Sarutobi stared at the blonde boy in front of him in a state of shock and awe. This wasn't the first time he had been amazed by the young Uzumaki boy; and he was sure, that it wasn't going to be the last time either.

"Um…N-Naruto-Kun…" he tried to start as he stared at the boy's companion, who, like the boy though several years older than the boy; watching her carefully. "Who…who is this new friend you have here?"

The blonde boy, no more than eight or nine years old; looked from the Old Man in front of him and quirked his head to the left in a state of confusion. He could tell, from years of being lied to by others, that the Old Man wasn't exactly happy about his new friend. Why? He didn't know. He looked at his new friend and a small smile formed on his tanned face. He liked his new friend.

His new friend was nice and she played with him. Why she insisted on licking the top of his head and then preen his hair with her hands…he didn't know, but still; she was nice. And pretty.

Sarutobi looked at the boy's new friend with mixed emotions. Confusion, worry and fear. The older girl, no; young woman who Naruto had seemed to made friends with was a shinobi of Kumogakure, and therefore, an enemy of Konoha…and yet; she was much more. He knew, through one of his old students, that this young woman was none other than Nii Yugito…the dreaded Jinchuriki of the demon cat, Nibi.

He had heard tales of her ferocious battles and her expertise in stealth and infiltration. She may act like she was mute, but he knew, that she was battle hardened and a professional killer. Naruto, on the other hand, didn't…or, didn't care. Since she showed up, at least, had been reported by the Anbu two days ago, Naruto; a boy who up until last week walked around with a cloud of anger and hate that seemed to be almost palpable; had been a bundle of smiles and a basket of giggles. Like a three year old who was being tickled.

"I don't know Jiji." Naruto admitted. "But she's nice and pretty…" a small hint of blush lit the boy's cheeks as he looked at the blonde woman next to him, who was busy glaring lazily at Sarutobi, watching; just in case he made a move against the boy. 'Just like a mother hen…' Sarutobi mused. 'Or better yet, a mother cat…' "And she plays with me…" Sarutobi looked at Naruto, who had reached out a small arm, small compared to an adult anyways; and scratched the top of the assassin's head, who, instead of pulling away; seemed to boy her head and meet the outstretched hand and brush her head under the boy's hand…

'Exactly like a cat…' Sarutobi mused, a small bit of perverted blush came to his face as he watched in fascination. Suddenly, the young woman snapped her head up towards him and growled. Again…almost cat like. Sarutobi gulped. When the blush faded from his face, the young woman stopped growling at him and resumed running her head back and forth under Naruto's small hand. And then, like a cat, she began to purr.

"Jiji…" Sarutobi looked down at the boy and bid him to continue. "Can…can I keep her?"

"W-Wha?" Sarutobi said intelligently.

"I promise to take care of her, and feed her and water her and-and-and walk her!" the boy shot of promises that normal little boys and girls asked their parents when they wanted a puppy or kitten from the pet shop or pound.

"Wha?" Sarutobi asked again…

"Please?" Naruto pleaded, earning a small chuckle from the three Anbu guards hidden in the room, though the chuckles didn't seem to make the young assassin from Kumo hostile…she was in her own little world. In the palm of Naruto's hand. Literally. "PLEASE?" the blonde boy almost shouted.

"I-I uh…We'll you see Naruto-Kun," Sarutobi tried to explain the situation. "She isn't a shinobi of the Leaf, and as such, she needs to go…uh…go home." He tried to smile, hoping that Naruto didn't know where foreign shinobi went to when they invaded Konoha.

"But I want to keep her!" the boy nearly shouted, causing the young blonde woman to stop rubbing her head under the boy's hand…and instead, turned to licking the side of his face and his hair…again, much like a cat… He didn't know why she was doing such things, but it looked like she was trying to calm Naruto down. "Please!" Oh no, he was begging now. Not good. If there was anything worse than puppy dog eyes, it was kit eyes…and Naruto used them when he wanted something…and he usually got what he wanted…at least, when it was directed at him.

"Well…I guess…I guess so." Sarutobi finally caved, earning more snickering from his Anbu and a smile and a cheer from the boy. "But!" Sarutobi intervened quickly. "She has to be a good girl and listen to you…and you have to be responsible for her actions…do you know what that means?"

"No letting her climb on the curtains?" Naruto asked. "And making sure that she uses the litter box?"

