Epilogue - Chapter 44

May 7th 2007 - Nikolas and Emily Wedding Reception.

Elizabeth, Jason and Cameron had been seated at the Quartermaine table. When they arrived at the table, Elizabeth watched Jason walk around it checking the placements, his frown deepening.

"Jason" she warned and he glanced at her "This is Emily's wedding and if she wants you to sit next to Edward that's what you are going to do"

Jason scowled in response causing Elizabeth's head to rear back.

"DON'T argue with a a pregnant woman" she glared at him. Immediately his face softened, she was so beautiful when she was mad. She was also very heavily pregnant and ready to have their baby at any second.

Jason thought back over the previous months and how life had found a certain rhythm. He attended all of Elizabeth's doctors appointments, felt every kick and movement the baby made, fell more in love with Cameron every day and genuinely loved his life. Jason settled back in to working for Sonny, finding the friendship that had been damaged during Sonny's illness and relationship with Emily. Jason never once felt a twinge or pang of guilt or regret over killing Sam. After leaving Enzo and Trey to clean up that day Jason and Sonny had planned the story to cover Sam's death. The story was that Sam had attempted to abduct Elizabeth out of jealousy the day they were to renew their vows. Jason had uncovered her plans before she could carry them out. Well that wasn't the cover story that was the truth. The story told to cover up Jason ending Sam's life was that on finding out what she had planned, Jason had confronted Sam and told her there was no hope for them to reconcile and he had demanded she leave town. She in turn had demanded money and agreed to leave town and never return because she couldn't stand to see Jason and Elizabeth happy and making a life together. As cover stories go it must have been believable because not even Scott Baldwin questioned it. Spinelli hacked into her email account and sent out emails detailing her plans to take the money Jason had paid her and leave town. A follow up letter had been sent to Alexis explaining she had never felt a connection with Alexis or her sisters, and knowing no one would forgive her for her affair with Ric and her attempt to abduct Elizabeth she had no wish to have any contact with anyone from Port Charles. She wanted to forget that time in her life, and she would be grateful if her mother forgot she ever existed. The truth was that Enzo and Trey had found a freshly dug grave awaiting burial the following day at Port Charles cemetery. Under the cover of darkness they'd dug the grave a little deeper, and buried Sam. Then stood in back at the real funeral the following day and watched as some unknown persons coffin was lowered in over the buried body of Sam Mccall. No one had been suspicious, no one had missed Sam and no one asked about her.

Not long after Lila Rae's return Sonny and Skye began a relationship. It hadn't sat well with a lot of people, least of Lorenzo Alcazar, but they had weathered the storm and were still going strong. To Jason's surprise Sonny seemed completely happy, in fact a different man. For the most part, he was now even tempered and happy with his situation in life. He didn't argue with Carly anymore, or Jax for that matter, and both were doing a fantastic job with the shared custody of Michael and Morgan. Elizabeth had forged a deep friendship with Skye on her return and it had brought Emily even closer to her adopted sister. However, Lorenzo had become a problem for Jason and Sonny again, Jason knew it was only a matter of time before Sonny ordered Lorenzo be taken out. Jason also knew he'd have to do the hit himself. It was not something he could delegate, like he had been doing a lot recently. Sonny and he had made a few changes in the month after Jason and Elizabeth renewed their wedding vows. He was some what semi retired as Sonny's number 1 enforcer. Most of the enforcing duties had been delegated to Max or a new man Jason had hired personally Cody Paull. Max and Cody made a good team and Jason trusted them to do most of the work he used to do. Although, Jason would always carrying out the "hits". It was something he found he could never order another man to do. Jason and Elizabeth now lived in the newly extended Penthouse and Jason worked from home most days which made Elizabeth and Cameron extremely happy.

Elizabeth's exhausted sigh caught his attention and woke him from his musings. He moved swiftly to help Elizabeth lower herself to the chair.

"That's right give assistance to the woman of elephant sized proportions" she grumbled.

"You are not the size of an elephant." he replied smiling indulgently.

She was uncomfortable and impatient for the baby to arrive. But to Jason, she had never looked more beautiful. She was pregnant for heavens sake she couldn't expect to be tiny. Jason studied her, she was nowhere near as big as Carly promised to be. Carly was only 5months pregnant and already nearly the same size as Elizabeth. No! Elizabeth was all baby. She was a little fuller in the face and her belly was rounded and taut. His eyes dipped down to the cleavage exposed by her dress and inwardly moaned at the full white globes exposed. Her breasts were enormous and she was enjoying them. She flashed them at Jason constantly and although pregnant made sure her breasts were showcased. The fact that she enjoyed them was an upside for Jason.

"Well I feel like an elephant so I must look like one. I want this baby out and soon Jason, I'm ready!" she told him "Carly said sex can bring labor on so be prepared when we get home" she told him. Jason's eyes dipped to her cleavage again.

