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After an unexpected birthday present from Lavi, and a one-month long mission, will the almighty Kanda be able to handle the pressure from the whole Order and his inner battles to face the truth of his worsening syndrome, or will he finally give in to his insanity? Will the missing Lavi be able to help? Pure humor. LaviKanda. For the LaviYu Day.

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- T H E . L A V I . S Y N D R O M E -

- Part 3-

- I'm no less insane -

The door cracked open in silence. The depressing aura was still there, but he knew it was almost over. It would be, soon.

Yu, you can do it! Ignore Lavi and go to sleep. Ignore Lavi. Ignore Lavi. Ignore Lavi. Ignore La-


Another single word, and afraid he might make another mistake, he tried his best to force another word to come out from his lips, now that he had gotten Lavi's attention again. It was good to see his pretty face instead of his back…even though his back was nice as well, he struggled to admit to himself.


Dammit, not again. He had been supposed to say another word, not another not-so-like-word 'ugh'. This was totally his fault for screwing up his list earlier, now he had to look for the list in the trash bin, and recycle it. There, he was gonna add this 'ugh-thingy' onto the long 'forbidden word' list of his now. If he didn't work this out as soon as possible, he soon would have to buy a new dictionary and call it a new forbidden-word list of Kanda Yu.
That wouldn't be so cool if he wasn't allowed to hear his own lovely voice again due to that new list…
So he tried again.

"Well, umm….", he had made a process, no more 'ugh'. Go Yu-chan! "Um, actually…", another word, yay!, "….", he continued but then he noticed that no more word had come out. Great.

The once upset boy now looked like he was seeing a pig flying, urgh, scratch that, he had seen one before when he messed up with some of Komui's stupid potion, which was actually one of many many victims of his pranks. Make it this way, the once upset boy now looked like he was seeing the big fat Earl going on a diet, his emerald green eye blinking too many times that he finally lost count of it, though it's not like he had ever counted in the first place, nor he had ever once stopped blinking.


The surprise never went away even after he let it out a single word he loved to call so much. Well, it was not a surprise to be surprised. C'mon, when would you get a golden chance to see your beloved, erm, best friend, lack at his usual harsh words and stutter, he convinced himself, not quite believing what was happening yet all the sadness seemed to be fading away. Though he had no idea what his Yu-chan was getting at, and it was still a bit uneased to him.

The said Yu-chan, on the other hand, was still struggling to form a right sentence. And cursing himself, it seemed. He couldn't just possibly tell Lavi that he didn't want him to leave, could he? He took another fraction of a second to go over his words, another to question himself again about the whole 'he didn't want Lavi to leave' thing, and another to try some other ways, just to distract himself from the truth that he really didn't want Lavi to leave. Hell, what was he supposed to do? Begging was never his option ever since day one, let alone sweet talking. Surely he could not threaten Lavi to stay nor kill him for leaving, right? Rule number one was officially working again in this situation, he told himself.

"Urgh…", this was not 'ugh', but it would soon go to his blacklist.


Yep, it was on his list now. Great, his small world was getting smaller by the growing list, and Lavi was still waiting for him. It was now or never! He just had to tell him the truth that he hated him and then it'd be over! No more of this crap whatsoever.

"Well, listen up idiot! Have you been eating too much candies, or watching too much romantic movies, or reading too much cliché books? I believe they're the cause of you being extremely paranoid because I don't remember ever saying I hate you back then, or yesterday, or any day before in the past. You're such a real idiot for thinking that way!"

They blinked in unison, though Lavi with his mouth again gaped open in shock, and Kanda with his unbelieving expression as if he had just announced his first love poem. It seemed to them both that the supposed missing old Kanda had just returned from a bunch of insults he had thrown at the poor redhead. Maybe they were not exactly insults, and Lavi was not really a 'poor redhead', judging by the way he repeated the blinking contest for a several times before let it drop completely with the whole 'depressing and upset and leaving' thing and a new grin was finding its way to his bright face, this time a lot brighter. Apparently, he did not take any offense from what the brunette had just bluntly said at all.

"Yu doesn't hate me, and doesn't want me to leave?"

