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Professor Lupin's Cub: Chapter Three


POV Lupin

Lupin pushed against the hard red oak door that lead into his quarters. The sun was beginning to rise and cast a glow though his rooms. He had been lucky that Dumbledore had been awake so early in the day. He softly made his way across the room to the door that lead to his bedroom. He did not want to awake the now sleeping child so he took great care when opening the door. Harry was laying across the bed and sleeping soundly. He slowly approached the bed and unable to help himself he swept the hair on the child's head aside to reveal the lighting bolt scar. That scar was a symbol to the entire wizarding world of what the boy was capable of. To him, it meant something entirely different. He moved to sit in the chair by the boy's bedside and was lost in thought.


A small 11 year old boy sat in a dark corridor looking upwards. The floor was cold and slightly damp. He had found this spot wandering the castle one night. The ceiling was in a dome shape and was made thickly cut glass. Intricately carved to show a battle scene. Despite the carving you could still get a pretty clear view of the night's sky. He was so entranced by the storm brewing overhead that he failed to notice the platter of feet. To his surprise a girl with bright red hair and emerald green eyes plopped down next to him and began looking upwards as well.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

Remus continued looking upwards unsure of how to respond. "Its storming." he answered.

They continued starring for quite a while before she spoke again. "It's funny how the sky creates light when its darkest." she whispered.

"I've never thought of it like that, but I guess your right." he said.

They sat for they next twenty minutes or so in silence. Then she got up and left without saying a word. Remus remained there for a few minutes more then threw one last glance at the painting of the battle illuminated by light.

End Flashback


Lupin POV

It was weird thinking back now and realizing that girl from that night had become one of his best friends. It was even stranger to think her son now lay in front of him. It now seemed to him as another case of foreshadowing in his life. He knew what the lighting bolt scar meant to him and he would make sure Harry knew too. The boy moved slightly and began to wake. Emerald green eyes fell upon Remus.