"Yes-Wha?" Sarutobi thought about what the boy had just said. Would an assassin, highly trained in the art of…well…assassination, really climb a curtain or use a litter box? No matter how cat like she acted like? He shuddered at the thought. "Um…yes Naruto…that is exactly what it means."

The young boy cheered loudly, earning a wince from the young woman, who had been licking his head seconds earlier. Then, he turned around and swung his little arms around her neck and pulled her into a hug…well, tried to anyways. What resulted from that attempt, was a pile made up of the boy and the young woman. It took all his might not to think bad thoughts. She was straddling him!

"Yay!" the boy cheered oblivious to the mounds of flesh that were resting on his face as he hugged his new friend. "I have a new pet!" the boy cheered loudly. "I'm going to name you Kitty! Okay?!" the young woman's purr intensified greatly and rubbed her cheek on his chin.

"Uh, Naruto!" Sarutobi caught the boy's attention quickly. Just because the young woman acted like a cat, didn't mean that she was; and Naruto needed to learn that quickly…just in case the woman ever regained her sanity… "Humans are not pets…understand?" the little boy nodded slowly. "She can be your friend…but not your' pet…got that?"

"Yup!" the little boy said cheerfully.

"Alright, you two can go along home now…just…be careful, okay?" Sarutobi said. "And Come back soon, Naruto-Kun…Okay?"

"Can I bring Kitty too?" Naruto asked.

"Uh…sure...Kitty, can come." Sarutobi said slowly, hoping that should the young woman ever regain her sanity…she wouldn't harm him for calling her 'Kitty'.

"Yay! Let's go home Kitty!" the boy cheered excitedly as he pushed the young woman off of him, got up on his feet, and charged through the door.

"What's the worse that can happen?" Sarutobi asked himself. "I'm sure I Kumo wants an explanation as to why we have one of their Jinchuriki…that they'd understand…" he said to his hidden Anbu agents.

"Hokage-Sama," the intercom on his desk crackled moments after his last statement. "There are three shinobi from Kumo here…they wish to speak with you about an important matter…"

"Send them in." He answered automatically without realizing what he had heard or said. 'Oh shit…Kami…you really hate me don't you?' In return for his question, a short series of thunder rolled over head. Looking out the window, he saw nothing but clear skies for miles…Kami was laughing.

Suddenly, the door to his office swung open, revealing three young shinobi from Kumo.

"Hokage-Sama…" the leader of the group, obviously a chunin leader, greeted, as all three of them bowed respectfully. "We have reason to believe…that we just saw Nii Yugito of Kumogakure leave, accompanying a young boy…in your village…is that right?" at Sarutobi's nod, the young chunin, a young woman herself brought a hand to her face and pinched the bridge of her nose and curse silently. "Not again…"

"Not again?" Sarutobi asked puzzled.

"Sorry Hokage-Sama…its just, that when Nii Yugito is overly frustrated, she starts to act like a cat…for reasons we both know why." The woman stated. "When she acts like a cat, she picks someone and stays with them until…she either becomes calm and collected again…or if she gets a dose of her medicine…"

"So she's mentally unstable then?" Sarutobi asked, hoping that the woman in front of him was lying.

"Yes…unfortunately, which is why we need to bring her back home, to Kumo…providing that you let us…" the woman stated, knowing about the tension between the two villages' being at an all time high thanks to the failed kidnapping of the Hyuuga Heiress four years ago.

"Normally I would let you, Kuoichi-San…but…I just let a little boy, who has no one else in the entire village to care or look out for him 'Take-Care' of her…" Sarutobi said with air quotation marks.

"You mean, she is the property of a little perverted boy?!" one of the young men behind the young woman snarled.

"Little…yes, perverted, no." Sarutobi said with a glare. "In fact, he thinks that she is a cat…based on the uh…name he has given her."

The young chunin leader quirked an eyebrow in question. "Name?"

"Yes…I know of who she is, and I'm not so stupid as to tell a little boy her name…that would cause chaos in the village." Sarutobi said wisely. "So, the boy gave her a new name…Kitty."

"Kitty?" the other young man asked. At Sarutobi's nod, he burst out laughing. "HAHAHAHA! KITTY! IMAGINE, NII YUGITO, FEARED JINCHURIKI OF KUMOGAKURE, BEING CALLED KITTY BY A LITTLE BOY!"

"I see…well…this is…yeah…" the lead chunin stumbled over her words, not sure about what to say or do in this situation. "Well, with your permission…do uh…you think we could try and coax Nii Yugito…back into sanity?"