As another matter of fact from what Kanda had stated, Lavi also made a conclusion of his own in part two of his assumption, which immediately made the samurai scolded in embarrassment, though he never once turned around to look at the redhead's direction. Truth be told, he had turned his head away right after giving the redhead that long speech. Hello, give him some more credit, this is the perfect Kanda Yu we were talking about. Kanda Yu did not go around and explain to people that how he didn't hate them and how stupid they were for thinking so. This taller boy with fiery red hair and shiny emerald eye was and would be the one and only exception in all the books and rules and lists he had written, seriously. And he was secretly utterly gleeful that no matter how harsh his words had come out, Lavi still got what he really meant like reading the back of his hand (and even a little further than that, whoever said he didn't want him to leave!) and then offered him the happy happy grin which in a second warmed his heart and sent his face to the 'almost-blushing' mode.

Thank Goodness he was currently facing the wall, or else…let's just think positive. And don't think about what had happened to the last time he tried to think positive. What had happened again? He didn't even remember one bit about those poor souls he had sent to the after world by his Mugen, but he did remember about the failure of his book.
Tch, what a shame.
But it wouldn't hurt trying again, would it? A wise man had once said "You have to try your best in everything, and just ace whatever in your way", and it was true. Well, of course it was, because the said wise man was himself, and he had mentioned it just to remind himself that he was still a hero in his own story, and facing the wall was not really the best solution at this moment. Besides, he was too proud of his book to get rid of it for real.

"Che. Who said anything about wanting you to stay, baka usagi?"

Yep, his love for his book, especially lesson number two, was definitely an undying love. Even if it had failed him once, it was still his policy to deal with annoying people. But since this was Lavi, the most annoying, and charming and irritating and fascinating person, there went another lesson. You people should go get your notebooks and write it down.

Lesson number three in Kanda's book, when the other two lessons didn't work, think of lesson number three. When you're still at loss at what to think for number three, stop thinking. If it's Lavi you're dealing with, contradict everything on your mind and pray to whatever Gods that he'll get what you really mean, as always.
Note: If he doesn't, kill him.

And Lavi did. For the first time of Kanda's bad hair day, he made a success and that gave him more reason to be more than happy to write another book. Well, who knows, he might make a greatest writer in the history, aside from already being the greatest samurai ever. Nobody could blame him for his little day dream, right? Besides, this was all thanks to Lavi and his earth-warming smile and his super-cuteness and his—was it just him or Lavi was running to him again with his grin even wider than before?

"C'mon Yu, look at me and tell me you want me to leave. You know I won't do anything you don't want me to."

Kanda couldn't. Looking straight into that deep color of the rain forest in the morning was hard enough, he couldn't say that because he didn't want to, even if he knew that was a lie. Lavi ALWAYS did what Kanda didn't want him to. But he couldn't care less, he was drowning in that beauty of green among the ocean of red mixing with his own racing feelings, and he could not think of any way to tear his gaze away from where it was right now, even if it was the end of the world.

"I'm glad you want me to stay, Yu-chan."

Lavi smiled warmly at him and took his hand, and it was the end of the world. The syndrome kicked in, immediately switching him to a 'mute teenage boy'. He couldn't think, couldn't see, couldn't protest nor react. He didn't have a clue of what was going on around him even when Lavi was leading him to the bed and gently sitting him down on it before he himself also sat next to the semi frozen boy, his hand never left the warm place. The warmth from there was beginning to creep into Kanda's face again no matter how the stubborn samurai mentally tried to shake it away. But when he somehow found the boy beside him chuckling slightly in utter bliss, whatever effort to pull his hand away vanished into thin air, and he just wanted to stay there for the rest of his life.

"Welcome back, my tough cookie. I really really really missed you."

Again, Lavi had to restrain himself from actually giving the other boy a breathtaking glomp. It was extremely difficult though, with his own racing heart going unnoticed by the innocent Yu-chan and their hands still intertwining, which was the result of his last attempt against the same difficulty in not hugging the smaller boy. Not to mention the embarrassed Yu was not helping him at all, because he just realized that Yu looked utterly cute whenever he blushed, which had never happened before, and even cuter when he tried in annoyance to hide it,

"D-don't call me that! And let go of my…hand!"

