitting them against the tray attached to her chair, which was starting to give Sonny a headache.

On top of the banging, it was way too hot in the kitchen. Sonny felt like she was going to have a heat stroke.

Sonny leaned against the counter, trying to relax for just a moment. She rubbed her temples with her fingers and then tried to fan herself with her hand.

She groaned as she noticed Kaelyn dropped the toy keys on the ground. As much as she wanted to leave them there and get rid of the incessant banging, she knew if she waited too long to pick them up, Kaelyn would start crying. The shrill noise of a baby's cry was much worse than the sound of plastic hitting against a wooden high chair.

Sonny bent over and grabbed the keys for her daughter, quickly rinsing them off in the sink before handing them back to Kaelyn. Kaelyn smiled and took them happily.

Sonny began to turn around and go back to cooking, but she was stopped by a tiny voice.


Sonny spun around, her face now covered in a huge smile. "What'd you say?" she asked happily.

Kaelyn didn't respond but went back to playing with her keys.

"Come here, Angel," Sonny told her daughter softly, picking her up from her seat. She grabbed the keys Kaelyn was so fond of. "Let's go find the camera. You're going to say that again, okay, sweetheart? Daddy needs to hear you say that. We can't wait for him to get back from Colorado."

Sonny held her daughter against her body as she trotted upstairs to find their video camera. Chad was filming on location in Colorado for two weeks and he absolutely needed to hear Kaelyn's first word.

When Sonny found the camera, she placed Kaelyn on hers and Chad's king size bed. Turning it on and pressing record, she said to her daughter, "Alright, Angel, say it again for Daddy. Mama."

Kaelyn stared at Sonny with her big blue eyes, which she had gotten from her father.

"Sweetheart, please say it again!" Sonny urged. "Mama. Can you say it? Mama."

Kaelyn merely babbled, saying no real words. She stared at her mother again.

Suddenly Sonny had an idea. She still had Kaelyn's keys in her hand. She handed them to her daughter and a smile covered Kaelyn's face.

Kaelyn began to hit the keys against the bed happily. She looked up at her mom as she continued to do so. "Mama," Kaelyn finally said with a smile.

Sonny felt tears welling up in her eyes as she once again heard her daughter say the best thing a mother could hear. She pressed stop on the camera and scooped Kaelyn up in her arms, kissing her soft hair.

"I love you, Angel."