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Valentine's Day

Soul was speechless. Literally speechless. His mind was blank and the only thing he could see was the long, thin box that his boyfriend had just handed him.

"Happy Valentine's day Soul." Black Star said, smiling happily. Soul looked up at the other boy and saw the childlike excitement twinkling in those bright blue eyes. Soul would have got lost in those if not for his curiosity as to what the present he held was. He slowly opened the lid off the thin box and his heart skipped a beat as he saw what was laid out inside. A long silver chain sat upon deep purple velvet. Attached to the chain was a silver pendant that was shaped like a heart. Said pendant was engraved with intricate Celtic looking patterns and at the centre of the heart was a small ruby, it's deep red colour much like the scarlet eyes that were gazing upon it.

"So do you like it?" Black Star asked, Soul's silence making him quite nervous. Soul's mind still hadn't caught up with him making him unable to reply.

"Because I know a guy wearing jewellery isn't cool but I just thought that…" Black Star trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck and forcing a laugh.

Soul looked up at the ninja and gave him a small smile, feeling that if he did much more he would overflow with emotion.

"It's perfect." He stated simply. Black Star let out an audible sigh of relief before placing a soft kiss to Soul's lips.

"Just like you then." He murmured against his boyfriends lips. Soul took the necklace from its box before holding it in front of him, the ruby catching the light as it swayed in Soul's, unusually unsteady, grip.

"You don't have to wear it if you don't want to." Black Star said.

Soul moved so that he was directly in front of the other boy, his back to him. Soul motioned to the necklace and Black Star couldn't help but burst into a large grin. Black Star took the delicate silver chain and placed the necklace over Soul's head, securing the clasp before letting the pendant rest on Soul's chest. Smiling brightly, Soul turned around and coiled his arms around Black Star's shoulders, pressing against him and giving him a heated kiss.

Seconds later Black Star's lips were connected to Soul's neck, kissing and sucking their way around the sensitive skin.

"B-Black Star…" Soul moaned, his fingers intertwined in cobalt blue hair.

Black Star smiled as he pulled back and saw the scarlet blush on Soul's cheeks.

"Flustered after that Soul?" the ninja asked seductively.

Soul opened his eyes and saw Black Star smirking at him. He pulled their lips together harshly and was secretly delighted at the moan that escaped the other boy. He forced his tongue past Black Star's lips and roamed the sweet, warm mouth with his tongue. Black Star's hands pushed up against Soul's chest, opening the buttons on the yellow and black jacket. Once he had pulled off Soul's jacket, Black Star made light work of pulling Soul's headband off and throwing it to the ground, smirking when Soul's ash white hair fell about his eyes.

Soul had managed to un-tuck Black Star's shirt from his trousers and had his hands placed firmly on the ninjas toned abdomen, stroking the, amazingly untarnished, skin. Black Star took hold of Soul's wrists and took them from under his shirt and placed them at the edges of the black material. Taking the hint, Soul lifted the shirt and pulled it over Black Star's head, letting it fall to the floor and join the rest of the discarded clothes. Black Star ran his fingers over the bulge that was clear through Soul's jeans and heard him moan loudly.

"Y-yes..." Soul breathed.

The blue haired boy smiled at the thick coating of lust in his boyfriends voice. He slowly pulled Soul's trousers down over his hips and continued until he let them drop to the floor, Soul stepping out of them before kicking them away. Soul was already breathing heavily as he finally realised what Black Star had in mind. Black Star kissed his way down Soul's chest, pausing at his belly button to delve his tongue inside and tease the tender flesh. Soul's breath hitched and he bit down on his lips so as not to cry out.

Black Star began to fondle Soul slowly but found himself unable to keep the steady strokes as Soul bucked against his hand. Black Star finally pulled off Soul's underwear, revealing his throbbing hardness to the cool air. He kissed the tip and, to his delight, felt Soul jolt with excitement. He took Soul into my mouth, licking and sucking as he pushed in as much as he could fit of Soul into his mouth without choking the muffled moan that came from the white haired boy, Black Star could tell that Soul had his hand firmly over his mouth. He chuckled inwardly.

Black Star was enjoying that fact that even though he was a complete novice at this sort of stuff, he could still take complete control. Soul's free hand entangled itself into cobalt hair, bobbing Black Star's head up and down his hardness. The ninja licked and sucked Soul until the grip on his hair tighten as Soul came into his mouth with a loud muffled scream. Soul felt like he was on fire, every inch of his skin prickling as pleasure washed over him.

"Did you enjoy that?" Black Star asked, standing back up and pressing himself against Soul, letting the other boy know that his aching erection needed attention.

Soul felt a fresh spark of desire run through him and his body seemed to heat up again.

"Y-yes." He managed to stutter out.

Black Star smirked and started to undo his trousers, sliding them off as well as his underwear.

Now both completely naked, both boys smashed their lips together in a fit of passion that left them panting, tongues coiling together and moans sounding in sync. A shiver ran through Soul as Black Star ran his hands over Soul's thighs before hauling him up and pushing him up against the wall. Soul's breath hitched as he wrapped his legs around Black Star's waist tightly. Soul felt large hands tighten their grip on his thighs as he felt the mere excitement of being held up against the wall buzzing in his head.

Black Star suddenly brought one of his hands up and pointed two fingers close to Soul's mouth. Realising what he meant, Soul took said fingers into his mouth and sucked them, trailing his tongue up and down the two digits. When Black Star seemed satisfied, he retracted the fingers from Soul's mouth and moved them back towards Soul's ass. Soul squirmed when the first digit entered him, hissing slightly at the intrusion. Black Star worked quickly and before long Soul was moaning for more as Black Star slowly slid in a third finger.

Soul soon felt his newly erect cock throbbing for more and he let out a low groan. Black Star's fingers slowly exited Soul and he felt Black Star move slightly, aligning himself at Soul's entrance. Soul had to stop himself from crying out as Black Star slowly pushed inside of him, the pain just bearable.

"Relax, it'll get better." Black Star soothed, kissing him softly.

Soul closed his eyes and held in a groan as the pain slowly evaporated and left behind something different…something amazing.

Black Star started a slow pace, forcing himself to keep steady for Soul's sake. Soon enough though, Soul was writhing against him, silently begging for more. Black Star began to thrust harder and faster, pulling Soul down onto him as he thrust. Soul let out a small grunt every time Black Star pushed into him, letting out a small whimper when he hit that special sweet spot. Both boys could feel themselves nearing their peaks and Black Star gave one final, violent thrust before they exploded together, crying out each other's names as they gasped and panted for the air that had seemingly been sucked out of the room.

Black Star dropped Soul's feet to the ground and they both collapsed on the floor, both sitting with their backs to the wall. Once their breathing had returned to normal, Black Star opened his arms and beckoned Soul closer, something which Soul was all too happy to oblige to do. They sat snuggled up together, pressed up against each other tightly. Black Star ran his fingers over the delicate silver pendant that hung around Soul's neck before lifting the other boys chin so that their eyes met.

"Best present ever?" he questioned. Soul smiled warmly, leaning up and kissing his boyfriend softly before speaking.

"Best present ever."

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