Oh well, the Japanese boy had no idea how Lavi had missed him. A whole freaking month dealing with worsening sickness just thinking of the cold samurai hadn't gone very well, and just when he had finally realized his own feelings with a Kanda syndrome, the words from his mentor had pierced through his head again and he suddenly remembered he didn't even have a heart to begin with. But even that couldn't stop him from missing the other boy terribly and worrying sick about his well-being. The older boy didn't know, and wouldn't know any of it.

Lavi nearly got lost in his own depression all of sudden and unconsciously let go of Kanda's hand as he had been told, not even noticing the disappointment in the other boy's look. Kanda immediately regret what he had said, so afraid of he might have hurt the redhead again, and gave him a silent apology filled with concern. This got Lavi out of his thought almost right away.

"Sorry, I was just thinking of how much I missed Yu. And sorry about the hand-holding too."

"Tch, it's okay. Just don't call me by that name. And you look like an idiot when you're upset."

The return of that familiar sheepish smile told him that Lavi was back, and he sighed in relief. It was funny how they both were getting to the state of depression and then back to happiness too easily compared to the earlier days.

"Aww, but you're a tough cookie. How about Cutie?"

Now that he saw a playful smile on the redhead face, and he instantly had a feeling he was not going to like it at all.


"Aww , but you're cute! Then I'll call you 'Cupcake'!"

"Are you getting crazy? No!"

"How about Soba-chan?"

"What the hell?", Kanda snapped, annoyance obviously on his face. This rabbit had finally lost it, hadn't he? Just like himself, he silently added.

"Huh? You want me you call you 'what-the-hell'? I don't think it's a nice name, you know."

He saw a devilish grin from the corner of Lavi's lips, and he knew the rabbit had got him there. Dammit!

"No, you know what I meant, baka!"

"Blah blah blah?"

"No, no and no!"

"Fine. Whatever you say, sweetheart", somehow Kanda just had no idea how that damn cute grin could grow wider along with his own feelings towards the owner of that grin.

"No! You know I hate sweets. No sweet thing whatsoever!", that kinda reminded him that it was also a forbidden word. A forbidden word from a person with another forbidden word as his name…

"Awwww, but Yu-dear, you ate that cake I gave you without any complaint! So I thought that as long as it comes from me, you won't mind…"

So damn right. The bunny boy had absolutely, completely, totally got him there. He couldn't protest, couldn't say 'no', couldn't snap back, hell he couldn't even speak, let alone kicking his ass for calling him 'Yu-dear' just now. Dammit, there went the sweet thingy again, which would very soon lead to the so-called syndrome and eventually go back to the bunny who was now sitting right beside him. And did he mention that the redhead was pouting? Okay he just said it, Lavi was pouting, and he also forgot to mention that Lavi looked so damn cute when he was pouting that he swore he wouldn't be able to refuse anything the boy asked now, which also just proved what Lavi had just said was right, one-hundred percent right.

What on Earth had gotten into him to make him eat that cake again? Yep, it was Lavi's present, that's what, as simple as it was. He just couldn't refuse anything coming from Lavi. He had been so confused then, for he hadn't realized that simple reason. Now he knew it, and Lavi was not anywhere but beside him, he wasn't sure if it was better than the confusion and irritation he had gotten back then due to the lack of Lavi. He felt like his syndrome was getting worse and worse and he was losing his cool to the emotions he never should have had in the first place bit by bit, yet what frightened him the most was that he found himself not bothered by that at all.
In fact, he thought he was seriously getting used to this. The syndrome, the madness around him, the insanity inside his head, and above all, the fact that he himself was feeling truly happy whenever Lavi was near.

Like now.

After what seemed like forever of playing mute, he finally lifted his head up and turned to face the redhead who had seemed to be staring at him for as much long as he drowning in his own realization, and then immediately dragged it away from the redhead's gaze when he felt his face getting along pretty well with the global warming.

"Yeah…I did… I just…didn't wanna see you cry in the corner because I rejected your present…Besides, you…had run off before I even got a chance to kill, err, give it back."

