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"Nya-ah! Oishi~ it hu-urts!" The red head whined, crying out in frustration.

"It'll be over quicker if you stay still," Oishi sighed, shaking his head as he touched his partners back carefully.

"But Oishi!!!!" He cried, wringing his hands in impatience.

"Tch, mada mada Kikumaru-senpai," came the unwanted remark of their super rookie, walking past them with a smirk on his face.

"Nya Ochibi don't be rude," Eiji grumbled, pouting. Ryoma just shrugged, grunting as a weight fell on top of him.

"Maybe if you had been helping clean up the so called grass courts, Eiji-senpai," Momo grinned, tipping Ryoma's hat from where he lent. "Instead of running off; you wouldn't have landed in poison ivy."

"And nettles," Fuji added, walking past them over to their captain.

"Nya!! Momo respect you senpai!" Eiji snapped, glaring at the taller boy. Momoshiro just laughed and tugged his kohai away.

"You should be setting an example as my senpai though," he quickly added, laughing and dodging the bottle Eiji chucked at him.

Behind him, Seigaku's mother hen sighed. They had come up to this training camp to do just that; train. Yet it seemed as that wouldn't be the case. When they had arrived they found out that they had to camp, since the building had long ago been demolished. Not only that, it wasn't even a clay court they would be using for practice, it was a grass court...well if you even could call it that.

It had been left unattended for ages, no maintenance care at all. Weeds and over-grown grass had taken over, making it all but impossible to use. At least until Tezuka had set them to work on cleaning it, trying to get it back to a usable state. The regulars had all got to work, until a certain red head had got distracted, wandering off to the far side of the court and nosing around in the forest. He hadn't even seen the branch where it had hid, stealthily waiting for the right moment to trip the acrobat up.

Which it promptly did, sending him flying forwards and sprawling out on top of a bush; exactly where the regulars had found him moments later when they had heard his cry, as he thrashed around, trying to get free, yelping and shouting at the sensations running up and down his body as the nettles pricked him. With help from both Oishi and Fuji, the incredibly itchy and panicked red head was pulled free of the bush, brought him up to stand next to them.

Walking back to camp Eiji did nothing but cry and scratch as the nettles had stung him at every available place they could, which was a lot considering it was hot and Eiji was in his shorts and a t-shirt. But it wasn't until a few minutes later, as Oishi was trying to calm him down long enough to check his reddening skin, that Eiji started to fidget even more, frowning and whining as he tried to scratch and move around.

Tezuka, watching the scene before him with the other regulars, though not as a spectator as some people were doing, but purely as a concerned captain, raised his eyebrows as red splotches began to appear all over the irritated boy's body.

Down his arms and legs, even his neck and stomach, even from there his top had came up was the red spots becoming visible..

"O-Oishi!!!" Eiji practically screamed in a panic.

"Hm, I guess nettles weren't the only plant there," Fuji had mused, coming up behind the red head and pushing him towards their tents.

"Ii data," came a familiar voice, the noise of a pen scribbling and pages turning echoing in the back ground. "Urtica dioica also known as nettles, they have fine venom covered hairs that when penetrate the human body cause irri-"

"Nya!! Make it stop!!!!"

"-tation. Toxicondendron radicons, poison ivy, causes rashes from contact d--"

"Due to the fact it produces a chemical called urushial," Fuji cut in. "Poor Eiji for being unfortunate enough to come into contact with it. We'll have to keep an eye on him and the things he may touch."

"Why is that Fuji-senpai?" Momo and Kaidoh asked, glaring at each other.

"Hm, because it could spread to us if we touch his skin, or if it has been passed onto something he may have touched," Fuji told them, smiling pleasantly and watching with amusement as his kohai's backed off.

"What about Oishi-senpai?" Momo asked. "Won't he catch it?"

"Oishi hasn't touched Eiji's skin," Inui piped back in. "Besides, he should know about the effects."

So now, sitting as far away from the term 'still' as you could get- on a chair in front of his partner was Eiji whining and complaining… and getting whacked with a twig every time he started to scratch, making Oishi reapply the calamine lotion again for the hundredth time those past few minutes.

"Eiji, the more you scratch at it, the worse it will get," Oishi sighed, taking care as he pulled the t-shirt Taka had so generously lent; because it was several sizes bigger and less likely to cling and irritate the acrobat, over his partners head.

"But it's so itchy!!! Ow!" Eiji yelped, shooting Fuji and the twig a dirty look.

"I won't hit you if you stop scratching," Fuji hummed, tilting his head innocently.

"Nya Fujiko you evil-"

"Kikumaru," the red head swallowed his words as Tezuka walked towards him. "Ryuzaki-sensei is on her way here."

"Wah, can't you tell her to hurry?!" Eiji whined, shifting around in his seat, attempting to scratch his back on the chair only to once again get whacked. "Ah, Fuji! Hit me again and I'll hug you!" he threatened.

"I'd like to see you try," the tensai laughed, sounding scarily sweet.

'So would we,' were the thoughts echoing around the camp site. Eiji just grinned and Fuji opened his eyes.

"You wouldn't dare Eiji," he smiled so politely even Tezuka felt a chill go up his spine.

"Eiji," Oishi warned. "Try to be calm, you'll be on your way home soon to be treated properly, so try not to endanger your self further." Eiji seemed to stay still for what seemed like a whole minute -well their wishful thinking- as he thought it over.

