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Wonders of Light

The Leviathan's tendrils shot straight at the pharaoh who just stood his ground. As the tendrils neared him, the pharaoh emitted a golden, red, and blue aura, preventing the tendrils from reaching him. The scar on his face completely stopped glowing, enabling the young pharaoh to summon his true power.

"What the….." The serpent exclaimed, aghast that Atem's tri-colored aura shielded him from its attack.

"Like I said….. Good always triumphs over evil…" Atem stated as his aura glowed stronger, healing his wounds, and sending back the serpent's tendrils, making the evil creatures fall back as the tri-colored aura sent out a powerful shockwave.

"Stubborn little whelp…" Zorc snarled coldly. He fired a black and red energy ball towards Atem. Before the blast could even reach the young pharaoh, a mirror force charm got in its way, sending the blast back at Zorc who instinctively swiped the blast away, making it hit the Orichalcos Soldiers and Shadow Creatures at the demon's right.

"NOOOO….." Zorc roared upon realizing that he just destroyed a lot of his minions.

Atem was shocked yet hopeful upon seeing the rainbow barrier. He spun around, eyes shining with joy to see his allies, every one of them, getting back up on their feet as they destroyed the distracted monsters pinning them down, while Yugi, who activated the charm, smiled back at the young pharaoh.

"THESE BOZOS ARE GOIN' DOWN" Joey roared as soon as he got up, summoning his Red Eyes Black Dragon and many other monsters to aid his friend.

Everyone else, though weakened from the constant attacks, managed to summon monsters to aid the pharaoh as they were strengthened by their determination. Atem smiled at them all, especially when he saw Mana and the other ancient Egyptians transforming into their auraka and beaming at him.

"Everyone…. Thank you….." Atem stated softly

"Hey…. We're with you all the way, partner…" Yugi stated. He smiled at the young pharaoh and gave him a thumbs up. Everyone else also smiled at him and nodded in agreement as they all poised, ready for the final battle.

The young pharaoh, after seeing his friends and family alright, regained more of his strength and courage as he turned to look at the appalled Zorc and Leviathan levitating in front of them, their minions backing away from the intensifying lights emitting from Atem.

"THIS IS THE END FOR THE SHADOW REALM AND THE ORICHALCOS" Atem bellowed as he transformed into his red auraka. Together with his allies, he unleashed a powerful combined attack at both the Leviathan and Zorc, who just launched a counter attack.

"FOOLS… IF YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP US WITH THIS PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR AN ATTACK, THEN YOU'VE COMPLETELY LOST YOUR SANITY" Zorc boomed as he and the Leviathan pushed back the attack while their minions charged at Atem and the others.

Atem chuckled as his red auraka started wavering. "This is just the beginning of your end…..I have now realized my true power…. My true Ka…. Together with my allies' strength…. We will beat you"

"True Ka???? What's he talking about…… doesn't he already know that he has three Ka's….. and that he already knows who they are?????" Dartz asked dumbfounded as he and everyone else stared at the ancient Egyptians who just shook their heads, except for Aknamkanon who knew where his son was getting at…..

Finally… Aknamkanon thought as a smile formed on his lips…. You finally figured it out…… You figured out how to unleash your true power….. all on your own….. I'm proud of you… My son…..

Everyone else still did not know what the young pharaoh was talking about, but they had complete faith in him, believing that he knew what he to do and what he was talking about as they continued, with all their strength, to shield Atem from the Leviathan's and Zorc's attacks, while the others were destroying the charging minions.

Atem's red auraka started blazing uncontrollably, as blue aura formed at the edges of the red aura while gold aura emitted at the ends of the blue aura, revealing the tri-colored aura once more. Suddenly the tri-colored aura started blazing uncontrollably, replacing the three colors with a very illustrious white aura. White lights shot from the aura emitted by the young pharaoh, revealing the three divine monsters, Obelisk, Slifer, and Ra.

"I'VE DEFEATED THOSE MONSTERS ONCE….." Zorc retorted as he blasted the Obelisk. "I CAN DO IT AGAIN"

Before Zorc's attack could hit Obelisk, the blue divine monster was suddenly surrounded with white aura, shielding it from Zorc's attack.

