Author's Note: Hey this is a short fan fiction about Remus Lupin and Harry Potter. I wrote this for Healer Pomfrey. I love her stories and you should check them out. I do not own these characters only J.K Rowling does.

Professor Lupin's Cub

It was a normal Monday in the great hall. Harry had not slept well the night before. He could tell he was beginning to get sick. Hermione was fighting with Ron over some insignificant detail. Harry was trying his best to zone them out. His head was buzzing and his throat hut.

"Harry are you listening" Hermione asked?

Before he could formulate an answer she spoke again.

"You have not touched your food and you look like you have come down with something" she said.

He hated it when she would prod at him. She is just looking out for you he told himself so do not be annoyed with her.

"I'm fine" he said.

"Go see Madam Pomfrey" she said.

Her worried look drove him nuts. Why does she care if I am sick?

"We have DADA first Professor Lupin will not care if you miss" she finished pleading her point.

"No" he stood and made his way out of the great hall.

As soon as he reached the hall the students began to leave for class. When he reached his class he took a seat. He kept thinking there is no reason to see Madam Pomfrey she has enough work as it is. Every year she has to do something for me. Professor Lupin entered the room and began the lesson. Harry tried to pay attention but could not manage to focus. He noticed the concerned glances the Professor kept throwing at him. Ron on the other hand did not seem to think there was something wrong. It was one of the times he was glad Ron did not notice things. Ron hit his arm and started to stand.

"Hey, Harry it is time to go" Ron said.

Harry stood and made his way to the door. Right before he was about to walk out Lupin spoke.

"Harry would you please stay for a moment" he asked?

Harry gestured at Ron to go on. Then he turned around and went to stand before the Professor's desk. He just wanted to go up to his dorm and sleep. He for sure did not want to stand here.

"Harry you do not look well. Are you sick" Lupin asked.

He hated it when people worried about him. He thought he was just not worth the worrying and why should they care.

"I'm fine" he said.

He then turned and walked out the door. He knew he had been very rude but was just to sick to care. He decided to go down by the lake .There would be to many people in his dorm for him to rest. The grounds were covered with snow. The water of the lake was calm and clear. His legs could not carry him father and he collapsed in the the snow by the lake. His mind half dazed in fever told him he should go inside. But the weariness of his body won out.

POV Lupin


He had decided to follow Harry 30 minutes after he left his class. At first he thought he is mad at you leave him alone. But something in his gut told him to go. He had searched the great hall and Gryffindor's dorm and common room. He was going to search the grounds as a last ditch effort. He was beginning to become very worried when he spotted a small black lump in the snow by the lake. Lupin began to run worried about hypothermia setting in. He went down on his knees by the boy.

"Harry you are sick lets go inside" Lupin said softly.

"Ok" said Harry groggily.

Harry tried to stand but did not have the energy to do so. Remus saw the problem and picked up the boy. Carrying Harry like a baby towards the castle Harry closed his eyes and feel asleep.

"Good night my Cub" Remus Lupin said while placing a kiss on his brow. Remus would always protect and care for his cub.