Warning: About as implicit as a non-explicit scene can get. Seriously. Dislike, please don't read!

They were on their bed, in their room, and it was dark out, and it was hot here.

The heat was heavy and alive, lazily coiling around the two of them as they panted and panted, because they were together, and it burnt.

The blond made a choked sound, the other hissed and ignored the pain, because it was hot, and he could melt, and he wanted to melt.

A little discomfort was nothing.

Outside this home he was king.

The blond moved, and then the other moved with him. It's clumsy and their knees knock, and their grip slips and slides because they were sweating, liquid torrential, flooding everything.

But it's alright (it's fine).

They've done this before. Together. Often. But somehow they never became experts at doing it just so, so that now as the blond shifts and bucks upwards and pleads for a kiss, their teeth wouldn't knock.

But their teeth do knock, and somehow it's alright because Yuuri's Yuuri and Wolfram's Wolfram, and it was still oh so hot, and they couldn't breathe because it hurt to, or maybe because it was a pleasure to, but breathing, deep breathing (hi hi huu) was too difficult, too distracting, so they pant.

And Wolfram, he controls how fast they move, how much friction, how much they feel, and Yuuri didn't mind, because it was Wolfram and it was burning, and talented, single-minded Wolfram, he was hitting something, and suddenly Yuuri couldn't see straight.

Or to his left, or to his right, or anywhere.

Now sight was a distraction, so he closed his eyes, and shouted.

And shouted.

Because the camel's back was really broken by pleasure, and so much warmth and love and happy! and Yuuri is dropped off the precipice.

And loyal, honest Wolfram, who would never let him be alone, brave Wolfram tumbled into blind exhilaration right alongside him.


They breathe, later. They could breathe again, and both moved to shift under the blankets. A roaring fire would have been romantic when passionate activity no longer went on to keep them hot, but Yuuri did not accept money to look after his people, and Wolfram worked at a restaurant after school, so warmth afforded by blankets was all they could afford.


"Want to go a second round, Wolf?"

"You're out of your mind, Yuuri."

"But Wolf~" he whined, "I'm cold."

The blond growled threateningly, dishonestly, because the pleased grin he always got after they had fun was there.

"How come everyone else is scared of you, you wimp?"

Yuuri huffed, vaguely insulted.

"Because I AM king, you know, and I'm way stronger than you, and people respect me, and-"

Wolfram was sleepy.

"Ngh... Yuuri, if that's how powerful you are, and I know you dented my car door when you shut it too hard yesterday, how come I'm seme?" It was a funny word, maybe even a dirty word, but it was the truth, and it was Yuuri that had brought up the titles in the first place, so the wimp was only getting what was coming to him.

Wolfram didn't even blush that much.

An added afterthought.

"And I decide the brand of coffee we drink every morning!"

Yuuri winced at the hot burning pain in his lower back, and slid off the mattress to head for a warm shower.

Moving to Wolfram's side of the bed he mischievously ruffled blond locks, laughing when Wolfram growled, slapped his hand away and tried to smooth back his hair.

Yuuri bends, and presses a a kiss to Wolfram's cheek, warm and loving.

"Because I don't know if I can control my strength if I'm the one doing that to... well, to you. And Wolfram, didn't you notice?"

He leans down and happily declares his undying love for the blond in a kiss.

"I'm the king of vampires, and I can kill you without any trouble. You know I'm your wimp, Wolf, think for yourself! Maybe I want someone to rule over me."


(Next evening)

"Wolf, what is this?"

The blond looked up from his homework (The oxidative properties of Green Tea Vs. Black Tea. Compare and contrast. Include the history and make of each, two thousands words minimum by Wednesday) with an awesome frown, because tea was Lipton and Lipton was tea, was there anything more?

He couldn't budget for Earl Grey, thanks most kindly.

"What, wimp?"

Yuuri held up a blue shirt with the words "Wimp is King" emblazoned across the chest in black letters.

"Oh. Murata said one of his 'friends' had started a t-shirt printing store, and he was giving a discount for the first hundred presses... Something like that. It's cute, Yuuri."

"Thanks, Wolf, but... no one would understand it. Except you, me, and Murata."

Wolfram shrugged and returned his attention to his laptop.

"It's not for anyone else. It's for you, so that you remember that you are a king, and there are lives that depend on you."

Oooh. Morbid.

"Wolf, if this is about yesterday-"

Wolfram growled as he accidentally closed the tab he was reading through.

"It is about yesterday, Yuuri. You are a king, I think you have to take responsibility for it."

"Do you want me to top?" Yuuri was red, because he was confused, and confused Yuuri, like boiled lobster, turns red.

Wolfram glared at him.

"I'm not even going to try to understand what goes on in your mind, wimp. You are a king, but the wimp part is so that you know whenever I'm near, I'll be whatever you need me to be."

The blond is annoyed, and his eyes are fatigued from staring at small script on the screen. A rest, a rest is well-deserved.

He stood and stalked to Yuuri, before kissing the stronger, wimpier man breathless. Wolfram grinned his predatory grin and hugged his boyfriend.

"Your lord or your lover, anything, everything, wimp. You should feel so lucky I'm so accommodating!"

Yuuri couldn't help his smile, because Wolfram was charming when he was being bratty and kind, and hugged back, careful not to break anything or injure anything or hurt.


"I'll be sure to tell my advisers to give you a title, Wolf. You know, because I love you and I'm so powerful and..."

Wolf, I'm so grateful.

"You can show your appreciation by switching off the heating and keeping me warm"

Yuuri grinned, and even if he didn't do it as well, he could look predatory too.

He could!

"Immediately, Your Excellency!"

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