Christmas Kisses

"This shall be so sweet! Oh Maka, you are so smart!" Tsubaki cooed after Maka had explained her plan. Maka nodded smugly and smirked.

"That I am, now, we need to plant all this mistletoe around the place," as she speaks Maka hands Tsubaki a large bag of various lengths of mistletoe cuttings, "we need some in the bathroom, all the bedrooms, hallways, living room, kitchen and erm…but some in the broom cupboard as well."

Tsubaki raises an eyebrow.

"The broom cupboard Maka-chan?" she question. Maka nodded irritably.

"Yes, yes the broom cupboard Tsubaki! Now GO!" she demanded. Tsubaki just shrugged and rushed off. Maka smirked sadistically.


"Soul, can you help me bring these decorations in?" Black Star called through the front door, trying to hold three boxes, one on top of the other. Soul jumped up from the sofa and ran out into the hallway, smiling when he saw Black Star looking at him sheepishly.

"They're kinda heavy." The sapphire eyed boy informed his friend. Soul laughed and grabbed the three boxes from Black Star's hands, their fingers overlapping in the transaction.

"S-sorry." Soul said as he took the boxes from the other boy. Black Star just smiled.

"Guys! Look up!" Maka's voice sung. Soul did as he was told and instantly blushed the colour of his eyes.

"Someone looking to steal a kiss Maka?" Black Star joked as he saw the mistletoe hanging above Soul and himself.

"I'm not the one whose cheeks looks as bright as Rudolf's nose!" Maka retorted, her eyes resting on Soul, who had fallen silent with embarrassment. Black Star just laughed before walking through into the spare room to drop the boxes down, quickly followed by Soul, who scurried behind him, his eyes glued to the box.

"Damn." Maka growled.

"Oi! Soul! I need your help!" Black Star's voice calls from the living room. Soul hears the seriousness in his best friends voice and jumps up from his bed, running into the living room only to burst out laughing.

"Shut up Soul! I just got tangled up. Now untie me!" he demanded. Soul tried to suppress his giggles as he tried to unravel the ninja boy from his tinsel prison.

"I was trying to put it on the tree and I just got twisted up in it." Black Star informed him. To free Black Star, Soul had to wrap an arm around the boys waist, something he was all too happy to do until Maka's voice is heard from behind them.

"Look up guys!" She sung before disappearing. Black Star looked up and laughed when he saw yet another piece of mistletoe.

"That girl is obsessed." He joked. Soul quickly pulled back, having accomplished the task of unravelling Black Star from the tinsel.

"Y-yeah she is." Soul stammered before running back into his room, closing the door behind him.

"Argh!" Maka cried.

"I am absolutely soaked!" Soul moaned as he pulled off his jacket. Black Star laughed as he followed Soul into the hallway and ran a hand though his sodden hair.

"Well it was your own fault for challenging me to a snowball fight." He retorted. Soul laughed and rung out his jacket before putting it back on, grimacing at the still damp fabric.

"Guys, look…"

"We know Maka, look up." Black Star snapped, cutting the young girl off mid-sentence. Soul looked up and unsurprisingly there was the familiar sight of mistletoe. He blushed crimson and looked to the floor.

"Maka what is your obsession with seeing me and Soul kiss?" Black Star asked impatiently. Soul felt his heart fall at the irritation clear in his best friends voice. Black Star didn't want to kiss him anymore than he wanted to kiss someone like…someone like Kidd! Maka glanced at Soul before crossing her arms.

"Just do it then I'll tell you." She replied smugly. Black Star raised an eyebrow.

"A bribe huh?" he commented. Maka nodded proudly. Black Star shrugged.

"Fine." He said. Maka opened her eyes wide, mirroring the look on Soul's face.

"W-what?" the weapon and meister said in unison. Black Star grinned.

"I'll kiss Soul if you tell me why you're so obsessed with the thought of it." He replied. Maka suddenly smirked.

"Okay, deal. Now kiss." She demanded.

Black Star smiled softly at Soul before leaning towards his best friend and pressing their lips together. Soul, instantly taken over by the feel of the contact he had long thought forbidden, couldn't help but become caught up in the moment and coil his arms around the slightly taller boys neck and deepen the kiss. Black Star, although a little shocked, didn't argue with Soul's decision and touched the ash haired boy's hips, pulling him closer. Maka stared, she may even have drooled, like hell she was going to admit it though. When Black Star pulled their lips apart he spoke, his eyes never once averting from the gaze of the boy before him.

"On seconds thoughts Maka, I don't care anymore. Go away." He ordered before picking up where he and Soul had left off and Soul was all too happy to oblige. Maka, not one to take commands, was about to argue when she thought better of it. She turned and walked off, one hand on her hip. She'd kick Black Stars ass later but for now she decided that everyone deserved a Christmas kiss, even her two most annoying friends.

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