"WHAT IS GOING ON????" Zorc asked as he also noticed Slifer and the Winged Dragon of Ra emitting the same white aura while the Leviathan hissed at the three glowing Ka monsters spitefully.

"In the name of the pharaoh, I rejoin the three separated parts of my Ka, Obelisk, Slifer, and Ra to form my true Ka……The Creator of Light, HORAKHTI" Atem chanted loudly as the three divine monsters that were now completely engulfed by the white aura came together and formed the majestic and powerful Creator of Light, Horakhti, Atem's true Ka. Horakhti's illustrious light blinded and destroyed most of the demons' minions, making the ones left fall back.

"So this explains it all…" Priest Seto started as he and everyone else stared at the majestic angel in front of them. "Atem only has one Ka, Horakhti, but his Ka is divided into three parts, Obelisk, Slifer, and the Winged Dragon of Ra. His three divine monsters were just parts of his true… powerful Ka."

"I WILL NOT BE BEATEN AGAIN…" Zorc shrieked as he launched an attack at the shining angel in front of him. Before the attack could reach Atem's Ka, Atem suddenly started emitting a white aura while Horakhti was engulfed by her white aura as she transformed into a white orb and shot at Atem, engulfing him and everyone else in blinding white light.

As the blinding white light faded, everyone stared at Atem who was clad in elegant, glowing silver and red armor with flaring silver and red robes similarly structured like the Dark Magician's robes. He had gigantic golden wings behind him while a golden crown shaped in Ra's head covered his hair. A blue staff, about one meter in length, was resting in his right hand. The tip of the staff was in gold and shaped like an eagle's head with an amethyst orb resting atop it and supported by two slender extensions coming from the sides of the eagle ornament's head.

The scar on Atem's cheek healed. His face now handsome and flawless once more as the mark/scar disappeared completely while white light surrounded him, making the demons' minions back away from him and the others as he stared straight at Zorc and the Leviathan who both launched their attacks.

Atem just stood his ground as he watched the attacks draw nearer. He held his palm out, easily dissipating the attacks before it reached him and his companions. This feat shocked everyone. The demons drew back, not expecting the pharaoh to be this powerful.

"OH YEAH…" Joey cheered as he and the others were awed by Atem's power. "WAY TO GO ATEM….."

Atem immediately focused his energy, making the amethyst orb glow brightly as it charged power. Before the demons could even react, the young pharaoh unleashed a powerful amethyst blast that destroyed every single one of the Leviathan and Zorc's minions. As the blast was heading straight for the two creators of darkness, both Zorc and the Leviathan released their counter attacks, colliding with the young pharaoh's blast at the center of the chamber. The impact sent powerful shockwaves that made everyone else hold on to something as the force was strong enough to knock them all flying.

"IF THIS KEEPS UP….. WE'LL BE LIKE BUGS ON A WINDSHIELD" Tristan roared as he and the others held on to anything that can prevent them from being blown away.

"WE NEED TO HELP ATEM…. WE HAVE TO LEND HIM OUR STRENGTH" Aknamkanon stated as he turned towards his son. "ATEM….. HOLD YOUR FREE HAND TOWARDS US….."

The young pharaoh did as he was told. He held his palm out to his allies, immediately realizing what he needed to do.

"NOW…. WE NEED TO SEND AS MUCH OF OUR POWER TO ATEM…." Aknamkanon cried as he summoned his Hieracosphinx, Little Chimera, Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys, and every monster his strength allowed him. He even separated himself from his auraka in order to summon his Black Luster Soldier. He allowed the summoned monsters to turn into glowing orbs that rushed straight at Atem. The golden orbs were absorbed by the young pharaoh through his open palm, strengthening his power.

Everyone else mimicked the elder pharaoh's move, summoning as many monsters as they could, allowing them to turn into golden orbs and rush straight at Atem

"YOU CAN DO IT PARTNER…. WE KNOW YOU CAN" Yugi cheered as he watched his Gandora turn into a golden orb that immediately rushed into Atem's open palm.

The young pharaoh felt himself getting more powerful as his allies' strengths boosted his power. The amethyst blast became more intense, successfully pushing against the dark and green blast coming from Zorc and the Leviathan.

"You will not triumph without a loss….." The Leviathan spat as it shifted its attack towards Yugi and the others who were helplessly clinging to the pillars.