"Well…you can try…but, I'll have to come with you for safety reasons…" Sarutobi stated slowly.

"We are more than capable to deal with any threat that comes from your genin and civilians Hokage-Sama!" the young man who had called Naruto a pervert spat.

"I'm sure you can." Sarutobi stated with a wave of his right hand. "But, the boy you will be dealing with is…well…he…he tends to…well…let's just say that there is only person who has ever defeated him…"

"But he's like eight years old!" the young man almost shouted. "He can't do anything to harm us!"

"Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you." Sarutobi said as he stood up and made his way towards the door.


With the three Kumo-Nin following him, Sarutobi earned more than a few glares and odd looks from the people of his village. Several Hyuuga sneered at the trio and one young Hyuuga genin almost attacked one…until he realized that they were heading towards abandoned apartments…were only one person lived. The Demon.

As they reached the building, some of the people started the chuckle darkly, while others started to cheer. The three Kumo-nin looked back and forth between the large crowed, the large building with boarded up windows and then, at the Hokage; who had an impassive look on his face as he led the way. When they were two hundred feet from the building, the crowed stopped following the small group, and instantly, 2 Jounin shunshined to their Hokage's side. The Kumo-Trio almost reached for their weapons, when the old Kage bade his guards to stay behind, earning slightly puzzled looks from the two Jounin.

"Are you sure Hokage-Sama? Going in there without detail?" one guard asked, earning a sharp angered look from the elderly Kage.

"I have no fear that these three will attack me, Shinji-San." Sarutobi almost hissed at the man, making the man back in fear.

"Th-That's not what I meant, Hokage-Sama…" the man stuttered.

"Do you want to teach preschoolers, Shinji-San?" the Kumo-Trio winced slightly at the tone that the kindly old man was now using.

"N-No sir…" the man sadly instantly.

"Then, I'd suggest that you shut your mouth and watch what you say." Sarutobi instructed him harshly.

"What was that about?" the young woman, leader of the Kumo-Trio asked as they resumed their walk towards the building.

"The boy's parents…well…they weren't exactly liked here." Sarutobi lied. "One was a spy who served Orochimaru under my direct orders and committed great sins against these people while doing so. And the other was an experiment from said man. Since he is their son, and the people know it, though the boy doesn't; they look upon him with the same hatred and fear that they looked upon his parents."

"Oh…" the loud mouth young man said.

The four made their to the entrance of the building and Sarutobi opened the door and let the Kumo-Trio in as if they were guests in his own house. Shutting the door, Sarutobi turned around to find the Kumo-Trio in shock at what they were looking at.

From the outside, the abandoned building looked decrepit and haunting. On the inside however, it was really nice. The first and second story had been merged into one large floor and had training equipment hanging from the high ceiling as well as catwalks and small ledges used for stealth and balance training. There were training logs and training dummies, the latter being full of holes from near constant use.

"It seems, that I will have to get him some new ones." Sarutobi mused as he looked at the training floor. "To anyone who comes in here uninvited by the boy or myself, it looks like an abandoned building." Sarutobi explained. "But to those who are welcomed in here, it reveals its true marvels and secrets."

"His parents' house then?" the leader of the Kumo-Trio asked?

"In a manner of speaking, yes." Sarutobi stated.

"Wow…those dummies look like he's been using them for years…" the more silent of the two male Kumo-nin stated in awe.

"Those have been here for two months." Sarutobi stated. "He is a lonely boy, and up until Nii Yugito came, just a few days ago, though I only found out about it late last night; he has been a walking time bomb. I was beginning to wonder if he would betray us or go on a murdering spree…" he said sadly. "He excels in ranged attacks and stealth…"

"Why are you telling us this?" the loudmouth asked. "Are you supposed to be keeping his abilities a secret from enemies?"

"Normally." Sarutobi nodded in agreement. "But, I have been hoping for a long time, that someone would come along and change him for the better…even if in this case, it is a little bit awkward…"

"You want to keep Yugito here?" the leader asked.

"In a way, yes." He said simply. "In less than a week, she has brought him from the point of murder and insanity to the state of an eight year old boy…in an extremely weird way."

"…" the leader was silent for a moment. Then, after some thought, she looked to her right and sighed. "I don't know what I can do…but maybe, Kumo and Konoha can work something out…"

"WHAT?!" the loudmouth of the trio shouted. "What are you saying?"

