In this story Bella's not quite as gravitationally challenged as she was in the Twilight books. In this all human story Bella is a dancer and a hopeful contestant on the next season of "So You Think You Can Dance" where she meets some interesting other dance lovers including one Edward Cullen. Will sparks fly? Or will competition, family, and the other dancers keep them apart?

I have never personally auditioned for "SYTYCD" so I don't know how the whole thing works. I'm making it up based off things I've seen on TV and can research on the internet. I will try to stay as close as I can to the real show but, bear with me if some of the filler information is alittle off.

This chapter was written to "Love Lockdown" by Kanye West. I recommend listening to it while you read. Every chapter will have a song to it. Generaly that song will be the one that Bella or Edward dances to.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or anything that has to do with "So You Think You Can Dance" if I did I wouldn't be here writing about it. I also dont own or know any of the choreographers or judges from the show so if they appear in this story it is without their knowledge. This disclaimer goes for the whole story so I'm not putting it in every chapter.

Chapter One- The music calls

POV- Bella

"Oh Bella! Can you believe we're actually here?"

Summer was jumping up and down by my side as we stopped in front of the Phoenix Convention Center. It was one of the largest public buildings in Phoenix, and today it was hosting auditions for the fifth season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Summer wasn't bothered by the fact that I was too distracted staring at the building to respond to her. She was dancing in spot with a big smile on her face.

"Come on Bella! We need to get in line for our numbers. I can't believe we're really doing this. Do you really think we have a chance? This is going to be so much fun. Let's go!"

Summer grabbed my arm and pulled me forward into the lobby. There were people everywhere: Crowded in the lobby, sitting on the floor by the doors, and lined up down the block. As far as the eye could see hopeful dancers were waiting for their chance to win a ticket to Las Vegas and a shot of making to into the top twenty. The grand prize this year was a cash prize of $200,000 and a new car along with, of course, the title of "America's favorite dancer".

Summer grabbed my shoulder and shook me trying to get my attention. She hadn't stopped talking since we walked in the door and she had finally noticed I wasn't listening.

"Hello Bella are you in there?"

I pulled my eyes away from the hoards of dancers and looked over at my best friend. The realization of what we were doing was finally setting in. We were really here. We were going to audition for the show! "Summer this is so exciting!" I couldn't stop the burst of excitement and soon we were both "happy dancing" in the lobby.

Summer pulled me into a hug and we jumped up and down some more, ignoring the odd looks we were getting. "Come on, registrations are over here."

We fought our way though the dancers who already had numbers pinned to their shirts. Dancers of every shape and size were here. I recognized a few girls from school and saw even more people that I didn't know. Two boys sitting in the lobby were dressed in neon green jump suits and a girl whose dress was more feather than fabric was warming up just outside the door with some of her friends.

Eventually, we found a long white table where crew workers were taking names and passing out numbers. A man standing behind the table came over and asked us for our names.

Summer jumped forward, her hundred watt smile blazing. "I'm Summer Roads and this is Isabella Swan."

"Just Bella." I mumbled instinctively under my breath. Isabella was so long and formal. I preferred it when people just called me Bella and it was second nature to correct anyone who used Isabella.

The man smiled back at us and passed us two small sheets of paper. "Please fill out these sheets quick and I can give you your numbers."

The sheet was small. Name, phone number, what song you would be dancing to and what your leading style was. We also had to sign a legal waiver stating that it was okay if our auditions were filmed so they could use them on the show if the producers wanted.

We filled out the sheets and were handed our numbers. I felt my face fall momentarily when I learned we were numbers 807 and 808 but it was impossible to stay down when Summer was at my side practically vibrating with joy.

"Good luck ladies. The judges are feeling hopeful about this first round of auditions."

"Thanks but we won't need it." Summer said confidently

"Don't mess with karma, Summer." I nodded to the worker and thanked him for his help. We waved goodbye and moved out of the way for the next person to sign up.

"Let's go stand outside Bella."

I had hardly pinned the number to the front of my shirt when Summer grabbed me again and we were back outside standing with hundreds of other dancers all waiting for their turn to audition in front of the judges.

We walked down the block a short way where some of the dancers had set up a monster stereo and were dancing in the parking lot to pass the time. I suppose when you grouped hundreds of people who loved to dance together it was inevitable that they would start dancing in the street.

"Bella look there's a camera crew over there."

Summer pointed down the street where a crew of people in blue were walking with a reporter from the show. Summer lifted her chin and looked like she was contemplating chasing the camera down and demanding her five minutes of fame. Lucky for me the song playing on the stereo changed and she was distracted. I was fine with judges and strangers watching me but I wasn't so sure about cameras. Especially since my dad, Charlie didn't exactly know where I was right now.