"Anything to help things along" he replied his pants tightening.

She rounded on him "How can you say that? How can you want to have sex with me? I'm huge" she whispered harshly.

Jason closed his eyes briefly, trying not to break out laughing, she was so hot when she was mad. "Elizabeth! Up until 2 weeks ago we've made love all through your pregnancy. I can't get enough of you."

"You just like it because I've got boobs like a playboy centerfold" She huffed "But once I finish breast feeding they'll go back to normal. Then what's going to happen? You won't want me any more because I've got teeny tiny boobs?" she demanded.

"Teeny, tiny boobs? What are you babbling about? Did I ever complain about them before? I love your boobs" he chuckled "You are carrying my baby, how could I look at you and not see the beautiful, sexy woman I fell in love with?"

She looked at him with a narrowed eyes, that swiftly turned loving.

"GOD you are the sexiest man alive and I just want to jump your bones right now" she exclaimed her mood suddenly changing, as she devoured him with her eyes, stroking his cheek. He'd gotten used to the mood swings, finding no difficulty in loving her through her cranky, unreasonable moods as well as the teary, emotional moods, not to mention the completely sexual moods that kept her horny throughout her pregnancy. She had become very adventurous and inventive with sexual positions as her belly grew. He just loved Elizabeth pregnant! He moved closer, one arm sliding around her shoulders, the other moving around her stomach to rest at her side and pull her closer, nuzzling her cheek.

"We could skip out early" he suggested sexily, but she shook her head no "hmmm how about I find a vacant closet" he asked peppering kisses along her jaw line.

"Now I like that idea" she sighed as she stroked his thigh dangerously close to the bulge in his pants.

"OH FOR GODS SAKE!" Edward roared. "We are in a public place, at your sister's wedding no less. Can you two show a bit of decorum? Please?"

"No we can't! So shut up old man" Jason replied still holding Elizabeth close.

"Grandfather I'm getting him in the mood. Carly said sex brings on labor" Elizabeth explained with a grin.

"oh oh dear" Edward spluttered "My dear, dear Elizabeth that is something I did not need to hear"

"Sorry Grandfather" Elizabeth replied good naturedly "Maybe you shouldn't watch us then?"

"Oh good lord"

"Edward leave them alone. They are young and in love and it does wonderful things to my heart to see them so happy" Lila ordered.

"Thank you Grandmother" Jason relinquished his hold on Elizabeth to turn around and kiss his Grandmother's cheek.

"How do you feel my dear?" Lila enquired of Elizabeth.

"Wonderful Lila" She replied.

"Yeah she was cleaning the Penthouse all day right up until she had to get ready for the wedding" Jason informed the table proudly as Allan and Monica took their seats.

"Ohhh really?" Monica and Lila asked in unison.

"I'm not nesting" Elizabeth denied, reading their minds.

"Whatever you say dear" Lila smiled knowingly.

"Who switched the table placements?" Edward complained.

"How do you know they were switched?" Jason asked suspiciously.

"Because I switched them first" Edward confessed.

"I knew it old man…stop pushing it. I'll sit at a table with you but it doesn't mean I want to sit next to you" Jason warned him.

"oooooooooooooooo" Elizabeth exclaimed "ahh Jason baby"

"I'm sorry I don't want to fight and ruin the wedding but he pushes it you know" Jason grumbled.

"Forget about it..my water just broke" she hissed as her first contraction hit her and she doubled over holding her stomach.

"WHAT?" Jason roared as he stood up knocking his chair over."KELLY LEE KELLY LEE WHERE ARE YOU?'

"Jason calm down" Allan called as her rounded the table with Monica, both going down on their haunches to look at Elizabeth. Her head was bowed and she was holding on to her stomach breathing through the contraction.

"FRANCIS GET THE LIMO" Jason roared as Kelly, Robin, Patrick, Epiphany and Emily headed over to offer help.

"I'm alright, I'm okay and JASON?" she clutched at his hand tugging on him, so he dropped down beside her "stop yelling" she hissed.

"Was I yelling ? I'm sorry" he whispered. She cupped his cheek in her hand and smiled.

"You are so adorable…but I'll kick you out of the delivery room if you don't calm down" she promised.

