I am finally able to update this story. it has been so long since I've written on it that I had to reread what the previous chapters in order to get into the story's mood.

I hope you enjoy it and to not consider it too mushi.

"Uaaaa ! Soooo beautifuw … " The little girl exclaimed looking at the turquoise gemstone ring that was hanged on a golden chain. She reached a hand to grab it but the boy holding it, retreated his hand instantly.

"Let me howd it a wittle. Pwomise I won't breack it."

"No." The young boy said, putting the jewel back in the velvet box. "You're too young. I'll give it to you when you're older."

"But I am."

"Silly you, you're just a baby."

"I am not. I am a young lllala … lady…"

"No you're not "

"Yes I am. Daddy told me does not lie"

"Then I will give it to you when you're ... ladier."

A warm smile appeared on Soujiro's lips remembering that conversation. It had taken place such a long time ago yet it was still vivid in his memory. The time had come to give this jewell to the intended owner. She couldn't have become more ladier than this. She was indeed the mistress of his soul. Back then when his grandmother had given him the ring it had been hard to understand what his grandmother had meant by that. But not today. Today his grandmother's words made perfect sense. As the car stopped in front of the Domyouji Corp. edifice, Soujiro jumped out of the limo and rushed through the front door. He did not mind the reporters that had swarmed from all over or the bodyguards that tryed to keep them at the distance from him. He had just one thing in mind and that was to reach the mistress of his heart.


The slap she had received had left a red mark on Yuki's cheek. In spite of all her efforts to contain her composure Yuki could not help but tremble in her mother's presence. She had seen her angry but not like this not at her. It was the first time when her mother's rage was directed at her.

"You will do what I said and that's final! Don't make me come up with more drastic measures."

"I've told you and I'll repeat it." Yuki replyed gathering all the courage. "I won't marry Soujiro just for the sake of marrying him."

"Are you stupid child? You are pregnant, you're in no situation to refuse it."

" I won't enter such a marriage. I'm not like you, I'm not like Mrs. Nishikado. I don't care about appearances or custom! I don't give a damn about them. I want to be happy, I want to be loved mom!"

Kaede sighed and let her hand slide down in deafeat. Her daughter was such a dreamer. "Then you should have thought about this earlier my child." She said in a warmer voice. "Now it's too late you have to think of his hapiness first." She took her daughter's hand and placed it gently on the tummy. "Here's the one whose important now. You're not a child anymore my Yuki you'll be a mom."

Yuki looked at her mom and sat next to her on the sofa, feeling the strenght in her feet leave her. There were so many contradictory feelings battling inside her. What was right and what was good, and what was for the best. Tears supressed until then, bursted out in torrents and sobs.

"It's okay my baby. You can cry, let it all out, mom's here for you. Mom will make everything okay" She whispered as she carressed her daughter's curly hair. If there was a thing in the world she hated the most that was seeing her children suffer. Sometimes she cursed her husband for dying so early. She should have been the one his children ran to for consolation, not the one from whom her children ran away. She was not a monster, she just wanted the best for her children ... but in their world what was best and what they saw as good was not always the same.

A knock on the door was heard and then Nishida entered the large study. "Domyouji-sama, young Nishikado is here and demands to see Miss Yuki ..." he couldn't fisnish his sentence for Nishikado had already entered the study.

"Mrs. Domyouji I will take all the responsability for my actions." Soujiro said in a grave tone. "Please don't punish Yuki for anything; if things happened like this it was my fault not hers."

"Jiro ..." Yuki exclaimed, still surprised by Soujiro's sudden appearance. That's not what they had decided.

"Yuki don't. Let me finish." He said and than turned his attention back to Kaede." I have acted imaturely and without thinking of the consequences. And even though if I have strong feelings for your daughter I have never been serious enough to commit to our relationship."

At this affirmation Yuki's eyes greaw widder. She looked at Soujiro and than at her mother and then at Soujiro again. She had been left out of words. What was happening with Soujiro. Had the shock of being a father gotten to his head?

" I have always seen our imposed engagement as something to rebel against and forgot that my feelings for Yuki were genuine. He took a deep breath and then he smiled warmly to Yuki "I love you Yuki-chan. Please forgive me for being such a fool." He took a few large rushed steps before kneeling in front of her. "Yuki, will you accept this fool as your husband?"

Kaede got up from the couch slowly walking next to Nishida. She let her head down in order to hide a rebelious tear that was sliding down her cheekwithout her permision. But it was too late for Nishida was already handing her a hankerchief. That fool of a boy had finally come to his senses. She had barely supressed the urge to smack him on the back of his head for making her daughter suffer for so long. Idiot, it had taken so much to realise the treasure she had given to him.

Soujiro took the ring off the golden chain and placed it on Yuki's finger. It fit perfectly.

"A .. am I a lady now?" Yuki asked a smile being intemingled with tears.

"You are my lady now." Soujiro said before placing a soft kiss on Yuki's lips.