Author note: Okay just wanted to let you guys know that the word Mademoiselle in the story means 'miss'. Also the princess named Lauren in the story isn't me, I take after the princess named Aurora. If you want to talk to me about it you can always e-mail me or you can review the story. Without further adieu, away we go!!

Chapter 5

"A Plan Of Protection"

          Not long after Karen's conversation and a partial French lesson with Aurora, Karen rejoined her Elite friends in the library.  Where they usually gathered to discuss things that they noticed or anything that might be bothering them. 

When Lance saw Karen enter the room, he addressed her and said and asked, "Hello again Karen, did the Princesses' need any help settling in?"

"No, they didn't, but I don't blame them after their abrupt journey on such short notice."  Karen answered.

Lance thought for a minute and then said "Hmm, you're right, I would want to rest in peace too had something like that had befallen me."

"Are we missing something?"  Bruno and Will asked with puzzled expressions on their faces.

"Besides missing out on a partial French lesson, you didn't miss anything."  Karen replied. 

"That's good, I hate missing out on things."  Will said with a long confused glance at Bruno.

Bruno seemed to have a better idea of where this conversation was headed so he said, "I think that we should go back to making preparations for the start of the League next week.  Otherwise, it might sneak up on us and we wont be ready for it."

"That's a good idea, Bruno!  It seems like the most logical option since the princesses' are currently resting or most likely sleeping, as the case most likely is."  Lance said.

"Let's hope that once they have rested that they will feel a lot better."  Koga said.

Then he added, "Of course, I'm sure that they will have some uncertainties since they had to leave their home and their parents and friends behind when they had to flee for their lives."

"You're probably right about that."  Bruno said. 

Then Will said, "Whatever the case may be, let's hope that they will be safe with us."

"I'm sure they will be… now that they're with us."  Karen said after a short pause.

"In any case, we could see to it that the princesses' get a pokemon or two of their own for protection."  Lance said.

"If you don't mind my asking, exactly what kind of pokemon do you have in mind for each of them?"  Will asked Lance.

"I was thinking that Crystal would probably like a Staryu, since she's still rather young and is still into collecting pretty things.  I also think that we should give them two pokemon so that they can defend themselves better.  So I would give Crystal a Staryu along with a Beautifly." 

"Sounds good to me."  Will said.

"Me too."  Koga stated.

"Secondly, I thought that Rosella might like a Skitty and a Torchic.  Then I thought that Lauren might like a Clamperl, and a Treeko.  Finally, I thought that Poochyena and a Mudkip would be the most fitting pokemon for Aurora."  Lance finished.

"And if you don't mind, can you tell us where we're going to get all of these different pokemon?"  Karen asked.

Lance replied, "Don't worry, the last time I was in Houen I caught all of the Pokemon I named off to you, and they are in the lab at the Pokemon Center."

"That's good to know."  Will said.

"Well I suppose that we'll give these pokemon to the princesses' after they wake up from their naps."  Bruno said.

"Exactly what I was thinking, Bruno!  Now let's see what we need to do for the League, preparation-wise."  Lance said.