He had always been fairly supportive of my love for dancing. He just wasn't sure it was the best way to make a living. If I made it on the show that would all change. I was going to be a dancer and getting on the show would be my chance at a big break. I was going to prove to the world that this was where I belonged.

"I love this song!" Summer said as she turned to look over at the dancers in the parking lot. "Come on Bella let's ask if we can dance with them."

The stereo was hooked up to someone's car and a group had formed around the people dancing in the middle. Everyone trying to either show off in front of the others or get a feel for their competition. We shoved our way to the center and found two boys dancing hip-hop in the center.

I felt the beat of the song set in as it pulsed around the group and my foot tapped of its own accord. Hip-hop was one of my favorite styles, even though I had no real training in it, and I loved Kanye West. His song "Love Lockdown" was currently playing and I could tell the music was starting to take over. I had always found it hard to stand still when there was good music playing-part of the reason I had taken dance lessons to begin with.

Summer waved to another boy sitting by the stereo. "Hey! Can anyone dance here? Or is this a private party?"

I didn't wait for his response. I shrugged off the button down shirt I was wearing over my t-shirt and jumped right in-between the two boys dancing. I had on my favorite pair of worn out sneakers and my lucky coin was on a chain around my neck. It was definitely dance time.

My sudden addition to the numbers threw off the guys dancing but they quickly recovered adding my choreography to the mix. The crowd cheered and a few more people joined us as everyone danced to the music. I hadn't heard the boy with the stereo respond but I was willing to bet he didn't mind us joining in.

"Hey, what's your name?" One of the boys who had originally been dancing grabbed my hand and spun me closer to him so we could dance.

He spun me forward and I twisted back into his chest so he could hear me over the other dancers. "It's Bella."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Erik."

Erik had dark black hair just long enough to hang in his eyes and there was an Asian tone to his smooth skin. He had bright, dark eyes and his pants were a size too big as they hung low on his hips. The music swelled around us and we dropped with the bass as the chorus started again.

"You're good." He called over the music as we spun in sync and swapped places.

I nodded. "You too."

Summer joined the growing group of dancers and she made her way over to where Erik and I were still dancing. "Bella look, that camera crew is coming over here."

Erik and I followed her finger as she pointed out the reporter and her crew in blue with the camera. Summer was all smiles as they stopped and the reporter started talking into her microphone as the camera swept over the group of dancers. "They're talking to some of the dancers before they dance for the first show next week."

The music on the stereo shifted and now The Veronicas "I Can't Stay Away" rang through the stereo and more people jumped into our make shift dance floor to try and get on camera. I spun around and joined Summer. Our little dance circle was starting to feel more like a club's dance pit as more bodies pressed together.

Summer was more of a 'Contemporary meets Jazz dancer' whereas my style tended to lean towards 'Latin influenced by some Hip-Hop'. I could "drop" and "pop" with the best of them but I could also dance a mean Rumba.

Summer and I had been best friends for as long as I could remember. She was two inches taller than I was and had me by a cup size. Her positive attitude shone as bright as her white blond hair which fell in waves down her back and she knew how to handle a dance floor.

We danced for awhile as the stereo moved from song to song and eventually found ourselves sitting on the curb with Erik and his friend Sam. Sam was a head taller than the rest of us and his skin had a beautiful rusty brown tint to it and I was jealous of the color. I had lived in Arizona for most of my life but I always managed to keep my pale complexion no matter how much time I spent in the sun.

"Is this your first time auditioning for the show?" Summer asked as Sam passed around bottled water from a cooler in the back of his truck.

Erik nodded. "This is my first run but Sam tried last year."

Sam sat down on the curb by my side and nodded along. "Yep and I made it to Vegas too. I just didn't get into the top twenty."

"Maybe this will be your year." Summer said optimistically.

He shrugged and pulled his long black hair into a ponytail behind his head. "Maybe. Is this your first try?"

"Yep, Bells and I were going to try out last year but school got in the way."

"Are you majoring in dance?"

Summer shrugged and nodded. "Bella is, but I'm still not sure. I think I might like to be a dance teacher."

Sam nodded. "Good goal."

"What style are you going to use for your audition?" Erik asked as he blew his dark hair out of his eyes.

I beat Summer to answer his question. "Latin, I have a little Hip-Hop influenced Samba type piece ready."

Erik nodded. "I'm hip-hop all the way but I like a good Samba every once in a while." I had a strange feeling that Erik had never danced a Samba in his life but I smiled along and nodded. He glanced over at Summer. "What about you?"