"OH NO YOU DON'T" Atem bellowed as he focused on every bit of power he had in him, increasing the width of the amethyst blast, making it block the Leviathan's attack as it continued to rapidly push against Zorc's and the Leviathan's attacks.

The two creators of darkness used their full power, attempting to push back the amethyst blast that now covered almost half of the circular hall but their power was not strong enough as the amethyst blast pushed straight through the attacks, hitting the two creators of darkness.

Both Zorc and the Leviathan shrieked as they were engulfed in an amethyst fire, dissipating as they were completely destroyed by the sacred royal flames.

"YOU DID IT-----" Yugi was cut off as the ground shook while the entire evil lair was crumbling to dust as the evil forces retaining them were destroyed.

"LIKE I SAID BEFORE….. WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE OR WE WILL BE LIKE BUGS ON A WINDSHIELD" Tristan as they all rushed towards Atem who was now engulfed in his burning phoenix auraka as he flew towards his allies who immediately jumped on top of him.

"Is everyone here?????" Atem asked as he arched his head towards the people riding on his back, making sure that all of his allies were already with him before taking off. As soon as he found that everyone was present, he immediately took off, agilely dodging the falling debris that came crashing down.

"IT'S A DEAD END" Duke yelled as he pointed out the shadowy wall at the end of the chamber.

"Then we blast through it" Atem answered as he fired a powerful blast from his fiery beak, blasting a hole out of the demons' lair, letting him fly out into the open, while Yugi and the others atop him looked back to watch the portal suck all the darkness and evil it spread.

The navy watched in awe as the darkness disappeared. Everywhere around the world, people looked up in the skies, cheering as they saw the welcoming blue skies released from the shadowy and lightning streaked clouds that were being sucked away. They were all happy as the darkness was lifted and shocked as their homes went back to normal, not destroyed, as if nothing happened, as the destruction of darkness also took away its destructive marks on the landscape.

They saw all the monsters and Orichalcos Soldiers, from far away, get destroyed as they were sucked in the swirling portal. The purple mists and the dark lightning streaked clouds were also being sucked in, revealing the original blue skies and clear view. As the last bit of evil darkness was sucked, the black portal exploded, dissipating in the sky as it was completely and permanently destroyed.

Everyone cheered as they watched the portal disappear from the sky. Yugi and the others, still atop the young pharaoh in his phoenix auraka were sharing congrats talks, hi fives and handshakes with each other. Of course they would not leave the young pharaoh out. Everyone patted, hugged, and stroked the young pharaoh's fiery back while giving him compliments that the young pharaoh returned by saying that he could not have done it without their help. Even Kaiba decided to give the young pharaoh a congrats pat on his fiery phoenix back. He denied it as others cheerfully pointed it out, claiming that he just wanted to find out whether the fiery feathers were more like silk or velvet.

Atem has spotted a lovely island just below him. He gently landed on the island's sandy coast. The others jumped off him and watched as his auraka disappeared in a wisp of golden smoke while the strengths they lent him returned to them all in the form of glowing orbs. The young pharaoh was wobbling slightly as his auraka disappeared before completely losing his balance. Everyone rushed towards him while Yugi, Aknamkanon, and Mana caught him before he hit the sands of the island.

"You ok partner???" Yugi asked as he, Aknamkanon and Mana supported Atem who just looked at them all, a smile gracing his handsome and now flawless face.

"Don't worry… I'm alright…" Atem stated cheerfully as he managed to stand up on his own, making the people around him smile with relief. "Thank you so much for lending me your strengths…." He added as he looked around.

"Atem…. You are still too modest…." Mana stated softly as she held Atem's cheek, stroking the now flawless face of the young pharaoh. "I'm glad that you are alright…. And that the annoying mark those demons branded on your face finally disappeared…. Don't get me wrong…. You're always handsome and cute, no matter what…. But now that the annoying scar is gone…. You're back to having your handsome, cute and usual flawless features….." She mused, making the young pharaoh fluster while everyone else just laughed and cooed. "I'm glad… that…we can now be together….." Mana continued as she stroked the young pharaoh's face while Atem held her free hand in a very loving and gentle way as he gave her a smile before he felt a sudden force pulling him into a headlock, courtesy of Joey.

