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Across the world, car and bike enthusiast spend $20 billion a year customizing their vehicles. After making the perfect ride, many take them to the streets-to race for fortune and respect. Despite its growing popularity, street racing remains a highly illegal and very dangerous activity…..

San Diego, California.

619 Customs, 12:00 p.m.

Saturday, July 4th 2009.

I made it here to California, man that was a long plane ride too. I'm pretty much surprised that this place is still open, most businesses are pretty much closed because hey, its Independence Day. "Hello!!!" I said walking around the garage, there wasn't a single person inside, but the garage was filled with different pimped out vehicles and such.

Suddenly I hear the sound of a door closing, I look up and saw a man walking down the stairs, he was talking on his cell phone to one of his customers.

"Yeah I got you man, don't worry the Escalade will be finished next week." he said.

The man had crimson colored hair which was tied in a ponytail, he was wearing a muscle shirt that had some oil stains, some brown Dickie pants, brown colored Chuck Taylor shoes, and he also had some tribal tattoos on him as well.

I stood there waiting for him to get off of the phone, he didn't even know that I was even in the garage until I loudly cleared my throat, the dude turned around and looked at me.

"Hey man I'll talk to you later." he said and with that he hung up the phone, he had a surprised look on his face when he seen me.

"So you must be Ping's little kind huh?" he asked, "Damn you look just like that mother fucker."

"You must be Abarai Renji," I said as I walked up to shake his hand.

"Your dad said that you were coming down here, to be honest I didn't know that he had a kid." Renji replied.

"Are ya kiddin me? I'm the first and the oldest out of seven, dads got seven different baby mommas."

"Damn, you would've though after two years he'd think to used a condom." Renji replied, "so what brings you here to California?"

I reached into my pocket and took out a piece of paper and gave it to Renji, I told him that a black haired girl gave it to me when I was walking back to my car, she said that she's also looking for people to recruit in some kind of car club.

"That was my home girl Rukia that gave this to you, she's always out on the streets looking for talent," Renji stated, "I don't know if Ping told you this but down here in California, whatever kind of car you drive there is always gonna be someone out there who is going to race you, that's the vibe down here also there are a bunch of car clubs down here, each with different leaders and lieutenants the older racers are going to be eager to race you when they find out you're the son of Ping."

My dad told me about the car clubs down here, he told me that he is a member of the American Royalty car club down here. I've always been into mostly muscle cars every since I was a little boy, I got a 1964 Impala back at my fathers crib, I turned it into a lowrider and gave it a sick paintjob.

"So that's your car out there kid?" Renji asked pointing at my customized 67 Mustang.

"Yeah, but I need some work did on it." I answered.

"Well hell, bring the car in here and lets get it worked on."

Later that night…..

619 customs, 7:00 p.m.

The Mustang had a fresh new black colored 18 inch rims to match the glossy black paint job, I installed two fresh new tanks of nitrous oxide, added some dark black tint on my windows, brand new carbon fiber hood, new lights, tailpipes, and some new speakers.

Renji came up as I was about to get ready to leave, "I called Rukia and told her about you, she and some other racers want to have a little exhibition with you, just to see if you're a promising driver."

"Are any of the drivers leaders of the car clubs??" I asked.

"Nope, all of them are lieutenants and like I said earlier, they are real eager to race you now that they know you're Pings son, they're waiting for you down the street right now, it's just going to be a simple little drag race that's all."

With that Renji told me good luck as I turned the car on and backed out onto the streets, I wanted to hurry up with the race so I can see the firework show tonight. As I drove down the street I seen a group of people waiting outside along with five different types of vehicles, there was a purple and gold colored Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 sports bike, a brown 2006 Mercedes Benz CLS, a red Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX, a royal blue custom made chopper bike, and a black Hummer H2.

All the vehicles were at the starting line waiting for me to arrive, I pulled up between the Hummer and the Mitsubishi, the driver of the SUV rolled her window down and so did I, Rukia leaned out the window and smiled.

"Heeey look who it is, the son of the street king Ping." she said.

"I'm the number one son, sweetheart." I chuckled.

"You look just like him, but lets see if you drive like him though, you see that railroad crossing?"

I took a quick look and seen the lights blinking on and off and such, they must have disabled it to make the pedestrians think that a train is coming, brilliant just brilliant, Rukia said that was going to be the finish line.

"So how much money you puttin on the line?" I asked her

"None, this is just a friendly little race that's all, just want to welcome you here to California." she replied.

Suddenly one of the racers came up to Rukia and I, he told us that we were good to go he had a walkie talkie so he could keep up with what's going on, I rolled my window back up and started to press on the gas revving up the engine.

