PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! I would like to attribute much of this story to the work Can You Keep a Secret? By Sophie Kinsella. She deserves the credit for much of the plot and even some of the lines of this story. I wizardized it and used characters from JK Rowling. So, I would like to say I'm not taking credit for their ideas or trying to make money off them, just reviews please. They are both excellent writers, and if you haven't read Sophie, do, she's amazing, and this book is hilarious. However, it is a great plot of how I picture Fleur and Bill getting together, so it's perfect! So, I hope you like it, some of what you see is Kinsella's but all the things that make it mine make it original. By the way, the plot will not follow directly from the story, so please don't worry if you've read the book, you will be surprised.

Of course I have secrets.

Of course I do. Everyone has a few secrets. It's completely normal.

I'm not talking about big, earth-shattering secrets. Not Lord-Voldemort-has-returned-and-is-planning-to-attack-Hogwarts-and-only-Harry-Potter-can-save-the-world type secrets. Just normal, everyday little secrets.

Like, for example, here are a few random secrets of mine, off the top of my head.

1. My fingernails are fake. Since I'm one-fourth veela, I actually have pointy grey claws, but I charm them to make them normal.

2. Razo the owl isn't the same Razo the owl that mum and dad asked me to care for when they went to Australia. Honestly, I had no idea he needed to be let out at night to hunt. I thought he just ate the same food as the cat and I gave him the whole thing. Besides, the new owl looks just like him, or so the pet store keeper told me, and he is responding well to the name.

3. Once I had this weird dream where I was kissing Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's little friend from Hogwarts. In my defense he was older in my dream, and he was very good looking. He was actually a good kisser too.

4. I secretly think that my boyfriend Andrew looks like Ken. As in Barbie and Ken.

5. The tea room at the ministry is the worst, and so whenever my friend Penelope from level three wants a gossip, she comes up and tells me she wants to run over some figures, and then we nip out for tea at this cozy little place across the street for lunch, some tea, and a gossip.

6. I used Veela charm on the piece of paper that I put into the Goblet of Fire, which is probably why I was picked, not because the stupid cup thought I was anything special. I also used a bit on the judges, which is probably the only reason I didn't loose as badly as I could have. Honestly, Harry Potter, a fourth year beat me.

7. I lost my virginity at the Quidditch World Cup with Sebastian Fabini while mum and dad were outside drinking with his parents and celebrating the Irish Victory with some Irish Whiskey.

8. I have no idea what OWLs or NEWTs stand for, or even what they are. The people at Hogwarts were obsessed with them, but I looked them up in a French to English dictionary and I only ever learned they were cute little animals.

9. While my boyfriend is the perfect clean cut, handsome blond with the perfect job and perfect hair, I secretly have this major thing for mysterious, bad boy looking red heads. I'm seeing a connection to number three now.

10. When my colleague Ferris Selwyn really annoys me, I feed her plant pumpkin juice. (Which is pretty much every day.)

11. I weigh 128 pounds, not 118 like my boyfriend Andrew thinks. Although, in my defense, I was planning to go on a diet when I told him that. And, it is only one number different.

12. My G-string is hurting me.

13. I've always had this deep down conviction that I'm not like everyone else, and there's an amazingly exciting new life waiting for me just around the corner.

14. I have no idea what this guy in the grey robes is going on about.

15. Plus, I've already forgotten his name.

And I'm supposed to be translating for the French people at this meeting.

"We believe in multi-logistical foreign alliances," he's says loudly and slowly as if I don't understand what he's saying either. OK, Multi-logistical, what does that even mean? Oh Merlin, what if they ask me?

Don't be stupid Fleur, they aren't going to ask you what it means, oh wait, they are, because now I'm supposed to repeat everything he just said into French for this guy in the purple suit. And I don't know what multi-logistical even means! I'll just make something up for my fellow Frenchmen, obviously multi-logistical wasn't the most important part of that last bit, hopefully they don't mention it again.

The important thing is to keep confident and businesslike, I can do this. This is my big chance, and I'm not going to screw it up.

I'm sitting in a very important looking meeting room at the French Ministry of Magic in Paris. I'm wearing my best muggle outfit, as I being a French woman know that the French have embraced muggle fashion in the workplace, unlike this other English guy who insisted on wearing his nappy grey robes. It's my black knee length skirt and my bright turquoise blouse with the ruffles. My long blond hair is straightened today, and I used some extra sleek easy hair potion to make it extra shiny too. Not that I needed to, being a veela and all, but it's my special trick for confidence.