"I'm going to do a Jazz number." Summer said tapping the toes of her dance shoes together. She glanced over at Sam. "You?"

He smirked. "Same type I did last year, Freestyle/Contemporary with some influence from my Native American roots."

"What number did you guys get?"

"309 and 310. We got here really early"

Summer stuck out her bottom lip and pouted at him. "Lucky, we're not till the eight hundreds."

"You'll have to come inside with us and wish us luck."

Summer was all smiles and she scooted closer to Sam's side. "Only if you wish us luck in return."

"Deal, but we probably can't stick around until your auditions. I have a class at 4:00."

We sat around outside and talked about our favorite dance styles and how long we had been dancing. It was almost noon when the first winner burst threw the front doors waving her ticket to Vegas and screaming. The blond girl was followed out by some of her friends and they jumped up and down screaming.

We quickly crossed the street and watched with the other dancers as the reporter and her cameras pulled the girl over for a quick word.

The girl waved to the camera and held out her ticket. "I'm going to Vegas Baby!" She jumped up and down with her friends again and it didn't look like the reporter was going to get much more from her.

"Think she's going to Vegas?" Erik asked sarcastically as the blond girl screamed again.

I shrugged and matched his joking tone. "I can't tell, maybe."

Sam glanced down at his watch. "We should head inside and check what number their on. I'm betting it's almost time for us to get in line."

Erik agreed and we trooped inside to wait in line. A half hour later we were sitting in the hall just a few people down from the judge's room. One after another dancers walked in with a smile and came out disappointed mumbling about how the judges had made a mistake.

"I'm getting nervous." Erik said as we stepped forward again and a girl with dark hair walked past us with her family. The latest victim of the judges wrath.

Sam nodded. "You should be. It's terrifying, but I think you'll do fine." Summer and I nodded along and scooted forward with our new friends as another girl exited the judge's room with no ticket.

Erik nodded along with us and I could see his confidence grow as he gave himself a little internal pep talk. "Let's do it."

We moved forward again and a girl standing outside the door took Sam and Erik's names. A tall boy with the number 308 pinned to his shirt came out empty handed and it was Sam's turn. We all wished him luck and he entered the judge's room. The room was sound proof so we couldn't hear when his music started, so we waited as the time moved painfully slow.

"It's been ten minutes. Where is he?" Erik complained as he paced past the doors for the hundredth time.

"Take a deep breath." Summer suggested.

"He'll be out soon." I offered trying to ease his stress.

Erik nodded and took a deep breath. He spun around to pace past the doors again and almost got hit in the face when they blew open. Sam leapt out of the doors waving a sheet of paper in the air.

"I'm going to Vegas!"

I sprang to my feet with Summer and we all clapped and cheered as Sam did a little dance in the hall. The woman by the door glanced down at her chart then looked over at us. "Is one of you Erik Yorkie?"

Erik jumped and then froze in his spot. Deer trapped in the headlights staring his impending doom right in the face. Sam clapped him on the back and shoved him forward. "That's him. Go get 'em Erik."

Erik hesitated in the doorway then took a deep breath and disappeared into the judges lair. Summer spun around and turned on Sam.

"Let's see it. Show us the ticket!"

Sam held out the sheet confirming his spot in the next round and the plane ticket to Vegas set to take off exactly three weeks from today. I took a deep breath and handed Sam his ticket back. Soon enough I would have my own. I'd been dancing since I was three and nothing was going to keep me from this competition.

Summer, Sam and I took seats on the floor across the hall from the judge's room. Sam had refused to tell us anything about what it was like on the other side of the doors. He said that we should wait until it was our turn. That way we could appreciate the full affect of the audition. Summer and I stuck our tongues out at him.

I wasn't sure how long we waited but it felt longer than the time we had waited for Sam before Erik came bounding out of the double doors that kept the judges hidden, his own ticket to Vegas clutched in his hand.

"I did it! I'm going to Vegas too! I can't believe it!"

He was grinning ear to ear. Everyone standing in line within ear shot clapped and Sam burst into another round of "happy dancing" with his friend.

Summer and I each took our turn congratulating Erik before we all made our way back to the lobby. The woman with her camera crew was standing outside the front doors and she wasted no time in cornering our small group against the front doors when she saw the tickets that Sam and Erik made no attempt to hide from her.

"What are your names?" She asked excitedly holding her microphone out in front of them. Summer and I pressed ourselves out of the way and watched as they tried to look calm in front of the camera.

Sam looked cool and calm in front of the camera, like it was no big deal that this shot of him would probably be aired all over the country in a few short weeks. "The name's Sam."

