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We join the StarClan cats, old and new, in the skies above the old forest.

Wiry, hot-tempered Windstar is sitting on a patch of grass, glaring at her paws.

Dark, quiet Shadowstar and long-furred, gentle Riverstar are perching on the same log. Wise, strong Thunderstar is sitting silently a few tail-lengths away.

Windstar:This is so messed up!
Shadowstar:How could we have allowed this to happen?

Riverstar sighs and shakes his silver head.

Riverstar:Perhaps it is for the best.
Windstar: Are you crazy?! Everything is ruined!

Thunderstar steps in, his bright ginger fur and wide shoulders giving him a commanding presence.

Thunderstar:Windstar, flatten your fur. At least the Clans are still together.
Shadowstar:Yes, that's true.
Windstar: But they are leaving their home! Is this okay with everyone but me?!
Riverstar:No, of course not. We're all upset.
Windstar:Then start acting like it!

Riverstar growls deep in his throat. His claws slide out.

Windstar mimics his stance.

Riverstar lets out a yowl and pushes off from his log with powerful legs. Windstar dodges him. He lands and whirls around, to find her poised to leap. She bowls him over, but just as she raises a claw-ridden forepaw, Thunderstar grabs her scruff and tosses her away like a limp piece of fresh-kill! Riverstar stumbles to his paws, his silvery fur muddy.

Thunderstar:No! We must not fight amongst ourselves. We are all the Clans have, now. They need us to be strong.
Windstar: I'm sorry. I don't know if I can do that.

Windstar hangs her head and flattens her ears

It is not often that pig-headed Windstar admits to weakness. The destruction of the forest has taken its toll on even the most ancient StarClan warriors.

Riverstar awkwardly pads up to the WindClan leader. He rests his feathery tail on her shoulder.

Shadowstar: You are the heart of WindClan, Windstar. Without you, they crumble into dust and bone. Even if they do not realize it, you are the one that keeps them going, especially in death. Do you want them to fall?

The dark she-cat had intended to motivate Windstar. Instead, the wiry, dusky brown she-cat looks up at Shadowstar with a dangerous glare in her eyes.

Windstar:How dare you suggest that I would let WindClan down!?

Shadowstar flattens her ears indignantly.

Shadowstar:I was only trying to—
Riverstar:Friends, please, settle down! We will only solve this problem with joint strengths.
Thunderstar:He is correct. The cats who traveled to the sun-drown-place did all that they could. They saved the Clans. We should be grateful.

The other three leaders mumble their agreement.

Windstar:I am proud of Crowpaw. He proved himself a strong, worthy young cat.
Riverstar:Yes, I am proud to have Stormfur and Feathertail in my Clan.
Feathertail:Did I hear my name?

The beautiful RiverClan she-cat pads up to the great founders.

The four great cats dip their heads in greeting. Feathertail returns the gesture, deep respect in her eyes.

Thunderstar:Yes, we are all proud of our young heroes.
Feathertail:Thank you. I only regret leaving the Clan that I loved so much.
Shadowstar:The Tribe will be forever grateful for your sacrifice, I am sure.

Riverstar rolls his eyes. He resents the waste. Feathertail's life had belonged to RiverClan. In his opinion, that wretched Tribe's issues had taken it away unjustly.

Windstar impatiently digs her claws in the soil.

Windstar:Back to the matter at paw!
Riverstar:But the great migration of the Clans is not an option. It is inevitable!

Windstar rolls her eyes.

Windstar:Says you!
Shadowstar:Riverstar is correct! We cannot prevent it. The Twolegs have already destroyed Fourtrees.

The three other leaders and Feathertail gasp. They had not known of this!

Feathertail: Oh, no!
Thunderstar:What?! Did you see this happening? Speak, Shadowstar!
Shadowstar:I was watching last night. The monsters invaded the forest and uprooted the great oaks. They shoved the Great Rock over on its side. It cracked like mouse bones.
Riverstar:It cannot be so!
Windstar:Are… are you certain?
Shadowstar:Of course I am, you fools! I know what I saw. If you refuse to believe me, perhaps you will believe your own eyes…

The dark she-cat led the way out of the heavens.

Windstar and Thunderstar followed immediately.

After a worried glance at Riverstar, Feathertail follows. They fade out of Riverstar's view, leaving trace amounts of stardust in their wake.

The silver tom is reluctant to see the havoc that had clearly been wreaked upon the sacred Gathering place.

Eventually, he puffs out his chest and told himself, Be a tom! Then he closes his eyes and fades out of the heavens, in pursuit of his fellow leaders…

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