"DUDE… YOU WERE AWSOME…" Joey exclaimed as he gave the young pharaoh a noogie…. "YOU DID IT…. YOU FINALLY SMASHED THOSE FREAKIN BOZOS"

"We did it together…." Atem clarified while straightening up as Joey released him from the headlock. "We all did…." He added as he stared at the others who smiled at him.



The young pharaoh spun around. To his surprise, he saw his father, his cousin, and Shadi in one side while Mahaad and Mana were on another side. All were smiling at him while a golden portal was opening in the space between them, revealing the Afterlife…..

Before he knew it, he felt a gigantic lioness atop him, nuzzling his face while a small fennec fox licked his cheek, making him laugh as he stood up.

"Mata….. Sadja….. I'm glad to see both of you again." Atem exclaimed as he hugged the large lioness and the small fennec fox. He stood up, only to be nudged back down by his white, Arabian Steed, Abtik. The horse started nuzzling the young pharaoh, making everyone else give out comments about being good with animals.

"You must be one hec of an animal lover…" Joey commented as he and the others smiled as they watched Atem being nuzzled, and licked by his pets before standing up as his pets stepped aside.

Pure joy radiated from him as he watched a lot of familiar people stepping out of the portal.

He saw his mother, Queen Seliotem, rushing towards him, locking him in a tight embrace. She had long and straight tri-colored hair that reached down behind her abdomen. Her long black hair had magenta rims at the sides and tips while her long and wispy bangs were, like Atem's, in a beautiful shade of gold, making her tanned face and her beautiful blue eyes even more radiant as she gazed at her son.

Atem stared back at her, tears of joy forming in his eyes as he finally saw his mother, who passed away when he was just a little boy. He immediately returned the hug, making his mother smile down at him. Aknamkanon approached his family. He gave his wife a small kiss and laid a hand on his son's shoulder, creating the perfect happy family sight, making the others smile as the Egyptian royal family embraced each other, happy to be reunited.

As the royal family straightened up, Atem's eyes radiated with even more joy as he saw everyone he knew back in ancient Egypt smiling at him. He saw Shada, Karim, and Isis bowing at the royal family with genuine smiles on their faces as they finally relished the thoughts of having the young pharaoh finally having his well deserved rest. Shimon gave a small nod. Even Akhenaden was there, beaming genuinely as he finally saw his nephew again and Kisara was standing next to Aknamkanon's brother, to Priest Seto's delight.

The look-a-likes of the new arrivals shared shocked stares, but they soon shook it off as they watched and smiled at the young pharaoh who was very delighted to be with his own-time companions.

Behind the new arrivals was the portal leading to the Egyptian Afterlife. The sun was shining brightly and comfortably, illuminating the lush vegetation and beautiful, natural landscape of the Ancient Egyptian Kingdom. Thousands of people were applauding and chanting the young pharaoh's name, welcoming him home.

A bright green glow caught everyone's eyes. They all spun around to see Dartz, Chris, Sky, and Ironheart standing in front of the Atlantian Afterlife. Dartz's wife was waving at them from inside the portal while around her was the beautiful temples and vegetation of the Atlantians.

"We'll be off now….. You better take care of yourself this time, Pharaoh….." Dartz stated as he and his family waved goodbye.

"If anything takes over you again….. you know who to call….." Joey stated jokingly as he approached Dartz and, to everyone's surprise, gave him a noggie.

"I'll keep that in mind…" Dartz answered playfully as Joey released him from the headlock.

"THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING" Yugi called, followed by mixed words of thanks and gratitude from everyone at the same time.

"GOODBYE….. AND TAKE CARE……" Shadi called as he also waved at the Atlantians.

"THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING….. HAVE A GOOD REST…." Atem called as he and everyone else waved goodbye to the Atlantians who stepped through the portal that immediately disappeared as they finally went back to the Atlantian Afterlife.

"Now…." Aknamkanon stated gently as he beamed at his son. "It's our turn to go….."

Atem smiled as he nodded back at his father and the other Egyptian spirits around him.

The thought of leaving his modern day friends for good made him feel upset, but the thought of finally being with his family and his own-time friends in the place where he should be drowned his sadness away.

