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Chapter 45: Nothing to lose

POV: Bella


"Bella dear hold still or I'll stab you with this pin."

I quit fidgeting. "Sorry Max."

She finished putting a few pins in my pants and asked me to spin in a slow circle. I loved the costume for my Hip-hop dance with Emmett. Right now Max had me in a bright orange sports bra with a black fishnet top over it and tinny black shorts which she was adding a riffed orange skirt to the back of. I had on orange and black striped thigh high socks and black, lace up the side boots. I'd be wearing a boring, conservative skirt and jacket over them until Emmett took them off.

"These shorts are Awesome Max." I said, twirling around so the little skirt would move.

Max smiled. "Of course they are, I made them. Now let's see how it looks under the longer skirt. While Max helped me shimmy into a longer gray skirt, Alice came in and waved at us.

"Good morning Max, hey Bella."

"Morning dear." Max said pointing to another of the fitting platforms. "Hop up and strip, I've got your outfit mostly done."

"Hey Max," A man's voice, I didn't know, called from the hallway. "We need you to come look at Emmett's pants. They don't fit right."

"It's not my fault!" Emmett called, from the boys fitting room. "

"Maybe you should get a smaller butt!" Alice called.

"My butt is awesome and you know it!" Emmett shouted back at her and we both started laughing.

Max tied my second skirt and told me not to move, then she tossed a pile of clothes at Alice and told her to chance before slipping out of the girls fitting room.

"What's your costume?" I asked as Alice started to shimmy into a pair of tiny jean shorts.

She smiled at me. "We're doing a really fast jive number. It's a country song so we're dressing up like we're at a hoedown," She changed into a bright blue sports bra and pulled on a tiny plaid top that tied just below her boobs and left her midriff open. Then she added a wide red belt and clipped red overalls onto the shorts, snapping them in place over her shoulders. She looked like a southern, line dancing, playboy bunny. She looked down at her 'barely there' outfit and grinned at me. "A very sexy hoedown."

"I like it." I said as she spun so I could see it all togeather.

"Thanks," She looked me over in my sexy top with the ugly gray skirt covering up the black shorts. "What are you wearing?"

I pulled up the long skirt so she could see the shorts. "It's a hip-hop number, Emmett's going to help me take the top layer off during the dance."

"Aww," She said nodding. "That's makes more sense."

I pointed to a pile of gray cloth still sitting on the counter. "It's got an ugly jacket too go with it."

"Is Emmett playing the bad boy?" She asked.

I nodded. "Yep and he seduces the good girl right out of her prissy upper-class home."

We laughed as Max came in calling more instructions over her shoulder. "Just scrap them and start over!" She handed me the gray jacket and went to look at Alice.

"Alice honey, you are always the easiest to fit." She said walking around and tugging on the top a bit so it wasn't wrinkled. "I'd say you're done."

She helped me button the gray top and showed me how it would hold together until Emmett pulled it off. "As long as you don't pull on it early those buttons will hold. Tell Emmett not to practice with it until your dance because most likely some of those buttons will pop off on the stage. Don't slip on them."

"Can we go see the boys?" Alice asked.

She nodded. "Yeah, Jasper's done, but Emmett doesn't have any pants yet, were starting over on them."

Max led us out and we found Jasper in the center room with a few of Max's helps. He was wearing simple blue jeans that hung low on his hips and a plan white shirt. Alice smirked. "I knew they'd put you in a white shirt."

He chuckled. "They almost had too with our song."

"Why?" I asked, but neither one would tell me saying that I would have to wait until the dress rehearsal to see their number. I was going to complain some more when Emmett walked in looking very gangster on top with a baggy shirt and a homeboy hat, and very Emmett on bottom with rubber ducky boxers. The room was silent for a beat and then everyone burst into giggles and doubled over clutching their sides. While we were laughing, I watched Alice snap a photo with her phone, but didn't say anything. Maybe she would give me a copy of that shot.

"Yeah Yeah," Emmett scowled. "Laugh it up."

Jasper regained himself first and patted me on the arm. "Good luck this week Bella."

"What's that supposed to imply?" Emmett asked then he caught a look at Alice and I and smiled. "I like the tiny shorts."

Jasper smirked at Alice. "She's pretty hot alright." He agreed and Alice blushed.

"Hot?" Emmett said. "More like super mega foxy awesome hot."

