This is based in the forth book in and after the Yule ball. I have always thought Draco actually fancies Hermione and that's why he seems to hate her. This will only be a short extract maybe one or two chapters. So here is the first chapter. Hope you enjoy, please comment!


Draco tried not to look at anyone but Pansy. She demanded full attention. When his eyes started to wonder she would pull his face to look at her, except from when he was glaring at Potter. After the third time he was getting sick of her. The ball had hardly been going half an hour. Draco looked over at Krum. He passed with the most beautiful girl Draco had ever seen. They were staring into each other eyes with a smile on their faces. At first because of the lack of volume in her hair he didn't realise it was Hermione.

As soon as he realised his mouth dropped open. He tried to cover it unsuccessfully by telling Pansy he hadn't realised how pretty she looked. A small smile started to grow on her lips but she turned to look at all the girls and glare at them. Draco rolled his eyes. "Which one?" She demanded. She did not need to wait for an answer because Hermione and Krum waltzed around again and Draco let his attention wonder over to her. "That mudblood?" She stomped away and Draco was left on the dance-floor alone.

He couldn't avoid Harry or Ron's looks and smirked at them. Malfoy watched the floor as he walked out of the hall. He ignored every person he needed to cool down. Maybe a cold shower? He walked into the darkness outside. He sighed and the bitter cold stung his lungs. He was so confused. He hated her. Hermione Granger was a mudblood. She was Potter's friend. She was the most bea, he stood up frustrated, no the ugliest girl in the world, in the universe in fact. Nothing compared to Pansy. He laughed. Pansy? Please.

He sat back down trying to convince himself, that he loved Pansy and that he had no feelings for Granger. He heard voices and hid behind a bush. "Vould you like a drink?"

"No, thank you Viktor."

Draco sat still, his face went even paler than usual. "I'm glad I'm here vith you, Hermy-own-ninny." She laughed and said "Her-my-own-knee. And I'm glad I'm with you too Viktor." Draco felt his eyes sting. He wiped them so the tears wouldn't fall down his face.

Someone called for Krum inside the building and he excused himself. Draco heard her give a small squeal and laugh. She then sighed and he looked around the corner of the bush at her silhouette. She was sat staring at the sky. The moon made gave her a silver aura which made her look like an angel. He waited for her to go inside then slowly followed. He wanted so badly to have come out before then but he would have scared her. He took a quick glance inside the hall, then walked downstairs to the common room.


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