I'm here representing the English Ministry of Magic where I work in the foreign affairs department. I've only been working here for three months, since I graduated from Bauxabons, and I only chose to work in England to improve my English. Apparently my accent is still shite, but people can at least understand me now. Anyways, this meeting is to establish a direct connection between the French and English ministries when it comes to working with foreign wizards. Right now we're trying to build a unified front against Egypt who is abusing some sort of international code. Not that I really know much about the entire topic. The only reason I'm here is because my boss Fabian realized he had double booked himself with an important award ceremony when I was in the room. I practically begged him to let me go, and I'm pretty sure the only reason I'm here is because I speak French. I'm pretty much the translator, but I'm also supposed to make sure that I make the point that he signs the treaty document, joining the English Alliance against Egypt today.

This is my first real meeting, and I'm really hoping it advances my career. I've been working at the Ministry for over three months as an International Assistant, which is the bottom level of the Foreign Affairs Department. I started off in charge of sending owls, getting sandwiches and coffee, and collecting my boss Fabian's potions at the apothecary. However, after a couple of weeks, I was allowed to write some of my own letters, and deal with issues.

Since then, I've been getting more involved with the department, even getting to work on some of the spy files. That's what our department really does, spy on foreign countries. I'm really climbing the ladder here; I'm practically an International Executive already!

Except for the tiny fact that I still make as many trips to the owlry, and the sandwich shop, and the coffee room, and the apothecary. I just do it in addition to my other jobs, especially since the departmental secretary Fiona went on maternity leave before quitting.

But everything is going to change after this meeting when Fabian realizes what a great worker I am. He'll see what I'm really capable of and I'll be promoted, or I'll get to go on my own spy missions as an International Agent, aka curse breaker. That's the highest level in the department, International Agent, err.. well except for the Head of the Department. That's my secret hope for today, not to be promoted to head of the department. No, to be promoted to International Executive, which is the level just under curse breaker/International Agent. Then my parents can be proud of me and fawn over me like they do my younger sister Gabrielle.

Fleur Delacour, International Executive.

Fleur Delacour, International Agent.

Fleur Delacour, Head of the Department of International Intelligence

Okay, so back to this meeting, I understand most of what they are saying, but what I don't, I'll just make up. I also better figure out his name, okay, Gary Goldring, okay, just remember he's wearing a gold ring. Gary like that fish from that muggle movie Finding Elmo that my old boyfriend too me to. Or maybe it was a turtle, some type of undersea creature with a shell from something muggle. Whatever.

I shift uncomfortably in my chair. My underwear is too tight, Andrew bought it for me and he thinks I weight about ten pounds less than I actually do, and so he got a size too small. Or three, I'm not really sure, but I'm not a double zero. I'm too tall to be a double zero, and for as tall as I am, I'm rather thin. In any case, he got them for me for my birthday, and I really hadn't worn them yet, but they don't fit. At all. But they looked so nice and expensive in my drawer, and today was such a big day. I couldn't resist wearing them. And besides, when I put them on this morning, they didn't seem this tight. I'm such a deluded moron.

Up until now I've been mindlessly repeating everything that Purple suit is saying in French into English, but suddenly I'm feeling a bit anxious about where this conversation is headed. "We appreciate the functional and synergetic association that France and England have shared in the past, but clearly we are headed in different directions and we are going to decline the treaty."

Different directions? Decline? Fabian is not going to be happy, and neither is grey robes guy. Shite, I can't let this happen, I'll lose my job. I can't just let this happen. The office will think it's my fault and I'm a bloody idiot! Suddenly, looking at my nails which need to be recharmed, I come up with inspiration, obviously sent straight from Merlin. Putting as much Veela charm into my voice as I can, I try and convince him to change his mind. "Surely this hasn't been thought through and you aren't being serious. Surely this is a joke and you are going to sign the treaty, now," I say in French with a charm in my voice, my eyes radiating sensuality that no red blooded male can resist. I'm not part Veela for nothing.

"Miss Delacour, this is not going to work, and I'm not sure what your boss told you to do, but that is entirely inappropriate." I stare at him blankly, unable to understand how he knew what I was doing or how he resisted it. Seeing my blank look he answers the unasked question while Grey Robes merely drools and is oblivious that either of us have said anything since I began using the charm. "I'm gay." Oh, purple suit, the too nice hair, oh, oh, OH! Crap.

"Please, don't tell my boss," I beg, my face flushed with embarrassment. Shite.

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