Well…This is it. The long awaited end of Kitty.

I'm not discontinuing the story because of the lack of will to write it, though that is certainly one of the reasons why I haven't been able to continue.

1) Every time I start a chapter, it quickly unravels into a bowl of crap in my eyes.
2) Nearly every time I get done with the chapter, something happens to my computer and I have to do stuff to it. Maybe it's a sign that I'm just not supposed to be continuing it in the way I have been? Maybe it's not and it's just rotten luck.
3) I do not write humorous things unless I'm in a good mood…Which, sadly; I have not been in as of late. I found a job, but lost it because of car trouble…not that I wanted to work for such a childish manager in the first place.
4) The story has no direction; which makes it incredibly hard to write chapters and content for.

Now…I am not done entirely with Kitty. I have for a long time now, wanted to re-do it; but get rid of some of the crap that has no place in it. However, like I said; for me to write humorous stories, I must first be in a good mood.

Also, my main inspiration for Kitty, which is and was my sister's crazy cat, is dying due to either a brain tumor or infection of the brain. Yeah. Didn't find out until about two weeks ago. That kind of puts a damper on the whole thought process.

Sorry for having to cancel the story; I know many of you liked it, however; as stated above, I'm not done with it. Not just yet.