"Okay Okay"

"Alright lets get her to the limo" Kelly ordered "I'll examine her there"

The following morning

Jason sat in the chair beside Elizabeth's bed holding their infant son while she slept off the exhaustion brought on by the 6hour labor to deliver Jacob Alan Morgan. Jason had been distraught at the amount of pain and energy it took to deliver one baby and declared there would be no more, they would adopt if she wanted another child. They had come to agreement after the first time they heard their baby's heart beat that if it was a girl Jason could name her and if it was a boy Elizabeth could name him. Then from her fifth month of pregnancy Elizabeth had been convinced she was having a boy and had told Jason she wanted to call him Jake after the place where they met and their amazing connection had begun. The place and the time where they both agreed they fell in love. Jason had no objections to the name as long as his family was safe and Elizabeth loved him she could have called their son Methuselah and he wouldn't have cared. Although he had admitted to liking the name Jake. It was a good strong name and he felt it suited their son. He gazed at Jake sleeping in his arms, knowing he'd inherited his and his grandmothers eyes. In fact his infant son was a carbon copy of himself according to Monica and Alan. Elizabeth agreed but Jason was convinced Jake had Elizabeth's nose and cheeks. The baby snuffled and Jason shifted him higher on his chest and leaned back in the chair thinking about Cameron and the events of the previous month.

Lucky had finally contacted Elizabeth. He was living in London, he was clean and had joined the police force there. He loved it and was planning to transfer to the anti terrorism unit in two years. He had not changed his mind about ever returning to Port Charles. He'd met a woman and was hoping to settle down with her. He wanted Jason and Elizabeth's permission to contact Cameron and have some sort of continuing relationship with him. So far there had been three phone calls and Cameron was excited about talking to Lucky on the phone. To Cameron, Jason was his father but he remembered Lucky and asked Jason if it would be okay if he and Lucky were friends. It was going well and while ever that was the case Jason and Elizabeth were loath to take it away from Cameron. He was thriving and couldn't wait to see his baby brother, so they felt it was okay for Cam to find a place in his heart for Lucky as a friend.

"Jason?" Elizabeth whispered in case Jake was sleeping.

"Hey baby…how do you feel?" Jason whispered back

"Sore and tired. How do you feel?"

"Like the luckiest man on the face of the earth." he smiled.

"Remind me to kiss you for that when you put your son down" she chuckled and whimpered at the pain as she tried to sit up.

"He's asleep. I guess I should put him down. But he's so perfect I can't bring myself to do it" Jason admitted.

"Has everyone seen him?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yeah I took him out a little while ago while he was still awake. Edward cried like a baby when he saw him. Everyone thinks he's perfect and thinks he looks like me. Cameron kissed him and said he loved him and he wants to give him one of his Chuggin Charlie toys" Elizabeth's eyes widened in disbelief "Everyone wanted to come see you but you were asleep so I sent them all home and told them to come back tomorrow or today. I'm not sure I've lost track of tiime"

"What did Lila say?" she asked.

"She held him and said it's like going back in time to when I was a baby" he said as he stood and walked to her side, laying Jake in her arms as he was stirring . "He's probably hungry, do you want to feed him or should I ask for a bottle?"

"No I'll feed him, but you may need to help me get him on the breast, he latched on perfectly after he was born. But he had experts helping him then"

"Well now this is a job I'm qualified for, I've never had a problem at latching on, so I must be an expert too"

"Jason" she laughed wholeheartedly, and winced in pain. Opening her gown and squeezing her nipple aiming it for Jakes mouth. His little eyes opened wide and his hands came out to rest on her breast as he latched on and suckled.

"That is the most amazing thing I've ever seen" Jason stated in awe lightly stroking his sons downy head.

"It's just the beginning Jason. We have a beautiful growing family"

He interrupted her "no more babies…we adopt if you want any more"

"Jason" she exclaimed.

"Elizabeth it was pure torture watching you deliver Jake. I couldn't take your pain away, don't ask me to do that again" he was serious and Elizabeth tried not to laugh at him.

"Jason I thought you loved it when I was pregnant. Horny all the time with big boobs" she coaxed.

"Don't make fun of me Elizabeth. I did, I do love all that but I love you more and I can't stand by and see you in pain"

"Well I did Jake completely natural no epidural or anything. What if I promise to have an epidural next time?"

"Nope no more babies"

"But Jason I want a little girl with your eyes" she pleaded.

He looked at her and knew she'd wear him down. He could never ever say NO to her. Unable to resist he leaned down and kissed her thoroughly.

"I've got a surprise" he told her when he came up for air and changing the subject deliberately.

"Yeah what is that?"

"I talked to Kelly and she said you and Jake will be able to travel in six weeks. So I think it's time I told you I bought you a villa on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Sorrento to be exact. So as soon as the 6weeks is up, you, Cameron, Jake and I are going on a vacation for 3months to your villa"

"OH MY GOD Jason! If I hadn't just had a baby I would be jumping your bones right now" she grabbed for him, dragging him closer to her. Kissing him hard until they both needed to come up for air.

They both looked down to see Jakes eyes wide open, Jason cupped Jake's head lovingly.

"He's so beautiful" he exclaimed.

"He's all you" Elizabeth observed

"He's ours and I thank you for him."

"I love you Jason"

"I love you Elizabeth Morgan more and more every day"


A/N So this part of the story is finished but I do have a sequel planned. I'm still working on my outline for it, but by the time I've completed my two other stories I will be telling the second part to this story.