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~High School~ Chapter 2

When Vegeta regained consciousness he, Goku, and Piccolo grabbed their bags and football stuff
and headed out the stadium, Goku teasing Vegeta about his little 'trance.' Piccolo still didn't get it
and goku tried to explain what was so funny but Piccolo didn't understand it. When they got on the
parking lot Piccolo asked "So you guys wanna hit the arcade?"

"Are you kidding, dude!?" Goku asked astounded "I have a hot date with Chi-Chi tonight!"

"Oh yes of course," Piccolo rolled his eyes "How 'bout you Vegeta?"

"Well...Bulma and I were thinking about..." He trailed of and Goku interrupted him.

"Vegeta has the hots for Bulma!" He grinned.

Vegeta glared at him, blushing. Goku just smiled stupidly.

"You two might as well put on leashes and be those girls dogs!" Piccolo said.

"Well we are sly dogs," Goku said smugly "But we don't wear leashes!"

Piccolo sweat dropped and almost fell over.


Bulma took her hair down and brushed it out. she smoothed the wrinkles out of the lavender dress
she was wearing. It had spaghetti straps and was down to her knees. It was sparkling and new.
She glanced at Chi-Chi who was wearing a bright red dress that went down smoothly to her feet.
It was cut so their shoulders were showing and the sleeves were short and right below her shoulders.
She was applying red lipstick that matched her dress.

"Why so dressy?" Bulma asked, putting dark red lipstick on her own lips.

"Goku and I are going to the movies." Chi-Chi answered smoothly looking up at her blue-haired friend.

She surveyed her outfit and said "What about you, Miss Casual?"

"Oh this old thing? Well-uh-I....Ok Vegeta and I are going to the movies too." She admitted.

"Well that's not surprising," Chi-Chi teased "the way you two are always flirting."

"What about you and Goku?" Bulma teased back "Always making Goo-Goo faces in class!"

They both laughed. They finished dressing and grabbed their stuff and head out of there.

"I can't wait 'till tonight!" Chi-Chi sighed dreamily.


Vegeta pulled on his football jacket and surveyed himself in the mirror.
He was wearing slightly baggy cargo pants and a football t shirt.

'Good enough' he thought 'Whatever.'

And with that he headed out the door and down the side walk to the movie theater.
He jammed his hands in his pockets and looked down at the sidewalk as he walked.
Suddenly, he ran into someone....a certain someone. {^_^}

"Hey Vegeta!" Goku smiled.

"Watch where your going, Kakarot!" Vegeta scowled and walked past him.

"Hey wait up!" Goku said running and caught up, walking in step with him.

"So you and Bulma are going to the movies to?"

"What do you think?"

"That your going to the movies?"

"Good Job, Einstein."

"But, my names Goku."

Vegeta sweat dropped. "Ugh...Never mind."

"K!" Goku said cheerfully.

~Back to the chicks~

Bulma and Chi-Chi drove down the road in Bulma's new Corvette. They were glad
they didn't have to walk because they didn't have jackets and the car was nice
and warm. Bulma took a left turn, then a right and drove straight.

"There's the theater!" Chi-Chi exclaimed excitedly, pointing at the looming building.

"Yep." Bulma agreed. she took a deep breath.

'This is it...your first actual date with Vegeta.' She thought.

They pulled into the parking lot and parked near the entrance. They got out of the
vehicle and looked around.

"Brrr! Its freezing out here!" Chi-Chi said rubbing her sleeveless arms.

"Yeah, lets go inside and wait for them." Bulma said shivering.

They went inside the warm theater and looked at all the posters of the movies that were showing.
Vegeta and Goku weren't anywhere in sight. Then the door opened with a rush of cold air and in stepped
who else but the two people in thought. They looked around, spotted their dates, and walked over.

"Hi Bulma." Vegeta said, ignoring the other two.

"Hey Vegeta." Bulma smiled and looked into his raven black eyes.

"Hiya Chi-Chi! Hello Bulma!" Goku said happily.

"Hello Goku." Chi-Chi said, batting her eyelashes.

"Wha? Oh..uh..hi Goku." Bulma said looking away from Vegeta for only a second.

"Well, lets go get our tickets." Vegeta said to Bulma, extending his arm to her.

"Ok." She blushed slightly and took his arm.

"Come on lets go!" Chi-Chi said to Goku grabbing his hand and running to the ticket stand, pulling Goku behind her.

~Where the Namekian is~

"This Sucks..." Piccolo said leaning back on the couch. He looked around. He decided to go do something.

"Hmmm where to?" he thought out loud "I know I'll go to the movies! 'Never Ending Battle' sounds appealing..."
he said looking at the newspaper.

He grabbed some cash and headed out the door.

~At the theater~

"Two for 'Never Ending Kiss.'" Bulma said before Vegeta had a say in it.

'Great...a chick flick...' He thought to himself.

The ticket woman handed them the tickets and Vegeta paid. They headed into the theater.

"Two for 'Never Ending Kiss.'" Chi-Chi told the ticket woman.

She handed them the tickets, Goku paid for them, and the couple headed into the theater...


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