"Hm soon isn't quick enough Oishi!! It hurts and it stings and it's soooo itchy!" The raven haired male chuckled lightly and smiled at him, he would have patted the boys head if it hadn't been for the current circumstances.

"Gomen ne Eiji, but you won't have to put up with it much longer." Fuji, watching the two very warily, decided it was safe enough to close his eyes again and resume what ever it was he was doing. Eiji shouldn't be underestimated, as naive and innocent a person he was, being around Fuji for as long as he had definitely needed to have some kind of effect, and Fuji knew it.

So why he decided it was even remotely safe was beyond him. Perhaps it was Eiji's charm, and how the redhead in question was so distracted with talking to his doubles partner that Fuji assumed that Eiji's previous threat were just that, a threat.

"Oishi haven't you got anything stronger?" Eiji asked, begging him with wide eyes. "This stuff isn't doing much and it's sooo annoying, and I wanna- ouch! Fujiko!"

"I told you," Fuji said, looking down at him from where he stood. "Stop scratching or you'll leave marks and scars all over yourself."

"You....you…fine let's see you cope," Eiji snapped, leaping up and hugging the t-shirt clad Fuji, nuzzling him with a vengeful grin. "'I warned you'!"

It was almost as if the world had gone silent, nobody even breathed as Fuji's eyes snapped open and Eiji chuckled darkly, rubbing his arms along Fuji's own as he clung to him tightly. Even f the t-shirt was sizes bigger; it didn't cover the red heads arms. The second years and first years seemed to have enough common sense to start backing away, unsure whether or not they wanted to see what would happen next.

Fuji brought his hand to Eiji's head and patted it once. "You know this isn't over right?"

"Wouldn't expect anything else nya," Eiji replied bravely, inwardly crying in fear. The redhead, satisfied with his work jumped back and legged it over to Oishi's side, taking care to avoid his best friends eyes that watched him murderously, and to take care to not touch Oishi.

"Oishi," Tezuka called, not looking very pleased at all. "Take care of Kikumaru-kun, Fuji go back to your tent."

"But Mitsu-" Fuji started.

"Now," Tezuka ordered, his gaze unwavering. "The rest of you, back to work."

"Hai!" Tezuka sighed, feeling a migraine lurking around the corner, and walked back towards the freshmen cutting away the weeds. Although the small break didn't last very long as a horn sounded in the background and a car pulled up. Tezuka couldn't deny that the timing was perfect.

"Oi, Tezuka," Ryuzaki called, stepping out of the car and walking over. "What's all this about?"

"Kikumaru was effected by poison ivy," Tezuka explained, glancing over to the tent the acrobat currently resided in. The gaze then traveled over to the tent just to the right of it. "And subsequently, so was Fuji."

"Fuji?" Ryuzaki asked, looking skeptical. "I never for a second thought that he could be careless enough to..."

"There were some other factors," Tezuka added. Ryuzaki sighed and shook her head in disbelief.

"Well, let's get them home. Fuji, Kikumaru, get out here!" Two, very unimpressed, heads poked out from their respective tents and left them to head over to their coach. One of them covered in white cream while the other was starting to scratch at the red rashes appearing on his arms.

"Well look at you two," she grinned, not bothering to stifle her laughs. "Well let's get you in the car to the hospital." Eiji groaned, and looked back over to Oishi.

"Nya I'll see you later Oishi!"

"Ah, get well Eiji," Oishi said, walking over to see his friend off.

"Ja, I'll see you Tezuka," Fuji smiled, almost too tempted to touch the stoic boy, before getting into the car next to Eiji.

"I wonder...are they going to be safe together," Oishi worried, speaking to his best friend.

"Hn," Tezuka replied, nodding his head as they worried whether or not Fuji would actually kill Eiji...

"Heh heh," the redhead chuckled once the other was inside the car, eying Fuji's increasingly reddening skin.

"Saa, I wouldn't laugh Eiji," Fuji spoke, watching as Ryuzaki got back into the car and started the engine. "After all, you have it much worse than I do."

"Now, now you two," Ryuzaki started as she pulled off, and drove away. "No arguing in my car. We're going to the hospital and then you're heading straight home...so much for training this weekend."


"Well this certainly is quite a bad case," the doctor spoke, shaking his head in wonder. "It's not often we get people coming in with poison ivy."

"Ah, we seem to have the special kids then," Ryuzaki commented, throwing the two, very uncomfortable, teens a look. "Anyone would wonder if they really are tennis players...I ask you."

Both the boys ignored the comment, trying hard to forget about the constant annoyance working its way across their bodies. Eiji however, still found the humor to hit his best friend every time he caught the prodigy scratching himself and mimicking Fuji's earlier words. To which the tensai smiled thinly, and turned away, sitting on his hands.

"…so they should put this on morning and night, or whenever it begins to irritate too much," the doctor continued. "Don't expect it to work straight away though, this isn't magic so make sure to give it time."

"And that's all?" Ryuzaki asked, and the doctor nodded. "That's it, you can head home now. Remember boys 'leaves of three, let it be', alright."

"H-hai..." They replied, getting up to leave with their sensei, both covered in the new lotion.

"Well we've got some explaining to do to your parents," the old coach grinned.

"Great," they both mumbled, following her back out to the car.

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