"Well, it's just…when Yugito has her breakdowns, she usually shows up where she thinks is nice and safe…an affect of the Nibi and survival instincts merging together…so, if she continues to do this…she'll keep showing up here until the boy gets rid of her…which may not happen if he has taken a liking to her already…"

"So if we can work out an agreement..." Sarutobi started. "It would be almost like a Political Marriage…only…more awkward and funnier I suppose…"

"Maybe…" the young woman agreed, never minding her loudmouth teammate who was busy making faces at her and Sarutobi.


The sudden shout from upstairs made Sarutobi fear for the worst, as did the young woman and her teammates. What the Kumo-Trio leader hadn't told the elderly Hokage, was that the last time Yugito woke up from her mental blackout, she had been in a brothel, capture by a disgusting man who was trying to make her his. She ripped not only his face up in near primal rage, but she had also turned the man into a eunuch. Maybe she thought that the boy was trying to do the same.

She didn't know about the boys here in Konohagakure, but in Kumo, there were born perverts.

The four shinobi raced up the stairs and down the hall until they came to a large bathroom. Peering into the room, the four felt their eyes' pop out of their sockets at the sight before them.

There was no blood. There was no carnage. There was no torn clothing, other than what tears and rips the boy's clothes had before hand. No, the scene that met them was a near naked Nii Yugito, wearing nothing but a bathing suit, holding a squirming little eight year old boy, still fully clothed, over a tub of water.

Naruto, like most little boys, didn't like to take baths, that is, until they were in the bath, and then, they never wanted to get out. The four looked at the boy who was busy squirming and screaming at the top of his lungs to be let go, was being held by the collar of his shirt in the blonde woman's mouth…just like a mother cat would do to her kittens when she wanted to move them from one place to another.

Naruto, upon hearing a snicker, looked up with tears in his eyes to see four people in the bathroom door, all of whom were smiling…though three of them were smiling with deep, rosy red cheeks. The one who was just smiling, was a tanned skinned woman…the rest were men. One of the men he knew well.

"JIJI!" Naruto shouted. "HELP!"

Seeing where Naruto's head was facing, Yugito turned her head and instantly started to growl at the three men in the doorway. Said men instantly looked in a different direction, whistling as they did so.


Sarutobi took a step forward, only to be pushed back by an almost invisible force. Looking at Yugito, who had a small smile on her lips. Hearing a chuckle, Sarutobi looked at the other young woman from Kumo, and saw a rosy hue on her tanned cheeks.

"Great to have you back in the world of the sane, Yugito." The young woman addressed the assassin Jinchuriki from Kumo with a smile. "But, uh…what are you doing to him?" she asked.

"Bath time." The woman said simply.

"Oh…" the other woman stated. "SO…when did you regain control?"

"Last night…in the middle of my bath…" Yugito said slowly, as to not let Naruto fall from her teeth; her tone unchanging.

"In the middle…of your…bath?" both Sarutobi and the other woman repeated slowly. At Yugito's nod, she turned her attention to the boy dangling by his shirt and then opened her mouth. The splash and the scream that followed filled the room.

"BAD KITTY!" Naruto shouted as he resurfaced.

"Bad kitten." Yugito countered before joined the boy in the tub…much to the three watching males' delight.

"I'M NOT A KITTEN!" Naruto wailed as his 'Kitty' began to wash his hair with shampoo. "JIJI, SAVE ME!"

"Sorry Naruto…but…I learned long ago not to mess with a cat and her kitten."


Yugito responded with a soft, but stern bop on the head.

"So…all day today…was an act?" Sarutobi asked the blonde woman in the tub.

"Yes…bad kittens need to be punished…" Yugito replied.

The End

A oneshot that took me four hours to write… would have been done sooner, but there was interference. I hope you enjoyed.

I like Yugito, but I don't normally show it.

Now, I would like to issue unto you, a challenge of sorts.

I would like for someone, or someones to make a Naruto/Yugito story, where they don't realize that the other is also a Jinchuriki, nor do they fall in love instantly. Naruto is captured by Kumo, and stoic Yugito is left to deal with him. Slow moving romance and believable scenes would be best. The main challenge to this challenge, is that, when Naruto escapes, will he want to leave? Will he want to leave Yugito? Your choice.

One thing I would like to say is that I don't want the Akatsuki to be involved in the story as a constant or better yet, at all. Sure, there can be a group where Itachi hangs out with, and it can be called Akatsuki. But no Marda, and no mass Jinchuriki abductions. The main thing is that I don't really want the story to revolve around the Akatsuki and a rushed timeline.

Again, hope you liked it.