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His True Face
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Teddy Lupin had only seen his grandmother look scared once. That one time was when he had managed to stop his features shifting for a short period of time in order to find out what he would have looked like had he not been born a metamorphmagus.

He had been fifteen at the time, and his grandmother and godfather had been waiting for him downstairs. He had been working on it for a long time, trying to disconnect his thoughts and emotions from his physical appearance, and then, when his godfather had come over for his weekly visit that day in July, he had finally managed to do it.

Teddy had stared at his face in the mirror in fascination. His face was heart-shaped, like his mother's, and his nose was rather sharp like his father's. He had full lips and heavily lidded eyes like his grandmother, though his features were rather harsher than hers. As well as this he had the same, pale eyes as she did, but his hair was rather darker, inky black like his godfather's. So this was his true face.

He had hurried downstairs to show his grandmother and godfather, both of whom had turned pale upon seeing him.

"Look!" Teddy said. "Look. This is what I really look like. I've managed to stop shifting, look!"

His godfather looked over at his grandmother and said, "He looks just like her, doesn't he."

His grandmother nodded shakily. "Yes. But she was my sister, so it's not as though it's that surprising. Not really."

Teddy frowned. He had met Narcissa Malfoy née Black before, and she didn't look anything like this. Narcissa was fair, with golden hair and a rosy tint to her skin: no, he didn't look like Narcissa at all, and he didn't know of any other sister. What was his grandmother talking about?

"Teddy, turn back to normal," Andromeda hissed, going pale and looking as though she couldn't stand to see him any more.

"But this is normal. This is my true fa…"

"No it's not," Andromeda snapped. "It can't be. Just change back into you."

Teddy looked at his grandmother, perplexed.

His godfather tried to lighten the mood. "I think she just wants to see the Teddy we all know and love. You know, the you with bright, madly coloured hair."

Teddy sighed. He felt his colours shifting again, changing back into his usual guise of turquoise hair and yellow eyes. His grandmother looked up again and he saw her visibly relaxing.

It wasn't until three months later that Teddy found an article about Bellatrix Lestrange née Black in the library at Hogwarts. Here was the missing Black sister, and here was the face that his grandmother didn't want to see.

Teddy made up his mind never to reveal his true face again.