She walked down the hall, griping her text books firmly in her hands. Her bright jade eyes flipped back and forth from door to door; looking for her second period class. Today was Sakura's first day at her new high school, and it was one of the most nerves raking day of her life. Sakura and her mother had moved over the summer and Sakura was still adjusting to her new life. She had left all her friends and her childhood home in a little town about 5 hours away.

Pink strands of hair brushed her jaw line this way and that as she turned her head; anxiety filled her eyes as she approached her class. There was a group of students standing in front of the door, chatting about their summer and what classes they had this year. A girl glanced over in her direction; she did a double take. She took a third shameless long glance at Sakura. Sakura gave a hard glace to the people around her as she passed through the group and entered the class.

"There's no way that her hair is really that colour. Who ever heard of cherry blossom pink as a hair colour," one girl stated.

"Well, her name is Sakura; I guess her parents named her that for that reason," the other girl continued, "and I think she heard you." The other girl had been in her first period class and had remembered Sakura's name from the attendance.

Sakura sat down in a desk close to the front of the room and let her pile of books drop down on her desk. She would have left her books from her last class in her locker but she still hadn't quite gotten the hang of her new lock yet. It seemed the combination the admin in the office had given her was off. Deciding not to waste any more time at her locker, after unsuccessfully trying to open it 5 more times, she went off with all her book to find her next class. Sakura slid her reading glasses on as she flipped open a new binder full of fresh paper and wrote the title of the course in big letters, "Biology". Underneath she wrote her name, "Sakura Haruno", in her neatest script hand.

The sound of people moving grew louder as they moved in to the class room to take their seats. The bell rang long and clear. Sakura looked up and around the class for familiar faces. There were several people from her first period class that she recognized, but no one who was more than just a name and face. As Sakura turned to look toward the front of the room, the girl beside her caught her eye. The girl had long blond hair tied up in a high pony tail and iceberg blue eyes. She wore a violet halter top and a short skirt of the same colour, with black mid-thigh length leggings. Sakura smiled; the blue eyed girl smiled back.

"Hey, my name is Ino Yamanaka." The blond continued to smile as she introduced herself.

"My name is Sakura Haruno," Sakura responded back cheerfully, "Hey, you have a locker near me, right?" Sakura lowered her reading glasses from her eyes to get a better look.

"Yea, oh hey, I remember seeing now. You're new this year?"

"Yea, I …" The teacher then called attention to the front, interrupting Sakura and Ino's conversation.

"Welcome to biology; my name is Tsunade-sensei. We will start the year off with a brief revision of what you should already know." Tsunade-sensei paused for a moment as someone walked in the door and scurried to their seat. "Okay, well I'm going to wait a couple more minutes for the stragglers and then do attendance." The blond, bodacious sensei smirked knowingly. Tsunade wore a pair of gray dress pants and a matching vest top.

During the class Sakura looked around the class at some of the equipment. She was quite impressed, even if it was only just a bunch of Bunsen burners and shiny beakers and flasks; they even had safety goggles. Back in Sakura's home town the schools where vary poorly funded due to the lack of volume; in their science lab there was a total of 3 Bunsen burners and a couple of cracked, dirty beakers.

At the end of the class Sakura picked up her books and went over to the teacher's desk. Tsunade was piling up the left over papers from the class and leafing through the text book. The older woman glanced up from her work, as the pink haired student approached her desk.

"How may I help you?" Sensei asked as she continued flipping thought the pages, marking down things on a separate piece of paper.

"I was wondering if it was possible to borrow some extra resources so I can review more in depth," Sakura asked politely. On the inside, Sakura was kind of freaked out about talking to her new teacher. Tsunade-sensei was not the kind of women you wanted to mess with. Tsunade lift an eye, questioning. "I just want to make sure I'm not too far behind," Sakura continued.

"I'll see what I can find." She turned around and looked at the shelves behind her. "You're new to this school, aren't you?"

"Yes, my family just moved here this summer and I have this growing feeling that we didn't cover as much material at my old school as you have here." Sakura answered. Once she started talking she got over her nervousness.

"Uhm, well you can borrow this for a couple nights, if that will help." Tsunade-sensei held out a copy of the first year science text book, with marker scrolled across it, "EXTRA".

"Oh thank you, when do you want me to bring it back?"

"Eh? Oh, whenever you're done with it," Tsunade shrugged.

"Muh, thank you again," Sakura smiled excitedly, while taking the text and piling on top of her other books. Tsunade looked down at Sakura's large pile of books, "Have you thought of carrying your backpack… or using your locker?"

"Oh yeah, my lock was giving me a hard time so I just came to class with all my books." Sakura confessed, slightly embarrassed.

"Did you ask the office for the combination?"

"Yeah I did, I have it here on this piece of paper," Sakura patted her pocket, "but I don't think it works very well, the lock looks pretty worn out."

"Ah well if it starts getting overly troublesome, you can have the office cut it off and give you a new one." Tsunade replied.

"I'm sure it will be fine, see you tomorrow," and with that Sakura was off.

Tsunade-sensei glanced over at the door as Sakura passed through it. What an interesting girl, she thought to herself, as she resumed preparing for her next class.

Sakura left the class with her books and was met by Ino and a couple of other girls grouped around Ino. The other girls starred at Sakura with curious faces, until Ino shot them a dirty look, as if saying with her eyes that it was rude to stare.

"Hey, so what was that about; in trouble with Sensei already?" Ino laughed out, the other girls came to ease and joined in the laughter as well. Sakura was slightly puzzled and it must have shown on her face.

"No, actually I was just asking to borrow an old text book. What's so funny?" Sakura demanded, starting to become slightly annoyed by the girls continued laughter.

"Oh, it's just that, Tsunade-sensei has a rep for being tough on her students, you know, she's kind of crazy." Ino said in a matter-of-fact tone while she whipped a tear out of her eye. "But I guess that makes sense, I don't think anyone would take her seriously with a body like that. She's actually really smart though; she has, like, a PhD in something or other and has led our school's rugby team to first place every year."

"Wow, yeah your right, I would never have guessed she has a PhD," Sakura replied
wide eyed, clearly impressed by her new teacher.

"Oh and by the way these wonderful women here…"Ino started.

"Hey, Sakura is it? I'm Temari." A taller dusty blond continued. She wore her hair in an unusual fashion, four short ponytails at the back of her head. Termari wore a mid sleeve length, light purple, v-neck; with a white tank top over; and a short black skirt with fish net leggings. She also had a long red scarf tied around her waist.

"I'm Tenten!" The other girl exclaimed. She had chocolate brown hair, which she wore in two little buns. Tenten came off as a little bit tomboyish, as she wore a white Chinese style top and a pair of green khaki capris.

"Ok, well Sakura, now that we have that out of the way, why don't these beautiful ladies here and of course I, show you around the school and bring you up to speed on the who's who. Kay?" It was more like an order then a question.

"Sure, we have lunch after 3rd, right?"

"Yep! What's your locker number? we'll find you after third." Ino demaded.

"Uuuhh I believe its number 29 23."Sakura tried to remember, if that wasn't right, then it was at least a locker close to the number.

"Alright, see after class Sakura!" The girls all went off in different directions.