Erik was not quite as calm, though he tried to stay cool with everyone staring at him. If he asked I would tell him he did a good job but he probably should have kept his mouth shut. "I'm Erik your soon to be 2009 champion! Watch for me America!"

The reporter made some comment about Erik's enthusiasm and Erik responded with confidence that America would soon see him in the top twenty. The reporter continued her attack by asking if it was true that this was Sam's second attempt to get on the show and if he thought the outcome would be any better this time.

Sam had shrugged his shoulders and said he was feeling good about his performance and made a smart comment about at least being good enough to get to Vegas. Sam and Erik pushed past the reported and Summer and I followed them back to Sam's truck.

"You guys taking off?" Summer asked.

Sam nodded "We'll have to head out pretty quick." He pulled Summer into a quick hug. "Good luck to both of you."

We nodded. "Thanks."

Erik and I exchanged hugs. "Can I get your cell number Bella? Then you can text us when you get your ticket."

"Tickets" Summer shot in, putting emphasis on the plural "S"

He nodded "Right. You two are going to do great."

"If we get our tickets to Vegas you realize that will make us rivals, right? We'll have to fight against each other to make it to the top twenty."

He smirked. "I look forward to it."

I exchanged numbers with Erik and it didn't surprise me too much when Summer and Sam swapped numbers too. They had been flirting all morning. Summer and I waved goodbye as Sam drove away and watched until they were out of sight.

Summer brushed her hand across her brow and sipped from her water bottle. It was early June in Phoenix after all and the sun was at its highest peek for the day. We forced our way back inside the lobby past the hoards of dancers still waiting for their chance to impress the judges.

"We can sit over there." Summer found an open patch of floor in a far corner and we claimed spots there. The judges were only in the mid four hundreds so we knew there was still quite a wait before we would get our chance but, with only three of today's dancers getting through to the next round so far, my optimism was taking a drastic hit. A lot of the dancers waiting looked older than my nineteen years and a few extra years could make a lot of difference in dancing experience.

It was almost six-thirty when the first set of eight hundreds were called into line. Summer and I gave our names to one of the workers and took our place in line. This time however we were both in costume and fighting the butterflies in our stomachs.

My Samba dress was silky, more revealing than I liked, and dark blue in color. Layers of thin fringe swung around my shoulders and waist, tickling my exposed midriff and knees. It was perfect for a dance that dealt almost more with your hips than with your feet. Not perfect when you didn't like to show that much skin.

Summer had on pin-striped pants and a black vest. The dark color of the vest made her red shirt pop and she had pulled on her black Jazz shoes along with a top hat. As we again neared the large double doors that separated the judges from the rest of us we watched as one after another of the dancers were turned away.

Finally it was time for Summer to go give her audition. She looked like she couldn't decide whether to shake with joy or pass out from the fear of what she was about to do. I pulled her into a hug and told her to kick some ass.

Summer put on a brave face and quickly moved into the judge's room before she could think about what she was doing. Summer was one of the best dancers I knew. We had been dancing together since we were little. Summer lived next door to my mom's house and we had met after my parents divorce. Well it wasn't so much divorce as it was my mom had picked me up and said she was leaving. The legal divorce had come later.

My dad, Charlie lived in a rainy little town no one has ever heard of called Forks, in northern Washington. I visited my father almost every summer but we weren't as close as we could have been. I had finally given up trying to prove that dance could be a real job when I was sixteen. That was the same year I had stopped going to Forks.

I waited in the hall impatiently for my best friend to emerge. On one hand I really wanted her to come out so I could see if she had won a ticket. On the other hand when she came out it would be time for me to go before the judges.

I glanced down at the clock on my cell phone and another minute ticked by. I jumped when the door clicked and pushed myself to my feet as Summer walked out. She met my hopeful look and slowly shook her head, showing me her empty hands. I felt my face fall and my jaw dropped in shock. The judges hadn't liked her. Summer hadn't gotten through to the next round.

I didn't really know what to say to her. It had never occurred to me that Summer wouldn't get on the show. At least that's what I had always told myself. Summer was a better dancer than I was and if she couldn't make it on why was I even bothering to try? "Oh, Summer. I'm so sorry." She shook her head and grabbed my hand.

"It's OK Bella. We can talk after. You have to get in there and win that ticket."

"But if you-" She pulled me forward and cut me off. "No 'buts' Bella! You get in there and dance for those judges. You're fantastic, it'll be fine. Go."

Summer had more confidence in me than I did and I felt the pre-show jitters set into my stomach. I was suddenly very glad I had only eaten a small lunch. The woman at the door checked my number and then Summer pushed me though the doors before I could say another word. No backing down now.


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