Lavi blinked in surprise as the boy had finally spoken, and he did even notice a tint of pink on his face before he turned away. Wow, the great Yu-chan was blushing again, how cute! Not to mention that Yu had just admitted that he had eaten the cake without any further complaints or insults, not even a harsh denial like usual. This was just getting weirder and weirder, and now Lavi really believed that he was seeing the big fat Earl proposing Komurin on one knee. But he never said this was not a good thing, though. On the contrary, it was turning to the best.
And Lavi was never one to deny such a chance falling off from the blue blue sky.

"You ate it anyway, how was it? Did you like it?"

"Yea-I mean, no."

"Really? I made it myself just for Yu-chan. You really didn't like it?", another pout was used against the samurai. The world really seemed to hate him now.

"Ugh…I- I didn't mean I hate it. I mean, it was kinda…nice, since I hadn't been poisoned and all.."

The lesson number four really was amazing, he thought. And the lesson was amazing meant the one who wrote it was amazing, and in this case, Kanda. Oh well, he had known he was amazing for a long time now, it was completely unnecessary to stating a very matter of fact.

"So, you liked it?"

That was definitely one of a big piles named Lavi's bad habits, pushing to the limit. Until now Kanda was no doubt a perfect hero for being able to stand this red-haired scary genius for that long without actually killing him, nor getting insane and ending up a mad man. Ugh, had he just said something wrong? Hello, his syndrome was just a minor problem which could be easily fixed, there was no way in hell he had gone insane because of that damn rabbit, and he was NOT a mad man! He was fine, perfectly fine.

"No-yes, I mean, no. No, what I mean is, yes, but…well, it and the bunny and the-whachamacallit too, I lov-like, I mean I liked them all. Wait, don't get me wrong, I meant I kinda liked them, a little, not likey like them lots, and…arghhhh dammit! What the hell am I talking!"

And he still believed he was absolutely and perfectly fine.

That was what they called a samurai's pride under the laughter of irony. He didn't know what was wrong with him anymore, thinking he was fine had made him so…off. He had just made a fool of himself for the hell of it, and if Lavi could get a bit of what he had said, he would call Lavi a genius, not that he wasn't one already. Hell, he didn't even know it himself! His face was burning in flames of embarrassment and anger, all the things that had been occurring to him in the shortest time had started to make a running contest inside his head and it was too obvious that all the Lavi-related ones had won the run and jumped out of his lips as those cluttered words he didn't even know the meanings to begin with, and then coming close after were his inner thoughts he had always kept as his….inner thoughts, now thanks to the lack of his self-control, they all had slipped out the surface like a wave of madness mixing with a part of the secret feelings he had been hiding so well. The damn supposed 'minor syndrome problem' that he had admitted to himself was seemingly getting out of what it was meant to be, and he knew it was starting to become more and more like his feelings.

HIS feelings, the things he didn't know he had in the first place.

He was never good at math, but he was well aware of the fact that his syndrome alone was bad enough for the world's peace, now adding some more of his metal sickness (the paranoia of being a hero, for example) and his new-found feelings for a special boy, he was sure as hell the world would be very soon destroyed completely by his very own hands. Maybe tomorrow the Earl would send him an invitation to join them, or better yet, grovel on his knee, if he even had ones that is, and beg him to be their new master.

While Kanda was too busy depressing himself in the doom of the future world and himself being the new destroyer, Lavi didn't seem much better than the doomed samurai at all. He had already tried the blinking contest, or pinching his cheeks hard to see if it was a dream, or even looking out of the windows to see if there was the big fat Earl coming to get his Yu far far away from him. But they all had failed miserably and the poor boy still had to face the not-supposed-to-be-reality.

This was wrong, totally wrong.

What in the bloody hell had happened to his Yu, the mighty Kanda Yu who was feared by everyone but him? His Yu-chan never blushed, never stuttered, never showed confusion nor made mistakes. To be honest, he had waited for all the harsh words and threatening and Mugen next to his neck/chest/body/anywhere could be sliced easily, but nothing came, much to his relief and shock at the same time. Seriously, he was starting to lose himself for worrying too much for the older boy. Was it because he had pushed him a little too far? Or because he had been so happy of Yu being nice that he was finally dead to the world and what he was seeing now was just one of many many sweet dreams his unwanted feelings for the other boy had created to torture him in the after world? That sounded...pathetically impossible, he couldn't be dead, could he? Hmm, scratch that crap. He should think of a new possibility, like…what do people usually call strange things in the fairy tales by the way? He let his thought wander for a moment before shaking his messy red hair harshly for being a little too paranoid. Was it possible that…Yu had been poisoned by the cake he had made that day? Oh Gosh, it couldn't be…he had remade it continuously for like, ten times before actually making a real success, so it could not be possible that it was his mistake, right? Ugh let's not think negative, he told himself, though the thought was still haunting his mind…

This was wrong, totally wrong.