The other drivers did as well, a pedestrian came up to the front, he had a green flag in his hand, he raised the flag up signaling for us to get ready my mind was completely focused, people all around started to cheer wildly, my left hand was gripping the steering wheel, while my right hand gripped the gear switch, when the pedestrian seen that everyone was ready he waved the flag signaling us to go.

Immediately I slammed my foot on the gas, so did the other racers as the back tires started to burn rubber leaving nothing but a cloud of smoke, out in front was the racer driving the Kawasaki sports bike but he didn't stay in first for too long, I started to pick my speed up as I put the car in third gear, shockingly enough Rukia kept up with everyone, SUV's are pretty much big and slow no matter how much you trick them out, but Rukia still manages to stay with everyone that's amazing.

The driver in the Mitsubishi was coming into my lane real close, looks like he was about to ram into me I sped up to prevent that from happening, the racer that was riding the customized royal blue chopper flew past by me with flames just coming out the tailpipe, the racer had nitrous oxide on that chopper I quickly pressed the nitrous button, the car started to gain speed going from 130mph to 175 to 186.

I saw the brown Mercedes Benz catching up with me as well while the other racers were pretty far behind, I caught up with the biker eventually flying past by with ease man I'm almost close to the finish line, I looked in the rearview mirror and seen Rukia's Hummer coming up fast, real fast I quickly hit the nitrous button again going over 200mph.

Both Rukia and I are neck in neck, the hummer was starting to leave me, we're almost close to the finish line I pressed the nitrous button for the third and last time as I flew over the railroad crossing winning the race, I let out a huge sigh of relief as I shifted the gears down to first, Rukia of course finished second place, the racer in the Mitsubishi finished third, the racer on the Kawasaki sports bike finished fourth, the driver in the brown Mercedes finished fifth and the racer on the custom chopper finished last.

I parked the car along side a curb, Rukia pulled along side of me and rolled her window down, "Almost had ya there kid!!!" she said laughing, "But you made a comeback though, you know your dad did the same thing when we first raced."

"Man what the hell you got underneath the hood of that truck?!" I asked, "I've never seen a truck go that fast, especially a Hummer those thing are built for battle and such, they aint built for speed."

"I'm not telling you," Rukia teased, "it's my little secret."

Suddenly one of the racers started to yell something through Rukia's walkie talkie.

"Yo five-o we got five-o everyone scatter!!!!!"

I could see in the rearview the flashing red and blue lights coming from the police cars, Rukia put the pedal to the floor and so did I as we both went different ways, I decided to head back to my brothers crib so I can switch cars because eventually they're gonna search for this ride and I'll be damned if they lock this car up in the impound.

Suddenly out of nowhere somebody came running out an alley, the dude had white spiky hair, he looked like a little kid, he had on some black jean pants, some black Air Force Ones, a white tall t shirt on the back of the shirt it had the words "Original Riders," and he also had a gold chain.

Suddenly I saw a police officer running out the back alley as well, chasing after the club member, and boy the cop was closing in on the dude fast. I decided to play hero, just for tonight at least. I started to speed up and drove the car on the side walk, the cop looked behind him and seen me coming at him he jumped out of the way and into somebody's front yard. I honked the horn getting the kid's attention, he stopped running as I pulled along side the curb.

"Come on dude get in man!!" I said opening the passenger door.

Without hesitation he quickly got in and slammed the door as I put my foot on the accelerator, the kid sat back in the seat and let out a huge sigh. "You didn't really have to do that, but thanks anyway." he said.

"No problem man, by the way the names Deangelo."

"I know who you are, you're Pings little son nice racing tonight kid, the names Toshiro also."

Damn, something tells me I'm gonna be hearing that for a good minute.

"You can drop me off near the MCWA, which is just down the street." the dude said pointing at a brownish colored building. As I pulled along side the curb I can see the purple and gold colored Kawasaki sports bike parked outside, the same bike from the race.

"What is this place?" I asked the guy.

"This is the Midnight Club Women's Association, this is the place where female racers come and get together." he answered.

"You're gonna be alright man? The cops are gonna be out the rest of the night."

"I'm sure besides my lieutenant is inside so I'm good." he replied as he started walking towards the front door.

I drove off heading back to my brothers crib, so that kid is the leader of the Original Riders crew something tells me that I'm gonna be hearing from him again.

My cell phone started to ring in my pants pocket, i took a quick look and seen that it was Renji.

"Yeah talk to me," i answered.

"Congrats to your first victory down here," Renji said, " i saw the whole thing from the crowd, because of your performance the lieutenants want to race you again tomorrow, this time you better step up your 'A' game kid."

"What do i get in return if i race and defeat the lieutenants again?"

"when you defeat a lieutenant, you will win of course money, invitations to car clubs and more. you will also face off against the leader if the lieutenants put in a good word for you."

that sound good to me, it's about time i decided to follow my fathers footsteps and become the king of these streets.