Author note: Okay just wanted to let you guys know that the word Mademoiselle in the story means 'miss'. Also the princess named Lauren in the story isn't me, I take after the princess named Aurora. If you want to talk to me about it you can always e-mail me or you can review the story. Without further adieu, away we go!!

Chapter 1

"The Truth Marches Forward"

          Once upon a time, there was a princess named Aurora. She was very smart, pretty, and clever as most princesses' were. Now Princess Aurora had three sisters and one little brother. Their names were: Princess Crystal, Princess Rosella, Princess Lauren, and her brother Prince Timothy. The four sisters got along fairly well. When they had a disagreement they always talked things out verbally rather than physically. This always made their parents (the king and king) very proud of them, and they were certain that one day they would be strong and gentle rulers. Prince Timothy being younger than his four sisters which made him jealous because they had more pretty clothes and jewels than he did. He was also jealous because his parents saw the princesses' as the apples of their eyes and because they saw him as a rotten apple. Another reason he was jealous of his sisters was because the king had his Royal Musketeers keep an eye on them and protect them if necessary. These Musketeers that guarded the four lovely princesses' were the best swordsmen in the country of France. Now it happened that there was the Cardinal who disliked the Royal Family with all his heart and soul.

 So one day he said to his followers, "The Royal Family we will kill and with them out of the way I will seize the throne and rule France in their places. His Followers all cheered and shouted, "Let's kill them!!!"

"We'll start to kill them tomorrow." The Cardinal said. Everything seemed to be pretty grim so the Royal Family. Then by chance a musketeer by the name of D'Artagnan overheard their plans and ran as fast as he could to warn his friends who guarded the Princesses' to tell them to be ready to fight to foil the Cardinal's evil, sinister plan. What are the identities of the Royal Musketeers you might ask? The identities of the Royal Musketeers are: Porthos, Aramis, and Athos. When D'Artagnan arrived at the palace he was tired and almost completely out of breath. His friends could tell by the look of seriousness on his face that something was wrong.

Aramis was the first one to break the silence, and he asked, "You look like something is bothering you, will you tell us what's on your mind?" Then D'Artagnan said rather urgently, "The cardinal plans to kill the Royal Family tomorrow."

At this point the Royal Musketeers gasped and said rather hurriedly, "We've got to warn them and give our advice to foil the Cardinal's evil plan."

Then two of the four musketeers ran to tell the king and queen of the cardinal's evil plan. When the Royal Musketeers arrived at the throne room where the king and queen happened to be at that hour of the day. After arriving at the throne room, the Royal Musketeers obtained an audience with the king and queen to inform them that the Cardinal had planned a sinister attack to kill them. When the two Royal Musketeers told the king and queen about the cardinal's plan it was apparent that the king wasn't believing a word they said, but it could be told by the expression on the queen's face that she was believing every word they said.

The king said. "I'm going to take my bath and perhaps when I return these unpleasant thoughts will be gone." After the king left, the queen looked at the two musketeers and asked, "Is everything you said true?"

"Everything we said is true." Replied the two musketeers. "Although we wish it wasn't." They added grimly.

The queen said rather urgently, "Spread the word, children, and especially Aurora to pack as many possessions as they possibly can and to be ready to fly for their lives at exactly midnight."

The two musketeers said that they would relay the message to the Royal children. After their talk with the queen these two musketeers ran up the stairs that lead to the Princesses' rooms. When they reached the top of the stairs, Athos and Aramis asked D'Artagnan and Porthos if the king and queen believed them. Porthos said, "The king thought the news we brought wasn't true so he refused to listen, but the queen believed us. She told us to tell the Royal children to pack as many possessions as they possibly could and be ready to fly for their lives at exactly midnight."

"Let's warn the princesses' first." Athos said. "Yeah, that seems like the best plan because the four princesses' are more skilled than their brother, Prince Timothy." Aramis remarked.

Then by chance, Princess Aurora stepped out of her room and walked over to where the four musketeers were standing and asked, "What are you guys talking about out here?"

The Musketeers turned to face Aurora, and they greeted her warmly and they told her that they had been discussing something they had just told the king and queen.

"What did you tell them?" She asked. The four Royal Musketeers looked at each other for a moment before they told her about the Cardinal's evil plan to kill the Royal Family.

"What did the king an queen have to say about this?" Aurora asked. Porthos told her that the king didn't believe the news, while the queen believed the news that they brought."

"Did my mother (the queen) say anything to get us out of this danger?" Aurora asked.

"She did." D'Artagnan answered. Then he went on and said, "She said for you and your sisters to pack as many of your possessions as you possibly can and be ready to fly for your lives at exactly midnight.

"I'll be sure to tell my sisters that." Aurora replied. Then she turned to the Royal Musketeers and said, "I bid you adieu."

Then together almost in perfect harmony the musketeers said, "Adieu for now, your highness."

With all this fresh on Aurora's memory she rushed back to her room to tell her sisters. Inside her room she found her sisters sitting on their beds talking to each other. Aurora managed to get their attention and she told them of the Cardinal's evil plan to kill the Royal Family. She told them that their mother wanted them to pack as many of their possessions as they possibly could and to be ready to fly for their lives at exactly midnight.

After she had told them everything the Royal Musketeers had told her, Princess Crystal asked, "Why do we have leave at exactly midnight?"

Aurora's response was, "We have to leave exactly at midnight because while everyone is sleeping it will be much easier for us to make our escape than if we were to try to escape in the daytime."

"I guess you're right on that account." Princess Crystal replied. Then Aurora said, We really don't have much time, so we better pack as many of our possessions as we possibly can so we don't have to pack them at the last minute."

"I agree with Aurora." Princess Rosella said.

"Yeah, if we pack now we will be able to relax until the hour we make our escape." Princess Lauren replied.

"You got it!" Aurora replied.

Then she said, "Let's hurry and get packed."

After she said that the sisters stopped talking and started to pack their possessions. The three eldest sisters finished packing first, while Princess Crystal, who was still the youngest, was trying to decide which of her jeweled music boxes she wanted to take with her on her flight from the castle. Finally, after much deliberation, she decided on an extremely pretty Ruby and Sapphire music box with her name etched into it. After Princess Crystal decided to take the music box with her name on it, all of her sisters decided to take theirs as well. When the clock struck twelve, the sisters picked up their backpacks, which contained most of their possessions, and left the room the four sisters had shared. Then they went down the windy spiral staircase that led from their room in the tower to the throne room where they met up with the Four Royal Musketeers, who handed and helped the four lovely princesses' put on their cloaks. After that, the Royal Musketeers led the sisters to where their mother (the queen) was waiting for them to see them off, and to brief them of the long dangerous journey they were about to embark on.

Their mother told them, "You are to go from the castle to the seashore to find a boat that will take you to Pokemon Island."

She added near the end of the conversation, "If by chance you meet up with our good friends the Elite Four and their Champion Lance, you can talk to them and accept any help they might offer."

Lastly, their mother said, "Go now, for even I do not know when that wretched Cardinal will launch his attack! But before you go, I'll tell you to keep walking and don't look back. Now be off my daughters, and keep in mind what I said."

The princesses' bid goodbye to their mother and to the musketeers, who had kept them safe throughout the years since they had been babies. The sisters walked out of the castle and remembering what their mother had told them, they kept walking and didn't look back at the only home they had ever known. The sisters all knew that they might very well might never see their home again, or if they did it would be after many long years had past.