We talked for a bit more and then Max came back to shoo us all back into our fitting rooms. She finished pinning my skirt and then sent Alice and I on our way. Emmett had to stay behind and get refitted for his pants.


I rolled back on my heels and I laid 'spread eagle' on the floor. I was hot, sore and sweaty. I heard a groan and then Emmett plopped down next to me.

"I could use a shower." He said.

I grinned to myself not wanting to say aloud that he did stink a bit. I was sure I didn't smell to much better. So I just added. "And a nap."

"Come on you two," Tabitha said, slapping me on the leg. "Up up, you're both really starting to get it." I held up my hand and Emmett pulled me to my feet once he was standing and we threw ourselves back into the work.

After lunch we were both given time to shower and change before our camera guy, Roger, came to us for this week's interviews. He sat us down in one of the empty studios and turned his camera on us.

"So Bella," He said. "What's it been like working with Emmett this week?"

I glanced at Emmett and he smirked at me. "It's been just awful." I said, my voice heavy with sarcasm. "I can't stand him."

Emmett faked being hurt. "Ouch and after all I've done for you." We laughed and I leaned into Emmett as I turned back to the camera. "But really, it's been awesome." I told it. "Emmett's become like my big brother. We've been friends since Vegas week and it's nice to get the chance to dance with him."

Then Roger to turned Emmett and asked him. "Is there anything America should know about Bella that we don't already? Any secrets?"

Emmett smirked at me and I was waiting for the worst. What he said was embarrassing, but I was willing to take anything over my hidden relationship with Edward. I should have known he wouldn't rat us out.

"Bella is a klutz." Emmett said. "She's one of the most graceful dancers I know but walking on flat ground she suddenly has no balance. And she gets lost easily. It took her probably two weeks to learn the layout of this building." He smiled at me. "Didn't you just get turned around a few nights ago and wind up down on the first floor?"

I nodded. "Yes, there are a ton of side staircases here. I keep expecting to run into a hidden swimming pool."

"That would be so awesome!" Emmett agreed.

"What about you Bella?" Roger asked turning towards me. "Anything we should know about Emmett?"

Emmett's young relationship with Rose was very privet. Nothing could have made me tell America about it, since I didn't know too much anyway. I also decided to leave out his past with flower named girls and I couldn't think of anything else. "There's not much hidden about Emmett." I told him honesty. "He wears his heart on his sleeve, he's a great guy, and he's not afraid to say whatever he's thinking. He's a straight forward person and what you see is always what you're going to get. He does like to have chocolate milk with his breakfast though." I added as an afterthought and Emmett rolled his eyes at me.

"Oooo alert the authorities."

Roger asked a few more questions. He wanted to know about the dance and then he followed us back into rehearsal and talked to Nat and Tab. He filmed us working on the ending and got a good shot of me miss stepping and falling on my butt as I tripped over Emmett's feet.

We joined the others down stairs for dinner and everyone was talking happily about tomorrow's dress rehearsal and their costumes. I slid into my seat next to Edward and listened in as Rose talked about the dress she would be wearing.

Rose and Edward were doing a smooth waltz and Rose's dress was going to be a floor length, cream, satin masterpiece. She was excited to wear it but worried because they were having to re-hem it, to fit her shorter shoes, so she wouldn't step on it while she danced. "If they can't get it finished there's a second dress in my size that's pale yellow, but the cream one is so much prettier."

Emmett and I went straight back to work after eating. The choreographers all left before diner so we just work by ourselves until we were to tiered to stand right and then we walked together to the boy's floor. He knocked smartly on Edward's door and when Edward opened it he waved in my direction and smirked. "Brought you a present."

I hit him in the arm on my way in and then crashed face first onto Edward's bed. I heard Edward thank his brother for the gift and then they talked a bit before the door clicked shut. Edward sat me up and passed me one of his t-shirts. "Go take a hot shower, you'll feel better afterwards. I have shampoo on the top shelf."

I blushed fiercely and Edward pushed me towards his bathroom. "Lock the door if you're nervous."

I wasn't nervous, I knew Edward would never do anything I didn't want him too. I just wasn't sure that I didn't want him to come with me. I slipped into the bathroom, left the door unlocked, and laid out his shirt and a towel on the counter. I striped and tossed my clothes on the floor, taking my time to enjoy the warm water and the smell of Edward's shampoo. I got out, mildly disappointed that Edward hadn't come in and pulled his shirt over my head before brushing out my hair. I pulled my underwear back on but decided to forgo my dance pants and re-entered the main bedroom.