Wait, he had said it once hadn't he? Darn it, wasn't it great, a Bookman (just let the Bookman and Bookman-not slide this time, okay?) who had a very poor vocabulary that now he had to use a term twice! What a shame! And here he had thought he would be able to manage perfectly his growing feelings towards the long-haired boy since he seemed very well aware of that. Damn you Lavi, you've made a fool of yourself and now you have even dragged your poor, innocent Yu-chan along this downfall. You don't deserve his mercy at all, let alone that he actually said that he lik—





Had his Yu-dear just said what he thought he had just said?

So, it all turned out that he had been really in his dream world, didn't it? It was not possible that Yu had said it, it wasn't possible, it wasn't. Slapping himself didn't sound like the best way to get out of his dream though, because if it really were a dream, even death itself wouldn't be able to pull him out. And then there was that bunny thingy, and the whachamacallit too. Yu was being extremely abnormally nice, but he just realized that this was not one hundred percent surreal, thanks to the little fact that his sweet Yu was still being in denial. This has to be his Yu, since he didn't remember giving the bunny to anyone but Yu and only Yu. Yup, that was it! No stressing himself any further, please.

So take a deep breath and stare straight into the icy blue eyes he did.

"Yu…did you..really mean it? I mean, not the whole 'yes-no' thing, but the lov-I mean, 'like' part", he was getting the Kanda 'I-mean' disease very soon if he kept staying with Yu like this, but it didn't seem like he minded it that much. Actually he didn't mind it at all.

The still doomed boy finally looked up from the gloomy world he had been burying himself in to see deep emerald green eye boring into his owns, and for a moment he was speechless. When he managed to find his voice back, he realized that his head was empty. No book, no list, no denial. He found nothing.


Nothing but a little embarrassment, perhaps.

"Even the bunny and the note?", the redhead still couldn't help himself blinking in surprise.


"Have you still kept that bunny?", a little smile was threatening to show up, but Lavi pushed it down, not allowing himself to raise his hope as he waited patiently for the answer.

No answer came, but instead he was greeted by a small rustle of clothing and then his answer appeared suddenly right in the corner of his now widen eye as an offering delicate hand which was attached to a slim figure of the beautiful boy beside him.

And on top of the smooth palm he wanted to hold again so much sat proudly the little bunny plush toy he had spent days and nights sewing, just for his dearest best friend.

And Lavi was speechless.

It would not matter if the world ended today. It would not matter if he died right now. Really. He would die in happiness no matter what.
That was the last string before Lavi's self-restraint broke, he saw no more acceptable reason not to hug the shy boy next to him as the next second, the said shy boy found himself pushed down and suffocated somehow with the redhead's two strong arms holding tight his entire body and also preventing his back from facing the white mattress completely. Ugh oh...this was totally out of plan...everything in his genius mind decided to shut down again. There went a silent murmur that froze all of his intention to escape,

"You really really are the best, Yu-dear! I love Yuuuu so much!"

And there was utter silence.

Kanda found no word to reply, no strength to struggle. In fact, there was not a single fiber of his entire beings seemed to have a reaction. What was there to say? What was there to react? He was too busy asking himself for over and over again whether this was truly a figment of his demented imagination or it must be a bad dream. Yes, a bad dream. What would that be if not a bad dream, with himself awakening in another morning of doom in his cold bed, beside that lonely hourglass withering day by day, never bothering to search for the light? In fact he'd like to call it the worst nightmare ever, for he had never once had a chance to embrace such happiness, such pure happiness, yet it was so small, so fragile that he did not have it in him to believe it would survive through his life with this wonderful person at all.