He felt happy, overjoyed, and excited that he will finally get to be where he should be, unfortunately he will be missing Yugi and the friends he made in this era terribly. He knew that he must go to the spirit world, where he truly belonged. He wanted to be with the people of his own time, the ones he grew up with in ancient Egypt. He has long accepted the fact that he did not belong with Yugi and his friends.

Atem looked back to face his friends. All were smiling at him. Everyone was encouraging him to do what he truly wanted…… to be with his family and his own-time companions. Even his closest friends were smiling at him through tears that spilled from their eyes.

Yugi, Joey, Tristan, and Tea approached Atem who also neared them. All five of them had tears in their eyes as they realized that this was their final goodbye.

"So this is it……" Yugi choked as tears streamed down his face. "This is goodbye….."

"After this….. We'll never see each other again….." Tea added as tears fell from her cerulean eyes.

"After everything we've been through…… this is it……." Joey added as he rubbed his eyes…..

"Apparently so…." Atem added as he let his tears flow freely from his eyes as he held his hand out. "Thank you so much for everything, all of you……. You've done so much for me……"

Yugi, suddenly overcome with his emotions, rushed towards the young pharaoh and hugged him, burying his face on his chest… "I'LL PROMISE I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU, PARTNER…."

He was soon followed by Tea, Joey, and Tristan who also hugged the young pharaoh. All five of them hugged each other while the others just watched, smiling as the close friends were trying to make the most of their last moments with the young pharaoh.

After some precious time, they released each other from their group hug. Every modern day ally now neared them, even Kaiba, preparing to take their turns to say goodbye to the young pharaoh who made such a big difference in their lives.

They all patted and mock-punched him, and ruffled his hair, saying their goodbyes and sending their best wishes to the young pharaoh and the other ancient Egyptian spirits, who were patiently waiting, letting Atem spend some more time with his modern day friends before leaving for the afterlife. Even Kaiba, to everyone's surprise, patted the young pharaoh's shoulder while telling him that he acknowledged his skill and power and that he will always consider him as his top rival, making Atem smile at Kaiba, who surprisingly returned it with a rare small yet genuine smile.

After the final goodbyes, Atem approached his family and the other ancient Egyptians, while waving back at his modern day allies. He stopped in front of his parents, who beamed at him.

"Your mother and I are very much proud of you." Aknamkanon stated softly, placing his hand on Atem's shoulder as the other ancient Egyptians gathered around the royal family, greeting the young pharaoh while his pets were nuzzling him. "You've done so much good…. We are all witnesses to your pure and strong heart." He added before he gazed at Atem's modern day friends who were still waving their goodbyes.

"BYE ATEM…… STAY OUT OF TROUBLE" Joey called jokingly.



"DON'T FORGET TO WRITE" Tristan added half jokingly and half seriously. "IF YOU CAN"

"GOOD BYE GREAT PHARAOH ATEM…… MAY YOU FINALLY REST IN PEACE TOGETHER WITH YOUR FAMILY AND ANCIENT FRIENDS." Ishizu called as she and everyone else were waving their goodbyes.

All the other goodbyes combined together, becoming difficult to understand as everyone started saying their different goodbyes in unison, but Atem and the other leaving spirits understood their message as the young pharaoh turned to face the portal.

The young pharaoh felt a soft force encircling his right arm. He looked to his right to see Mana, holding on to him while smiling at him gently. He felt his father's hand on his shoulder and his mother's hand on the back of his neck. He looked up to meet his father's amethyst eyes and his mother's aquamarine eyes beaming happily at him. To his right, behind Mana, He sees Shimon, Shadi, and the ministers, all were beaming at him. Mata, the lioness was nuzzling his hip while Sadja, the small fennec fox was resting on his head. Abtik was already inside the portal, waiting for his master amidst the applauding and smiling spirits in the Egyptian Afterlife.

"You ready???" Aknamkanon asked while Atem looked back and waved goodbye, for the last time, to his modern day friends, who had already accepted the fact that he has to go. He then focused his eyes on his father once more as he nodded.

"Then let's go" Seliotem whispered gently as they all walked right into the portal leading to the afterlife, crossing the boundaries between the living and the dead.

Upon going through the portal and stepping on the sands of the Afterlife, Atem was amazed to see all the people gathered out to meet him, applauding and chanting his name. The palace was clearly towering behind all the spirits greeting him. It was the same as he remembered it.

