Hagaren is mine! Roy Mustang is mine! Everything is mine! (gets shot by Riza)
BANG! BANG! (death)

Hagaren is Hiromu Arakawa's! Roy Mustang is Riza's (erm, still Hiromu Arakawa's, actually)! Not everything is mine! –there, now everyone's happy. :'D


There are many ways to find out an officer's rank. The simplest one could probably be the way his subordinates call him. "Colonel Mustang!" Like that. But then again, how can you tell when he's far away? When that person is out of earshot? That's the purpose of the uniform. Once you put on your uniform, you put on a whole new person. Knowing that once in uniform, your subordinates will look up to you. What they do will be your responsibility. Once in uniform, the superiors will look at you and can either praise you or ridicule you—"How can a guy like him get that high a rank? He doesn't deserve it." "Why is he only a Colonel? He should be ranked higher than that!"

Sometimes, it's such a hassle to be in uniform. It has to be neat and snappy. You have to look your best, to make yourself seem respectable, even if it's just the appearance. When you wear the uniform, you have to live up to it. If you're a Colonel, then show it. Although getting a high rank is good, it carries a big responsibility. That's why the rank is placed on the shoulders of the uniform. Once you wear the uniform, it reminds you of your rank and of your responsibility. The task is placed on your shoulders. It is a burden you have to endure. Respect your superiors and your subordinates. Cooperate with everyone. Look after your men. Be loyal to your group.

The insignia of your rank is not a design on your uniform. The stars aren't there for show. They are reminders of your duty. It is a reminder of how far you've already gone, or how far you are yet to reach. But then again, whether in or out of uniform, the ranks stay deep-seated into your skin. You can't see it; no one can, but it's there. Once you start the service, it's there, on your shoulders. You can't ignore it; your name and the name of your institution rests on those shoulders.

Sometimes, it's the uniform that becomes the reason for strength. There will come times that you want to back out. But no matter how much you loathe the system, you can't say, "I quit." When you leave, the military won't be there to protect you. The uniform becomes an invincibility shield. I myself don't like the plans of the military. Knowing the true nature of the Fuhrer and his ties, it's not easy to be loyal to my superiors and this institution. I planned to work for the military to help people, but I realized the military won't help me with my plan right now.

If I became Fuhrer, I could make the changes I want, right? Even if I hate the way things are going, I'll continue to wear this uniform. Wearing it will be the closest shot I can get to the top. I think I can do it; I've got my trusted subordinates by my side. Even if he breaks up the group—sending them off to the farthest ends of the country, and practically taking my aide hostage, it's not a problem. I'll let them go if I have to. I know they'll come back. Because if it's something you love, let it go. It'll come back if it's meant for you.

That was… random. o____o

Really. I mean. What? Okay, this just proves to show I can't pull off being Roy Mustang. HAHAHA. I'm more of a Riza-person. So yeah. I guess it's because I can relate more to Riza than Roy? 8D Oh well. I did my best. But I must say that I've typed way more in here than in the Riza drabble. XD Perhaps because I was going around in circles, like I usually do. Haha!

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