Edward was in a pair of sweat pants and I caught the worried look on his face before it turned into a smirk as he saw me in my underwear and his shirt. His eyes darkened as he scooted over and I sat down on the edge of the bed.

"What's wrong?"

He glanced up from where his eyes had been watching my thighs and sighed. "Emmett wanted to talk to me." He said. "So went over to his room while you were in the shower." He ran a hand threw his hair messing it up even more. "Tanya saw you come up here last night."

My breath caught in my throat. "How?"

"That noise you heard on the staircase." He said. "At least that's what I'm thinking. She talked to Emmett, asked him to talk to me about staying away from you."

I scowled at the wall and crossed my arms over my chest. "It's none of her business. She treats you like her personal privet property, always giving me dirty looks and stuff."

Edward took my hand. "Hey now, come on." He tugged me closer and I moved into my spot next to him. "I know that," He said. "I told Emmett to bugger off and he just laughed and said he'd already told Tanya I'd say that." His finger ran threw a lock of wet hair that was on my shoulder and he lifted it to his nose.

"I really love the fact that you smell like me right now," He said kissing my shoulder and inhaling into my neck. "and you in this shirt is really sexy."

I shivered as his lips brushed against my neck and brushed some of his hair out of his face so I could look at him. "What are we going to do about Tanya?" I asked. "She hates me Edward. You heard what she said about me last week on the show. Another interview like that and America will hate me or think I'm some kind of slut."

"I'll talk to her again." He said. "You're not a slut. Don't worry about it for now."

"How am I supposed to not worry about it?" I asked. "She's going to tear me apart and I feel bad about driving a wedge between you and your friend."

I shivered again as his lips brushed along my jaw. "You could let me distract you." He said. "I know I'm personally having trouble thinking about anything except that fact that you are in my shirt, on my bed, and you look really hot with your hair all wet.

I blushed, "Don't say things like that, it's embarrassing."

"But it's true," He said leaning across me to turn out the bedside lap. "You're very beautiful Bella." He said. "I've always thought that."

Then his lips were on mine and every thought I had about Tanya and the show melted away, as my whole body heated up. All I could focus on was him, his smell and his soft lips. When we broke apart to breath he would run small kissed up my jaw or down my neck. His hands, strong on my waist, or gentle as his fingers tangled in my hair. In a moment of bravery, I rolled over and straddled him, running my own line of kisses up from his shoulder back to his mouth.

Edward and I had never gone farther than this before, and I'd never gone this far with another man before, but I knew that I was completely unafraid of Edward. I knew he wouldn't push us to far, too fast, and knew I could trust him if we did. I didn't even get embarrassed when one of his hands dropped down to my butt and he kept it there while we continued to kiss, his fingers digging in as I nipped at his lower lip.

We both jumped a bit when his watch beeped from the bedside table signaling that it was one in the morning and even my racing heart couldn't overcome the wear of the day as I yawned mid-kiss a minute later. Edward rolled us over and tucked me into him as he pulled the sheet up over our legs.

He placed a few more light kisses on my shoulder and I smiled to myself as he yawned into my hair. "Good night Edward."

He didn't respond out loud but he snuggled into my back and tightened his grip on me. I relaxed completely, falling asleep surrounded by the warmth of Edward's body and the smell of his shampoo.


When Edward and I entered the lounge the next morning we walked in on Erik, Jake and Emmett having a heated discussion about something. The rest of the room was laughing and watching while everyone ate.

"You have no idea what you're talking about." Emmett said, waving Erik off with his fork.

"Yeah," Jake agreed. "You never tell a girl you like her, it just makes you look like an idiot."

"I didn't say that," Emmett said. "Direct approach it always the best bet. If you don't tell her how is she supposed to know?"

Edward and I got our plats and sat down at the table with everyone else.

"Girls are good at all of that 'reading between the lines' stuff." Erik said. "As long as you hold her hand or something she's going to know you like her."

"That's bogus." Emmett said. "Just tell her you love her straight to her face. Then there's no way to miss understand anything."

"Yeah you could be faking it if all you do is hold her hand." Ben added.

"It takes balls to say it right to her face. Proves your a real man." Emmett said, ending his argument.

I turned to Alice and raised an eyebrow. "What are they talking about?"

She passed Edward and I the syrup for our waffles and shook her head. "They're debating the best way to handle women."

"Why don't you just ask them?" Edward suggested pouring out orange juice for us both. "There are six sitting right in this room."

