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Yuuki's POV

"Yuuki--" Kaname whispered quietly down at me as I clung to his leg "You have to let go of me."

"Please don't leave me.." I whimpered back, burying my face above his knee. I felt like, like I was in a hurricane. With my emotions swirling in a cyclonic chaos around me, crushing me, along with my spirits, my very essence, my soul. Crushing me flat to the ground, burying all of me deep within the foul, black earth. Leaving me to decay in misery, as the air in the house became cold and lifeless.

A nine year old shouldn't know what this feels like, I thought to myself, wanting desperately to burst into hysterics, not because I was sad, but because I knew Kaname wouldn't leave me in that state.

God, Im so selfish- I knew that Kaname had a life away from the one with me. I even knew that the time he spent with me was probably a very miniscule part of that life but,

-but I still don't want him to go.

"Yuuki-chan" The chairman cooed, attempting to slowly pry me away from Kaname's leg--I just held on tighter. "It will be alright, Kaname-kun will visit again soon."

I looked away from him and Kaname sighed. Then, with strength that I wasn't quiet expecting, Kaname's large arms swooped down and picked me up, placing me at rest on his hip.

"I am going to see you soon." Kaname said seriously, looking me dead in the eye. "Its not like Im leaving you forever"

"I know." I snapped defiantly, with a little more angst than I intended. Everyone kept telling me the same thing over and over. Really, who wouldn't get annoyed by that?

I knew that Kaname was going to come back. He always came back.

"Then what's the problem?" The chairman chirped, in a tone that was a little more condescending than usual.

"The problem is-" I started, racking my brain for a way to describe my feelings, but unfortunately, no solution came to mind. Great now I gotta make something up, I thought dully.

"The problem is-- I think you both are stupid. If you never go away Kaname-sama, then you wont have to go back and fourth between your house and mine. You--You waste a lot of gasoline by doing that! Your killing the environment!"

There was a moment of silence, as the chairman and Kaname dawned a sort-of confused and twisted look on their faces.

"Murderers..." I added weakly when no one responded.

Kaname burst into laughter. I smiled lightly, my mood getting better. I absolutely loved it when Kaname laughed, and at that moment I realized that I didn't hear it nearly enough. I glanced at the chairman, who had gained an even more obscure look on his face, I think he had probably only ever heard Kaname laugh once before.

I started chuckling too and soon the entire room was filled with the sound of our laughter, but it ended quickly, as a sleek black car pulled into our drive way.

Kaname and I looked at each other silently for a minute before he gently placed me on the cold, hard wood floor.

"Goodbye Yuuki-" He said almost solemnly giving me a light kiss on the forehead, before turning and grasping the door handle.

As he opened the door, something dawned on me-

"Wait! Give me just one second, okay?" I begged quickly, stopping Kaname in the doorway and dashing up stairs and into my softly lit bedroom. I cant believe I almost forgot, I though incredulously to myself, reaching into my night-stand drawer and pulling out a small bracelet.

I had made it for Kaname the night before when he thought I was asleep. It was made out of four pieces of sting, two brown and two blue, that I had woven tightly together in a zig-zag pattern. Running back downstairs, I slid, completely out of breath, in front of Kaname, thrust out the bracelet and bowed deeply.

"I made this for you! Please take it!"

Peaking up from under my bangs, Kaname looked taken aback for a second before he reached out and gave me a tight hug.

"Thank you" He said softly, relieving me of the small bracelet and tying it securely around his wrist. There was a moment of silence as Kaname examined it with a light grin on his face, before the chairman spoke.

"AWWWWWW, My little Yuuki-chan is sooooooooo cute!!" He yelled joyfully, trying to pick me up.

"Oh-oh god," I worriedly stuttered, as I backed slowly into the corner, trying to escape the chairmans outstretched arms "Kaname-sama! He's at it again, hurry-- Call child protective services!"

Kaname just chuckled once more, before shaking his head and walking out the front door. As he got into the car I ran out onto the front steps.

"Goodbye Kaname-sama! Come back soon!" I yelled waving.

The car slowly pulled out of the drive and through the windshield I could have sworn I saw Kaname smile back.

"Come on Yuuki." The chairman called, placing a hand on my shoulder. I turned into the house and smiled brightly back at him, my mood no longer dark. "How was your weekend?"

I just laughed, shaking my head and walking past him toward the stairs. The chairman's continued questioning echoed through the house, following me into my room as I flopped down on my large soft bed.

Slowly sunlight poured gently into my room and as I looked out the window, the clouds and rain cleared. Leaving only a bright blue sky, and fresh, clean air.


As defined by the dictionary: A good and beneficial object or event come upon by accident.

That is the only word that could possibly describe what happened this weekend, when I fell even more deeply in love.

Because Kaname-sama came to visit.

The End.

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