No, it is not possible, isn't it?

Those arms which were holding him more tightly seemed to say otherwise as the redhead at the same time rolled back a bit to lie beside Kanda now, the arms moving up around his neck and Kanda did freeze this time. His body and also his gloomy depression, they all froze and frankly, his hesitation was burned down completely, leaving him blank like the cleanest page of the book that stood for his so-called life. He realized he somehow had long gotten over the crazy denial part of his syndrome, he didn't even bother to blush anymore.
Yet the stuttering stayed the same.

"I...I...Lavi, I..."

He couldn't say it. He did not know how to do it. And what was he supposed to do anyways? No, he was at loss at words and everything else, Lavi had made him this way by sending him the syndrome he was starting to be unable to let go, now the idiot was just turning it to the worst. Did Lavi really mean what he had just said, or was it another joke that was getting more and more bitter every minute to Kanda? What was Kanda to do if it was a joke? And what was he to do if it was not? And why was Lavi not saying anything more? Was he upset at Kanda's stiff movement? The samurai slightly swallowed his stuttering and endless questions to open his eyes for the first time ever since the moment he was pushed down. It was more like a peek as he carefully looked up to the other boy's face through his long, thick eye lashes, hoping and praying hard that...that...

He wasn't sure what he wished for anymore, all he knew was that he must have been too nervous to control his syndrome, especially in such a state he was stuck in right now. Still he tried to look at Lavi, battling with every nerves of his being to form the words before he actually faced the boy,

"Actually, I...I think, no, I guess...", he paused to take another deep breath as he struggled to carry on with his clumsy wording, ignoring completely how impossible it was for a tough warrior such as himself to lose his breath that fast and easily, "I suppose you could say...I, somehow, somewhat, in some way, might probably...feel the same way...", the last part was let out of his lips so quietly, so softly that he was seriously starting to doubt if Lavi could hear it at all. The idiot had better not make him say again, because there was no way in hell he would do it! He had said it once, and only once was what Lavi would get! Now it was the time for him to wait for the worst...or whatever.

Silent. It was pure silent.

Was Lavi going to laugh at him? To reject him? To...get mad at his hesitation finally?


It'd better not the case because he wouldn't know what to do. When silence answered him again, Kanda had no choice but to open his eyes fully and searched for the boy's face, ready to give him a piece of his mind, only to find his own eyes widen to the utmost at what he was seeing.

Lavi, the bunny idiot, was sweetly, happily, and oh so soundly asleep!

Asleep. Lavi was asleep...When did it happen? How did it happen? Wait the minute, the idiot seemed to be in a deep sleep, meaning he had been asleep for a while now, meaning it was absolutely not possible for any delicate chance at all that the idiot had heard what he had just said, meaning he had just made a completely fool of himself without getting anything in return but seeming to have wasted all the precious time in the world? In other words...it meant he, the mighty Kanda Yu, was going to kill the rabbit in his bed!
Don't ever think he couldn't, because he could, it was not that difficult, all he had to do was to reach for beloved Mugen on his belt, unsheath it, point at the victim's neck and then it would end. His nightmares would be gone, he would be at peace in the end with no more sickness nor syndrome. See, another brilliant plan.

He reached for his Mugen only to find it was only a fantasy image running through his poor head for reality was so much harsher than that. It seemed like Lady Luck was not on his side, again, as he realized he could not move at all. He was stuck, no, locked up in an iron hold of the sleeping bunny with no way to escape. He did not even have time to fret as he was starting unconsciously to stare at the boy's face, hoping that look could kill but ended up not being able to drag his gaze away. Lavi looked so peaceful, his eyes widened at a foreign feeling flowing through his body, strange yet pleasant. The pure happiness expression beneath such red hair was putting him under some magical spell and he could not resist the feeling of warmth and secure fluttering down on them.
It was bliss.
Maybe it was impossible to kill the idiot after all. Somehow he had totally forgotten how tired he had been feeling and now just judging by such an awkward state he was in, maybe he should sleep it off for now. There was no more obstacle standing in his way, his annoying syndrome was now a part he could not live without, and he'd come to accept everything from this younger boy, so what's the matter now? He should sleep. Yes, a sleep could do it.