"Brilliant," Jake turned to Leah who was sitting closest to him. "What do girls like more?" He asked. "The straight forward approach, or all of that mysterious 'she'll know what I mean without words' crap?"

"Oh no," Leah shook her head. "You're not dragging me into this, and I can't speak for all women." She waved across the table at me and Alice. "We're not all the same you know? Everyone's going to like something different."

"I like the direct approach."

Heads turned as Rose spoke up for the first time since Edward and I had come in. She shrugged as everyone stared at her. "But, that's just me." She turned her attention back to the paper in her lap and the fruit on her plate.

"I'm all for the silent road." Alice said. "It's always nice to hear that your loved, but if you know your with the right person I don't think you always need words to convey your feelings for each other. It takes a deeper bond to trust that person completely without always having to confirm your feelings."

Conversation started jumping after that and I let myself fall in and out as I ate, enjoying my waffles and the fact that Edward was holding my hand under the table rubbing little circles into the back of my fingers. I caught Tanya shooting me dirty looks once, but I just smiled at her and stole a strawberry off Edward's plate. There wasn't anything I could do about Tanya, Edward would talk to her and I was going to do my best to ignore her, while rubbing it in her face.

After breakfast, everyone scattered to make sure all of their costume pieces were packed up, and they had everything they would need for today's dress rehearsal. Emmett's pants had come out great and I giggled along with Rose had he shook his butt at us, while Max was making sure they fit right.

"Yah look good in leather boy," Max commented. "But if you don't hold still I'm going to jab you with this pin."

Once we were all loaded into the bus the door swung shut and we pulled away from the curb. I sat with Edward on the bus while Alice played with my hair from the seat across the aisle. We pulled up to the, now familiar studio, and helped to unload all of our things.

Emmett and I took one of the small rooms upstairs and started warming up. We played our music softly over the speakers, but we spent most of our time just working on the lifts to make sure we could do them seamlessly. I didn't have much to worry about. Emmett was super strong and he tossed me around like some kind of doll.

Run through started right after lunch. Emmett and I would be going fourth. Jake and Victoria were starting the night off with a fun spirited cha-cha and would be followed by Edward and Rose's much slower waltz. I felt jealous in spite of myself wishing I could be the one to dance with him. The waltz was slow and graceful, but it wasn't a very exciting routine. Leah and Erik followed them up with a sassy little Jazz number and then Emmett and I took the stage.

I could hear the others laugh as the music started and Emmett strutted around the front of the stage like a gangster but I forced myself to ignore them as I started my own, much slower set behind him. The dance went smooth, the lifts were sold and Emmett didn't pull any of the buttons off when he helped my take off the gray jacket.

As the music ended, he scooped me up and spun us in a circle. "That was awesome Bells."

"You were great too Em."

The others clapped as we jumped back off the stage and took our seats to watch Alice and Jasper as they took to the stage. I'd been looking forward to seeing their number all week as Alice dropped hint after hint about how she and Jasper were going to break records with this Jive number.

Alice walked on stage in her overalls and tinny plaid shirt followed by Jasper in his low riser jeans and leather cowboy hat. Emmett, Jake and Erik all started wolf whistling until one of the stagehands ordered them to be quiet and the lights on stage dimed.

A single soft yellow light turned on, illuminating the pair of them as Alice bolted from her spot on stage left and ran right at Jasper. She reached him just as the music started. Lights burst to life all over the stage as Jasper, bent his knees, caught Alice and tossed her straight into the air above his head. The move utilized their height difference to the max. Alice easily got ten feet in the air and she spun like a firecracker with her arms and legs tucked in before plummeting back to the ground.

"It was noon time, down time, break time,
Summertime, Miller Time, anytime,
She was looking pretty fine.
A red light, green light, goin' all fired upside downtown,
She was shaking me all around.
I was tuned in, going nowhere, second wind,
Jonesing, drooling, feeling good, if you would."

Jasper snatched her back out of the air and she landed light on her feet as they started skipping across the stage, hand in hand, their feet flying to the quick passed song. Every now and then Jasper would hold out Alice's hand and she would spin fast before falling right back into place with him. As the chorus started Jasper pulled Alice to him and she locked her arms around his neck and her tiny legs around his waist.

"Oh yeah, by the way she moves,
She's got me rolling in dirt in a white t-shirt.
Breaker Breaker 1-9 she's a big ol' flirt.
By now she's got me pretty tied Up,
Tied Down, anyway I choose,
I got nothin' to lose."