A little girl approached Atem, tugging his tunic, getting his attention.

"Thank you so much for releasing us from the shadows, Pharaoh Atem." The little girl stated innocently before bowing low and running back towards her happy family, amongst the crowd, making the young pharaoh smile as he remembered making such a great sacrifice, trading his soul to release them. Now he was free, they were all free…. thanks to his friends and family.

He was finally in the real afterlife, the place he thought he would never see….. He noticed the golden portal close behind him, separating the world of the living from the Afterlife, the place where he, his family, and his own-time people and friends were in and where they will find their rest.

"You don't know how long we have waited for this time to come." Aknamkanon stated gently as he, followed by the others, led Atem towards the afterlife Egyptian Palace. "Welcome home, my son….."

The young pharaoh stared at his father who gave him a smile. He looked to his right, smiling happily at Mana who was still clutching his arm.

"Finally…." Mana started as she rested her head on Atem's shoulder. "We can finally be together….. and don't worry….. you'll get to see Yugi and the others once in a while…" She added as she smiled at her childhood friend truthfully

Upon hearing her words, Atem's eyes widened with surprise and delight. "How??? I thought----"

"How do you think we got to you, you little midget" Priest Seto added playfully as he ruffled his cousin's hair, making Sadja jump onto Atem's arms.

Atem looked at his parents hopefully. His parents gave him warm smiles, making Atem radiate with even more joy.

"Why didn't you tell me, Yugi, and the others???.... you made us all think that we will never see each other again" He added as he stared at his parents, the ministers, and the others who just smiled genuinely at him.

"Oh…. Don't you want to surprise them????" Mahaad answered playfully as he nudged the young pharaoh gently, making Atem laugh as he understood his point…

"… you get to visit them…. With our permission of course….." Seliotem added as she stroked her son's back as they went through the palace gates.

"…But now… you've got a lot of catching up to do." Aknamkanon stated cheerfully as he placed his hand on his son's shoulder. "We really missed you and your crazy antics…." He added as he ruffled Atem's hair while the others laughed gently.

The young pharaoh smiled at him and everyone else, happy that he finally got the rest he deserved and to be with his family and own-time friends in the after life, the spirits' resting place…… He gazed up into the clear skies, sending a message to some very special people.

Back at Yugi and the others……

Atem's modern day allies watched as the portal closed, disappearing in front of them, separating the world of the living from the spirit world.

"Good bye Atem….." Yugi whispered


Yugi and the others spun around to see a large chopper land at the shoreline. The captain jumped down the chopper and approached Yugi and crew, taking his hat off to them.

"I knew we could count on you…." He continued as he beamed at Yugi and crew. "Where are your other comrades….. They also deserve a proper thank you." He added as he looked around, trying to find the ancient spirits.

"They left early….. had some other things to take care of….." Yugi answered as he and the others simply smiled at each other. "…..Wherever they are, I'm sure they will get the message…."

The captain nodded as he watched his fleet in the distance before turning back to face Yugi and crew. "You will be rewarded for all your great efforts…. As far as we are concerned, you and your other comrades are now heroes…." He added as he beckoned them to follow him.

"ALRIGHT" Joey cheered. "DOES THIS MEAN WE CAN HAVE A FREE ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET??….. I'M STARVING" He added as he ran after the captain while everyone just sighed as they walked after him.

"MAN….. After everything we've been through….. he still never forgets about food…" Tristan whined as he scratched his head while following Tea and the others aboard the chopper.

Yugi just laughed as he got in the chopper before he heard a sound carried by the wind, making him smile to himself as he heard the familiar voice of a young and heroic pharaoh they had befriended.

"Thank you, my friends…… thank you for everything….."

"Don't worry, Yug. We heard that one…" Joey assured while settling down next to Mai.

Little Yugi snapped out of his trance like state as he stared at all of his friends, including Kaiba. All of them had smiles on their faces.

He smiled back at them as he and the others looked over to where the portal disappeared.

"You're welcome, Atem…" He stated loudly as the doors closed and the chopper took off into the sky.


Friendships and family ties can never be separated even by the greatest barriers…..

Even sealed fates never remain sealed from friends and family…..

This is what the heroes have realized from their recent experience……

The Ceremonial Battle's

Truly shocking…..




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