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The Parting


Joey yelled at the others as the ceremonial battle stage was coming down upon them. He, Yugi, and the others were all running away from the sealed doors of the Eye of Wdjat, trying to avoid the falling debris.

"Goodbye Ya—I mean—Atem. We will miss you." Yugi whispered, tears forming in his eyes as he and the others rushed towards the exit.

Something does not feel right…

Unknown to them, Shadi was watching as they escaped the crushing rocks, keeping his gaze locked onto the group.

This will not be the last time, my friends…

The Pharaoh needs you….

Time will come when you will see each other again…

The group got out of the tunnel just in time as they turned back to watch the entrance completely disappear under smoke and rubble.

"So… this is it? Is this the end?" Tristan inquired as he stared at Yugi and the others.

"Why don't you wrap it up with one of your speeches, Yug" Joey coaxed a pondering Yugi.

"Oh…Uh… Well, the end of every adventure is the beginning of another…" Yugi stated as he and the rest of the gang looked up into the glistening sun of Egypt.

"Are you dweebs ready to leave this place? Or, are you gonna burn your eyes out staring at the sun…" Kaiba snarled as he went back towards the boat with Mokuba at his heels.

The four friends stared at the grumpy CEO as he and his brother walked passed Duke, Ryou, Grandpa Mutou, and the three Ishtars.

"NOBODY INVITED YOU HERE, KAIBA…" Joey roared as he tried to rush towards the CEO, raising his fist in midair. "SO DON'T ACT ALL COMMANDER- IN-CHIEF WITH US"

"Calm down, Joey… He's not worth it" Tristan snapped as he grabbed Joey, preventing him from attacking Kaiba.

"Once a mutt… Always a mutt…" Kaiba sneered as he and Mokuba walked towards the boat, followed by the others.

"THAT'S RIGHT, RICH BOY… WALK AWAY WHILE YOU STILL CAN." Joey retorted as Tristan released him from the weird headlock.

"C'mon you guys, let's just go…" Yugi said sadly as he walked towards the boat with his head down…

"Yugi…" Joey began. He approached his friend and placed a hand on his downcast shoulder. "Remember what he told ya Yug… You and the Pharaoh will never be truly apart…" Joey said softly. "Friends like him are impossible to forget…"

Yugi stared up at Joey with big round amethyst eyes full of tears and nodded in agreement. He then turned to look at Tristan and Tea.


Tea had been unusually quiet. Ever since they got out of the tunnel, she has never said a word. She looked up into Yugi's round eyes, giving him a small smile in response then looked back down the ground again in an attempt to hide her tears…

"Seriously guys… It's time to leave…"

The four friends looked towards the boat and saw the others already there, waiting for them…

"Alright… alright… we're comin" Joey whined as he, and the other three started walking towards the boat.

"For a second there, I thought you wanted to join the pharaoh…" Duke joked as he stood aside to let the four pass. "Ok… nobody's in a joking mood…"

"DUH… there's nothing funny about what you said, Duke!" Tristan said loudly as he grabbed Duke by the neck. "He's gone… dead…We are never gonna see him again

and—" He was cut off by a painful nudge on his side, courtesy of Joey.

"What was that for?" Tristan hissed as he rubbed the offended part in pain. Joey made a quiet gesture towards Yugi and Tea. "Oh… Sorry…" Tristan stammered, finally understanding Joey's silent message.

The gang settled in as the boat started its course towards the sunset…