The song was fast and fun, as they spun and twisted across the stage, taking full advantage of all of the empty space. The dance shifted back and forth from classic jive moves to more traditional line dance steps and they made the transitions look easy.

"Feelin like Flynn, I was,
Looking for the win.
Just trying everything, hey
Baby, where you been?
All my life I've been looking for, Someone like you,
Falling head over heels, Hey what can I do?"

The fast passed foot work moved into some creative floor work and one flip in particular caught my eye as Jasper laid on his back with his knees bent and flipped Alice over his head when she laid on his folded legs. They meet again center stage and start to spin together again, Alice's short spiky hair fans around her face like a black halo.

"Oh yeah, by the way she moves,
She's got me rolling in dirt in a white t-shirt.
Breaker Breaker 1-9 she's a big ol' flirt.
By now she's got me pretty tied up,
Tied down, anyway I choose,
I got nothin' to lose."

The words kept up their fast pace as Alice and Jasper fell into half time. Their movements slow and riveting as they held each other close. Alice leaned back and slowly raised her leg into the air, her arms thrown back over her head as she trusted Jasper not to drop her. Jasper wrapped his free arm around her raised thigh and lifted her up into the air. Alice hooked a leg over his shoulder. Her hands in his hair as he ran his hands over her back.

"Now I'm in the fast lane going 98.
By now I know she can, Smooth operate me.
I know now she's no goody two shoes,
But hey I got myself nothin' to lose."

When she landed on her feet they were back to the songs original tempo, flying around the stage and showing off perfectly timed kicks and twirls. Jasper tossed Alice easily from lift to twist, showing off his strength and taking advantage of how tiny she was. Their choreographer was brilliant.

Edward leaned into my side after a nifty little lift, where Alice had hit a mid-air split and whispered. "I'm sure glad neither of us has to follow them. No one's going to be able to live up to this number." I nodded my agreement but said nothing, I couldn't take my eyes off the pair of them.

"Oh yeah, by the way she moves,
She's got me rolling in dirt in a white t-shirt.
Breaker Breaker 1-9 she's a big ol' flirt.
By now she's got me pretty tied Up,
Tied Down, anyway I choose,
I got nothin' to lose."

As the song entered into its last verse they slowed down again. Their movements still controlled as they moved away from the flashy lifts into more emotional close holds, and tender caresses. I particularly loved a move where Alice had thrown up her leg along Jasper's chest and he'd grabbed onto it, helping her keep her balance. While her leg was still in the air he'd turned his head and placed a quick kiss against her ankle.

"It was Noon time, down time, break time
Summertime, Miller Time, any time
She was looking pretty fine.
Feelin like Flynn I was looking for the win,
Just trying anything, hey baby where you been?
All my life I been looking for, Someone like you.
Falling head over heels, God what can I do?
I got nothin' to lose, yeah!"

They ended the song with another set of floor work, which ended with Alice rolling on top of Jasper as he held her up slightly with his hands around her waist. Alice leaned forward and kissed the tip of his nose as the music faded to an end and the lights switched back to the stages normal white lights.

I started clapping along with everyone else as they got back to their feet and made their way off stage, both of them breathing hard as they fought to catch their breath. Jasper kept Alice's hand all the way back to their seats and didn't let go even as everyone started to congratulate them on the awesome number.

"That's going to be the one to beat tomorrow." Erik said.

"That first toss was so high." Jake said as he pantomimed Jasper throwing Alice above his head. "It was like Shorty sprouted wings or something."

"I'm so jealous." Rose said planting a quick kiss on Jasper's cheek. "I want to do a line dance."

Alice flashed a big smile over at Emmett. "Beat that." She challenged. "We're aiming to get the record for most votes in a single night."

Everyone chuckled at the challenge and from his seat in the row ahead of us Erik said. "Oooh, Alice you know Emmett and Leah hold the record right now for that Tango number."

She nodded. "Then he's going to have to bring it even harder this week."

Emmett smiled back at her easily and hooked an arm over my shoulders. "We can take you." He said looking at me. "Right Bells?" I nodded confidently. "Sure," Not in a million years could Emmett and I match the emotion or the fun in that song. Alice and Jasper were going to sweep tomorrows show easily.


I forgot how much fun this was. : )

The song I used is called "Nuthing to lose" and its by: Josh Gracin