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~High School~

Vegeta looked up at the clock and back to his finished test that lay on his desk. He was eager to go to football practice and get out of school. He glanced at Goku who was still filling in the test, scratching his head in confusion. Looking over at Piccolo, who was meditating quietly at his desk, he could tell he was done. He glanced back at Chi-Chi and Bulma who were whispering excitedly.

Finally, the bell rang. There was a scraping of chairs as the class eagerly got up to leave. Vegeta nodded at Goku and Piccolo, who nodded back, and they left to the boys lockers. Chi-Chi and Bulma rushed to the girls locker room to change for cheerleading practice.

Out on the football field the pudgy coach announced the play and they hurried to their positions. Goku threw the ball to Piccolo, who ran and dodged some of his scrimmaging team mates, as Vegeta ran for a long pass. Piccolo chunked the ball to him perfectly and Vegeta was clear for a touchdown. He lazily glanced over at the cheerleaders and caught sight of Bulma. Suddenly he couldn't take his eyes off of her. It was like he was in a trance as she jumped and danced, her blue silky hair flying.

A distant voice yelled, "Vegeta look out!" But it was too late.


Vegeta ran smack-dab into the field goal post, knocking his helmet and the ball away. He fell back onto the grass, slightly cross-eyed, as Piccolo and Goku rushed to his side.

"What happened?!" Piccolo asked.

Goku laughed, slapping the ground and finally, getting control of himself, said, "He was staring at the cheerleaders! He was too busy to notice!" And with that rolled onto the grass laughing and clutching his stomach as Piccolo, not aware of why this was so funny, sat there confused.


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