Here's a little oneshot I cooked up after watching Kevin search for his cheese pizza in the "Spilled Milk" scene from the 1990 Christmas classic "Home Alone", a film I think is a fantastic film for anytime. I've always wondered why Kevin likes cheese pizza so much. I myself love pizza; it's one of my favorite foods, and I also like cheese pizza (like Kevin), and also pepperoni.

Disclaimer: Genius John Hughes owns Home Alone. I own the oneshots and stories.

Kevin and Cheese Pizza

By Abigail

Kevin's POV

I don't know why I like cheese pizza, but I sure like the taste. Maybe it's the sight of all that cheese, hot and melted, over the red spaghetti sauce. Maybe it's the scent that tickles my nose, and causes a smile to grace my face.

The first time I tried it, it was dinnertime and I was seven years old. I had just seen what a pizza was, and the cheese pizza instantly caught my eye. Immediately, I knew that the cheese pizza would be my favorite food for life.

Carefully, I hefted a small slice of the pizza onto my red paper plate and waited for a bit for it to cool down. After all, I didn't want to burn my mouth.

Then when I was sure it was cool enough, I picked up a little bit of the pizza and dug in.

It was fantastic! One of the best foods I'd ever tried. A gleeful smile spread out across my face as I savored the cheesiness of the flavor, the sauce underneath it, and best of all, the way it tasted really great.

I will never forget that taste as long as I live.

Well, I hope you like it; sorry if it's a little short, but I prefer quality over quantity. Be sure to tell me what you think.