At least, that was what his consciousness had told him. But his heart seemed to have another idea as he found his eyelids unable to close. He was still staring at Lavi.
Okay, try again. He really needed sleep. All he had to do was to shut his damn eyes off. Too easy.

Two hours passed.

Kanda kept staring at the peaceful face, all the efforts to drag his gaze off failed miserably.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Another hour passed, and then another. It's alright, he told himself, he would fall asleep at any minute now. He was way too tired to keep it up any longer. He would sleep...he definitely would...

Morning had never felt this wonderful before as the redhead opened his one good eye, sitting up and stretching happily like a kid in their first day to school, cheerful more than ever. In fact he had never had such a good sleep in so long, even though he had fallen asleep unconsciously last night, he still knew that everything was real and more amazing than any dream. And with the beautiful Yu-chan right next to him, the world could fall apart and he would still be able to save it over and over again. Though there was something that made him so much happier, and he started his sing-sang voice,

"Rise and shine! Wakey wakey little Yu-dear!", he could have killed the older boy's ears with his brightest morning mood had the said boy not covered them first.


Great. Just when Kanda thought he could finally get some sleep, the idiot had to break his little wish and ruin everything. And he had just managed to close his eyes for like, what, five minutes! Five freaking minutes after failing to stop looking at Lavi for the whole night didn't seem enough to torture him, did it? Though this time he ignored that and refused to open his eyes. He couldn't risk it, Lavi must have some kind of an invisible magical glue in his body that made people keep staring at him, he swore to his book!

"Awww my Yu-dear is still sleepy? Well...fine then...but tell you what, I had the weirdest dream ever in which Yu-chan told me he loved me too! Isn't that awesome?"

That was exactly what made Lavi so happy like this while Kanda's eyes snapped open as though the ceiling was falling off on him. Love? No way, it was..


He unintentionally voiced his thoughts out while Lavi just grinned like a mad man.

"I know right? Though in my dream you didn't exactly say the word love...I still feel very happy."

No...it was not what Kanda meant when he said 'impossible', he just meant it was not possible that Lavi had heard him. He wanted to say something to fix it but Lavi had already stood up and was about to walk away from him.

"Anyways, it's enough with me bothering you, you get some more sleep sweetie, I'll go grab a bite now", Lavi said, joy still consuming his usual tone as he leaned down to pat the sleepy and confused boy's shoulder and planted a kiss on his forehead before making a beeline for the door as fast as a super bookman-in-training could, the trademark sheepish grin was back on his face that instant.

Kanda wasn't sure what he should do now, he was finally given a chance to have a good sleep, why on Earth did he feel such insecurity and loneliness washing through his being like this? Let alone the fact that the place where Lavi had kissed was practically burning.

The door of his room was open. He wondered if he should say anything at all.

"Lavi", a simple word was let out before he knew it, he just said it, his piercing blue eyes still fixed at the white ceiling. When Lavi turned around and waited for him, he found nothing in his head.

"Yes, Yu?"

Lavi was patiently waiting with his head slightly tilted to a side while Kanda was trying his best to find the courage again. All he wanted to say was what he had said last night, come on...

"N-nothing. See you..."

Obviously it didn't come out smoothly like it had done before, and he blamed it all on his sleepiness. Oh well.

"Alright, see you. Sweet dreams", Lavi finished his sentence, walking out and closing the door silently.

"It...was not a dream, idiot", as he softly heaved a sigh, Kanda closed his weary eyes, his body felt like being under the weight of the gloomy world. He let sleep claim him this time without debating with his inner thoughts any longer. And even with his sharp senses, what he didn't hear was a very soft chuckle mixing with the quiet sounds of foot steps walking away from his door,

"Of course I know that, Yu-dear."

In the end, maybe the Lavi syndrome was not too bad to Kanda. At least that was what he thought in his peaceful sleep, never bothering to stop the smile from creeping all over his face.
Yep, not so bad.

The loud noise of the door being pushed open and then slammed shut harshly the second later made the sleeping boy jump. What the...

"Yu-chan, why is everyone hunting for me out there? And why is the dining hall destroyed?"

Okay he took that back. The Lavi syndrome was definitely the worst.


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